Spider II 112 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 2
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 2.5 Junky
  • Users' score: 6.9 (294 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 112

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: guitar center

Sound — 2
I tried a Les Paul with this, sounded like crap. A Strat, still sounded like crap. Is it my thousand dollar guitars, or is it my crappy ass practice amp? I play rock, and this amp just blows, that's all I have to say.

Overall Impression — 2
If you haven't realized by now, I hate this amp. I got it, I tried it out, I didn't like it, and it took me 2 months before I could get another practice amp. Luckily I had my small Squier 10 Watt but it was still pretty disappointing. So by now you would have listend to a true guitarist, one who adores Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Page, Angus Young etc. one who has made guitar a huge part of his life. And so don't go out and get this amp. The effects aren't all that good either. Pick up a Randall amp, or a Marshall, those are good. Not Line 6. They try to pump in quantity, a lotta effects and switches, while quality just flies out the window.

Reliability & Durability — 2
Realiability? Someone ran into the head of Cord that was plugged into the input for my guitar on the amp. The socket actually broke off and the input actually broke off. So now its all wiggly. Imagine if that happend on stage.

Features — 4
This is a brand new 2004 amp that's about the only good thing about this solid state. I've been playing guitar for a while. I've tried out other Line 6 products, thought they sucked. PodXTLive can't even compare to the Boss ME50 in price and value. But anyways, onto the amp. This is one of the worst amps you can buy. The clean on this amp, sounds horrible. It's like there's a built in reverb you can't turn off. And if you play rock music or any other kind of music besides classical, then this absolutely sucks. Forget the other amp modes, you have to pay another 80 for the foot switch or you have to run back to the amp to change modes. And since their dials, you might go to the wrong one, but have to do a solo in metal, while it's in blues. Wow wouldn't that suck balls. You can't shut off the effects either. Chorus with reverb, sigh, run back and turn it off. Oh damn I accidentally turned on sweep echo. Now my solo sounds like s--t. Line 6 made a great way to cheat you of your money? Screw the features, you need to runback and turn it off. and forget the foot switch too. matter fact, forget Line 6, and did I mention the Variax sucks too?

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