Micro Spider review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.1 (21 votes)
Line 6: Micro Spider

Price paid: € 109

Purchased from: justmusic.de

Sound — 8
For a small amp the sound is pretty good. The quality degrades slightly at the higher volumes and in particular in the metal or insane channels, but I rarely use these. I use this amp primarily for busking with an electro acoustic but I will sometimes also use a strat. When I first used it I was disappointed in the choppy sustain but this turned out to be because of a built in noise gate. Once I turned this off it was much better. The effects are generally pretty useful although I would have preferred just a regular chorus without any flange. There is enough versatility in sounds to stop you from getting bored, for the price of a lot of pedals you are getting a lot of variety.

Overall Impression — 9
This amp is ideal for anybody looking for a starter amp, or who needs a portable practice amp. You get more effects and sounds than you really need, plus mic input. It can be run on batteries, is lightweight and reliable. I wish they had this when I was first learning guitar. Its an impressive piece of kit, I'm glad I bought it instead of some of the other options such a the Roland cubes. The only gripes I have are the aggressive noise gate which is easy to turn off and the chorus/flange combination which I would prefer just to be chorus. The best feature for me is the mic with its own volume control but also again the range of sounds you can put out. For what it is designed for it does everything it needs to and more.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It is a pretty solid piece of kit. I use it mainly for busking and that means a lot of moving around. It has a few scuffs but nothing to impair functionality. This probably isn't the amp you will be using for gigs but I have used it for playing in coffee shops where I needed a little more volume and it was more than adequate.

Features — 9
The Line 6 Micro Spider is a versatile practice amp that packs a lot of features for its size and price. The amp has four channels - clean, crunch, metal and insane; I tend to use clean and crunch the most but that is just because it suits my style better, metal and insane settings are both perfectly serviceable for practising heavier stuff. You also have the usual gain, bass, middle and treble dials. Being solid state, Line 6 have managed to give you quite a few effects options too. There are two effects dials, one controlling chorus flange, phaser and tremolo and the other controlling sweep echo, tape echo and reverb. You can vary the degree of effects using the dial and is a nice feature. There is also a tap button which controls the delay for the echo settings(this also doubles as the on/off switch for the built in tuner - another useful feature). There is a 1/4" jack for a microphone with its own volume control which makes this amp practical for busking. Additionally there in an input for mp3s and a direct output for recording. The amp runs on AC power or 6 C batteries. The amp is fairly lightweight and comes with a detachable handle for easy portability. You can save your favourite settings for each channel by holding down a button. Really you get more than you need for a practice amp which is always a good thing - you might not need a mic input today, but when your girl breaks up with you and you go into a moody singer songwriter phase it may come in handy.

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    you might not need a mic input today, but when your girl breaks up with you and you go into a moody singer songwriter phase it may come in handy
    they are decent. I have one, and i used to use it for busking. i still use it at home though. the speaker itself is fairly shit, and the amp actually sounds decent through headphones.
    Hmm, 9 votes and 3 comments. So six douchebags just stopped by to give a "1" rating to an amp that they've probably never played. I love this place.
    Hi, can anybody compare to VOX mini3 - soundwise? Features I can study everywhere, but the real experienced comparison of sounds (acoustic, distorted), sustain, hum) is something I cannot study there. And what about the Mic input and Line/mp3 input? Is there any noise generated, when e.g.mp3 player plugged in? Thanks and cheers
    Hi guys,so I bought and used them both. All I can say is that soundwise I was much much more satisfied with VOX mini3, even though the sound was not so purely (digitally) clean, but it was warmly analogue.Line 6 Micro Spider has its biggest advantage in his possibility to store the presets, then in its 6 watts power and its build (the feeling is really heavy and tough). Even the tuner is better here.Anyway, I did not like the sound of Line 6. Anybody who says, that it sounds artificially, is right. Howerever, many guys could like it, especially for some styles.I tried the first one, sold it, then the second one, sold it. But for many years I use my Marshall MG15FX as my main practice amp and I can say that this sound still remains my favourite somehow. Again, it is the matter of taste, but I love its clarity while still being analogue (with some really nice digital effect options built-in).
    The users rating doesn't mean anything these days... I know that Ug wnats to make reviews easy to do and rate, but the price is a lack of quality and poor jugement (and "douchebaginess"). This is a quite nice review, and it semms honest
    This is a good review. I have this amp and it's great for when you don't want to carry a bunch of crap to learn a quick song. I mean, it sounds digital if you don't know how to map out all the settings or turn up the overdrive too much. Overall favorite travel amp.
    I like the amp, I think it's good choice if you travel a lot, And 6W are good for powering space you playing in, (think Busking). Still testing Battery life, and options to recharge batteries, I guess Batteries are good for 4 hrs...before sound goes down, get little distroted etc. Also Nice Acoustic Simulator, Sounds Natural. + Love the effects!