Spider II 112 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (294 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 112

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I play a Schecter C1-FR modded with SH-8 invader pickups and it gives a real mean sound. I play all types of metal and rock so its very fitting for me. It has a noise gate feature on the reverb so sometimes turning that up can be useful just for that. My clean sounds arent that great but that's because my pickups naturally distort them a bit so I use an acoustic simulator. It has a wide variety of sound especially with the amp models built in. The distortion has 2 features. Normally when you turn it up you get a standard amp distortion. But when you hold down the tap button it changes it to a dirtier, and better sounding (in my opinion) distortion, like what you get out of a pedal.

Overall Impression — 9
For the type of metal I play this amp is very good at giving me a really gritty sound. I've been playing for 10 years. I also own a Peavy 6505+ (I think thats what it's called, 6506 something). It has no serious flaws that cant be remedied witha footswith and I love that about it. If it were stolen I would definetly buy another one. I chose this over Marshall practice amps, Marshalls just don't have that terrific distortion to me. I do with it had better setup for its effects however as the knobs are pretty easy to turn.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I wouldn't use it in a gig since its a practice amp but the halfstack version I probably would use. For gigs I bust out the Peavey 6505 (much saving up and birthday/Christmas money) but its a very reliable little amp. At 75 watts it can really blast out the chords and solos so its a got plenty of use on my part. If I play a small place actually ill even use it and just raise the volume on it. This amp has never failed me and never broken down for any reason.

Features — 9
This amazing 2004 amp reallly blasts out the walls in my house. I've heard alot of crap about this amp and I will give you this. If you can really pump out the cash then you might be happier with something else, Randall, Marshall or for the bigboys bogner and Peavey. But for a practice amp it really brings it home. It's one of the best and loudest solid state amps I've ever heard and the bass mid and treble knobs are really quite usefull for tweaking. It has 4 channels and a headphone jack, I was dissapointed with the channels, you have to crank out 80 more dollars for a footswitch and the knobs arent designed that great for the FX. Other than that its a great sounding amp.

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    its an amazing amp, you fools, you shouldn't spent the extra 80 bucks and bought the model up which comes with the footswitch. it has amazing rock tones, and is huge! and whats this about dials?? you do realise you can preset your tones? line 6 is a god sent perfect rock tone the only thing id change/add is perhaps include a more jazz tone, a spikey trebly lightly overdriven tone, the similar to the blues one, but that can be too bassy for my liking x
    Try the thing our, and see how it is, don't just throw away money. I think I'll stick to my Crate, it might not have all of those settings, but the ones it does have, sound a hell of a lot better...
    I would suggest that he doesnt know how to use the amp or program in settings, or infact get it from a good dealer. To turn effects/reverb off u just have to turn the dials to zero then hold the channel select button till it flashes. As for having to run over to it to change settings, id take it back to your dealer and demand they give u the free FBV2 u shud get with it. Iv played alot of amps this small and this ones takes them all on. The effects arent brilliant, but whos buys an amp for the effects? For 75 watts it can pack a punch and doesnt need micing up in most halls/venues. Great amp.
    Synyster Gates
    if you play gigs this amp probably wont suit you its just not a big gig type of amp really hence my peavey but for a small little practice amp its perfect
    Eric 666 wrote: a Roland Cube? you've got to ****ing kidding me, a Roland Cube has NOTHING on the Line 6 either, and dude of course the Mesa is a better amp overall, you cant compare it to a Line 6. MARSHALL takes a million years to get a good sound out of it, it took me 20 mins to get a nice clean sound on an Epiphone LP, and then another 30 mins to get a nice distortion setting.and if you werent such a moron and used your ****ing head, you should have used Line 6 Edit online so you can tweak your settings the way you want them, they also have extra presets online, also turd brain there's a noise gate in the amp, watch the Line 6 videos, i love my 212 combo and i play a 112 combo every time i got to GC just for fun, if you dont like this amp, dude you've got some problems.
    I'm sorry.. the Celestion speaker is pretty damn nice. But you can keep the edits, cuz I'm pretty sure they're not gunna make it sound any different from the digital piece of shit it is. It has a horrible tone in any environment. Idiots like the guy from Evenesence use it for god sakes. And yeah, I know about the noise gate because you HAVE to use it or else you'll sound like the guitarist from The Chariot. And I'm well aware of the tuner and the gain boost secret features too, neither of which I find very effective. It's also so stupid easy to bump a knob and have like, the chorus and the sweep echo come on and your volume double or something. You might have bad taste in tone enough to like this thing, but there are so many better choices out there for the money.
    I dont know bout the spider II's but i have a spider I 212 with the foot pedal, wound up costing me like $200 which was a pretty good deal. but anyways, i love it, i can get a good sound out of it, and all the effects, plus wah are at my feet.