AmpliFi 150 review by Line 6

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (13 votes)
Line 6: AmpliFi 150

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Features — 10
This review is from a hot out of the box Line 6 AmpliFi 150 modelling Amplifier with more features than any other power box in this market. This particular model not only features a superb sound and power but includes many things that us as guitarists wanted for quite a while given the arrival of bluetooth technology and digital format music years ago. It contains about 200 or more different and accurate emulations of famous amps and effects from different brands, it cuts the learning curve to get that particular guitar tone in that song we liked so mucho due to use of tone matching technology and let us use our music library as backing track for our listening and fun pleasure. Its black finish and stylish enclosure blends with your surrounding furniture. It even looks like a foot rest! The key to this endless world of tone exploration comes from its iOS App that controls everything from your iPhone/iPad device and can save hours of time for the busy guitarists instead of changing cables, pedals, cabs and preamps. In summary it provides immediate gratification and full control of your jamming session or gig.

Sound — 10
The sound is impressive out of the box but you will definitely customise your desired tone with the different tools inside the app including a 4 band parametric EQ, Amp Controls, Effect pedals, Compression devices etc. You can quickly match the volume of your axe with the volume of your music using the volume blend knob feature. It took me several hours to get the acoustic sound to work due to my ignorance but after using tone matching, I rapidly developed the feeling of it and edited my favourite acoustic tones with sound that rivals even the more expensive Fishman, Roland or Fender acoustic amps. With five speakers (two Coaxial) and the 12" Celestion driver you cannot go wrong. Don't have an iPad or iPhone yet? No problem. It works as a standalone amp with 4 preset tones, stereo input and control knobs for 3 band EQ, FX, Drive and Reverb.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This stuff was made in China explaining its affordable price. It appears solid and well constructed. The cabinet and grill are hard plastic. At close inspection no loose parts or any indication we are dealing with a cheaply made piece of equipment. It does not seem to overheat at all after hours of playing. It does not have a handle however has a comfortable tab at the top of the cabinet that lets you lift it and support its base with your other hand. In my opinion you can use it as your main amp in any acoustic or electric gig. With 150W that's a lot of power for a solid state modelling amp combo.

Overall Impression — 10
I choose this product since it will permit me have almost a sound control unit at my fingers and starting to immediately analyse any change in tone from my practice chair without even touching the amp. I play mostly acoustics like Taylors, Ovation, Gibsons and LAG guitars but I'm learning to enter the electric guitar territory. The looks of this baby are beautiful. It doesn't even looks like an amp at all. The Line 6 logo is at the back of the amp itself. Is not a tube combo but believe me is a dream come true worthing every penny.

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    It's a cool concept, but it's kinda crappy if you don't have an iphone, as there is no other way to control all of the settings.
    Van Guff
    I believe they're working on support for android/google/other operating systems
    I've actually seen it being used in the flesh, I wasn't impressed. Yeah sure, you can edit settings via your iphone, but if you lose your phone before a gig, well, you are kinda screwed. Also the "tone match" thing wasn't really that good, okay but mediocre.
    To be fair, it's not meant for gigging any more than a bus is meant for racing. It's a practice amp designed to jam along with your iDevice and judging from the demos I've heard, one of the best sounding practice amps for the price.
    The other thing to keep in mind is that if you're going to gig you'll probably need a floorboard which I believe enables patch storage...and your patches will always be saved to the cloud for retrieval.
    I agree about tone match, but: This review must have been before all the firmware updates to the amplifi. For anyone reading this thread as of 2015: You can save your presets to the amplifier, and the FBV MKII for controller is awesome for onstage control. The amp should be mic'd. Once you define and/or save a tone, you can simply save it to "hardware" (any bank you wish) within the app itself. This way you never have to rely on a device, or Bluetooth for that matter. I agree the Bluetooth is fussy, and tone match are just other users from pros to novices creating the tones. Tone match can provide a starting point, but I find tone match to be useless for the most part.
    Hi there, would you say for example that a newbie could benefit from the tone match, quite frankly am new on electric guitars. While i do have fairly good gear in my studio I find difficult to get nice tone on my own, i have a unique situation at home so i may never get good enough at this... but playing guitar helps me...any advice will be much appreciated.
    I bought this amp has a great sound and affects, this amp is great for at home practice, and yes it has lots of balls when turned up, problem is it keeps disconnecting from I pad at halls and bars , this a big problem when u want to change tones or volumes, until they fix this problem it's only good for home practice.
    It can be hard to update the firmware and not even all Apple products will install it let alone the PC USB cable you might need for a Windows based upgrade. The cab is no way near a 9 for solidity. This is more like furniture. You can press the sides of the plastic on this with ease because its perforated. The handle is also worryingly too plastic. Its more like a 5/10. Now aside from this, its a fun mad unit, in your bedroom/living room the 150W kicks in hard about the 4th volume bar which is at the 7 o'clock position starting from a 6. So you can easily go over 20 units on this thing. I've never done it. So if you want loud modeling amp sounds this does that and more. You will get near tube quality tones by adjusting settings from your AmpliFi client which means you have a lot of sweetspots which can be found depending on which modeling data you want. All the major heads, cabs and effects boxes can be selected, combined and matched to whatever guitar sound you want to hear. Its bread and butter to go from Slayer to Hendrix to individual song tones by literally pressing a few buttons on your Bluetooth phone. If you wanted to buy a tube head and a cab later you will get really good ideas from this about what you need even before you test it. I upgraded from my 5 year old Peavy Vypyr 15w.
    I've had this amp and the shortboard for about 5 months now and if it were stolen I would replace it without a second thought. It works well at home and band practice; the guys were giving me s%#t about spending time getting the right tone at first but now I can go right to the correct tone for each song in a few seconds. This is a fun combination.
    This amplifier is amazing! It is awesome to use backing tracks from their own music library and the town of matching capability of this amp! Perfect for home practice or jamming and could be used for game depending on the venue. There is such a wide variety of town possibilities that is just mind boggling! Great work line 6
    I had a chance to play with it at Guitar Center. Links with your iPhone and automatically finds guitar tones using your song library.
    I have had my eye on these amps since they were presented... so little money for so many cool stuff!