Flextone III XL review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (48 votes)
Line 6: Flextone III XL

Price paid: $ 425

Purchased from: used

Sound — 10
I use this amp with a Gibson Les Paul, Paul Reed Smith type guitar and an American Stratocaster. Fat tone out of the humbuckers and single coils. Admit that with the Strat I find it takes me a bit longer to fine tune the amp when using distorted tones but eventually I figured it out. Sounds awesome. I play along with artists like SRV with the Strat to get a match of tones. I get those matches.

Overall Impression — 10
Any genre or any style within any genre of music can be played through this amp. Don't be like I have been, "Tube amp or no amp" because in this case you are wrong. This is my favorite amp that I have ever owned to date and I have owned the best amps on the market including Fender Twins and Super Reverbs, Mesa Boogie Mark 2 B, Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker, Marshalls, Crates, Peaveys, etc, etc, and I have used many others. In my 20+ years of performing, this amp tops them all. There are alot of people who buy these amps and sale them because they were not happy with it but I just about guarantee you that they simply didn't know how to use it. No matter if its gospel, country, funk, rock, blues, metal, etc, etc, this amp will get the job done. Frankly, I honestly believe that someday this amp will be considered a classic. The only thing that will stop that from happening is the users lack of abilities to set the amps up. Maybe you will catch me on stage someday with mine and you will hear what this amp is capable of doing.

Reliability & Durability — 9
My only issue with the amp is the choice of speakers that Line 6 decided to use. Honestly the speakers just can not handle the power when playing a good solid fat clean tone. I am changing my speakers. Now for the shredders out there these speakers will be perfect but I like alot of headroom and these speakers just start breaking up, "Distorting" to quickly.

Features — 10
There are so many features with this amp that it is hard to describe. I would state that with the Flextone 3, I can sound like most ANY of the well known and popular amps. A friend told me that I couldn`t get the tone and overall sound of his Triple Rect Mesa Boogie. I had hime walk outside so he could not see which amp I was using. He couldn't guess because he couldn't tell the difference. The same goes for the Fender Twin, or Super Reverbs, along with other Marshall, Orange and Vox amps. This amp is the definition of versatility.

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    I owned the flextone II XL, and I currenly own a spider III. Any type of didgital analog modelling amp takes time, and if you don't have the patience to mess aroud to find good sounds, do NOT buy anything from line 6. It is just a part of owning these that yoou must put in lot of time to find out what sounds good. I love line 6 because I love spending time putting togeher great sounds
    I've used my Flextone III as my exclusive gigging amp for about 5 years now. I've thought long and hard about swapping it out for a great tube amp, but I'm hooked on the stereo effects that I run through the Flextone and after much research I've learned that there's no other amp on the market that can do what this does. It's a TRUE stereo set up, with two separate 75w amps and with an extension cabinet the sound is unbelievable. I use just one channel, (Line6 clean), set with noise gate, reverb and a mild slap delay and then I run all of my stereo effects through the amps stereo effects loop. (Line6 M13 effects pedal for all of my stereo delays, stereo chorus etc). For crunch and lead tones I have a Carl Martin Plexitone run between the effects send and the amp input and now my "tone" never changes and the effects don't drop out when I switch from clean to overdrive or lead tones. It took me quite a while to figure it all out, but you would be blown away if you could hear it. In fact, I'm going to post a YouTube demo soon.
    The Doctor 72
    i am getting a buzz out of my right speaker and am in need for a new input cable, can anybody help me? i have a " Line 6 Flextone 3 XL "