TI15-112 Toni Iommi Signature Review

manufacturer: Laney date: 05/30/2013 category: Guitar Amplifiers

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Laney: TI15-112 Toni Iommi Signature
This amp is an astonishingly good piece of kit though it is only meant to be a practice amp. The Grill is my favorite thing about the amp. Instead of your usual grill it has cross shaped cutouts which not only look cool but actually change the sound making it sound so much better.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.3
TI15-112 Toni Iommi Signature Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 30, 2013
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Price paid: £ 350

Purchased from: PMT (Professional Music Technology)

Features: This amp is an astonishingly good piece of kit though it is only meant to be a practice amp. I usually play just at home so this is perfect for me. This is a 15 watt combo amp which comes with a Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Dynamics, Tone, Pre-Boost and Drive. On the front it has two inputs, a 1 watt input and a 15 watt input. It is single channel. It has a jack for headphones, and a mini jack for MP3 input. And it also has an FX Loop. Sadly this amp doesn't have a clean setting, but who cares when you have an insanely good amp like this. This is my favorite thing about the amp. The Grill. The grill on this thing is immense. Instead of your usual grill it has cross shaped cutouts which not only look cool but actually change the sound making it sound so much better. // 9

Sound: I, myself, play a Dean Dimeback Razorback (which isn't really the greatest guitar in the world but I didn't choose it as it was a birthday present). My chosen genre of music is Alternative Metal. This amp is absolutely perfect for the metal genre. This amp, for 15 watts, can make quite a bit of sound (loud for its size). From what I have heard it makes absolutely no feedback whether you are on full blast or playing low. Even with the Drive at full whack there is no feedback or buzz. The amp gives perfect sounds whether you're playing a high melody, a chugga-chugga riff, or shredding up the fret board with some insane solo, top quality for a practice amp. With other amps I have had I have tried to create a unique sound by fiddling with the dials but the sounds have been very similar but with this amp everything makes all of the difference. Even upping the bass or treble up one makes a huge difference in the sound. As I said before, sadly there is no clean channel but the quality of the amp makes up for that. Also a really special thing is that when you change from 15 watts to 1 watt, the sound is exactly the same only quieter. There is no loss of gain or anything else, it is just quieter. Absolutely perfect sounds! // 10

Reliability & Durability: This amp is completely dependable. Since it is a practice amp and made for your bedroom or a small room I can't say whether it would work well at very small venues. The amp is absolutely brand new but I highly doubt it is going to ever break down for god knows how many years as it seems durable and reliable. Also from what the shop assistant told me (he has one) he says that "you could be 30 and still rockin' this!" The grill on it does seem weak and easy to break but after a bit of testing with it, it definitely seems sturdy enough to withstand some force. // 8

Overall Impression: Since I play alternative metal, this amp is perfect for my style of playing. I have been playing guitar for 4 years now (I'm 14). Because the amp doesn't have a reverb setting I use a Boss reverb pedal (which I advise buying as it is brilliant). If this amp were stolen or lost I would definitely buy a new one (if I had enough money), though I would definitely try out some other amps. I love everything about this amp, absolutely everything. My favorite feature must be Pre-Boost and Drive. Before buying this I compared it to a couple of Peavey amps and some Blackstar amps, though Blackstars are more for darker metal (my sort of music) I picked the Laney because its sound was fantastic and playing it was an absolute joy. If you have the money and only want something to play at home or at band practice but sounds great, definitely pick this amp!

// 10

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