Spider II 112 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (294 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 112

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 8
It's decent. Not the best, but you can get a decent sound out of it if you do a little tweaking. It basically will work with any music style. I suppose this is unavoidable, but there's a lot of feedback when I turn up the distortion as well as some fuzz. It's not really bad though. I've never turned the thing up all the way for fear of breaking windows. It's surely loud enough for practice and small clubs and whatnot.

Overall Impression — 7
I get by with it considering I rarely play outside of my house, but if you're serious about playing go for something other than Line 6. If it were stolen or lost I'd probably go with a better brand like Marshall or something of that nature. It's still a great beginner amp if you're not sure if you are going to really get serious. This can help you get a taste of just about any style of music.

Reliability & Durability — 10
When they pack these things they really pack them good. I had a tough time unraveling the thing once I cut the box off of it. I suppose it's pretty drop proof even without it though. (I don't advise it). Sometimes the nut around the input gets loose, but I'm just lazy and haven't tightened it.I wouldn't complain about it.

Features — 6
Well, for the money I'd have to say it's not that bad. It gets me through what I want to play, which ranges from blues to metal to classic rock. It has presets labeled: clean, twang, blues, crunch, metal, and insane. I must say I didn't like the factory presets and quickly changed them. The insane setting was way to sloppy despite how I played and the twang setting just sounded weird. If you're just messing around with effects it's great considering there's a lot, but they're not that great. You can save your presets. Up to four can be saved at once. It's decent, but if you're serious you may want to go with a better brand.

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    I dont understand why anyone would buy a line 6 when you could get a Roland Cube thats in the same price range it just dosent make any sense at all to me out of all the modeling amps out there Roland is the best(excluding the mesa boogie road king of course). In my opinion all amps within this price range go in this order. Roland, Vox, line 6, Marshall, Crate. Vox and Roland are very close to a good sound but the Roland is only a little bit bettor. Trust me there is no reason to buy a line 6 when you could easily get a bettor amp for the same price.
    Line 6 sucks, don't bother buying, save up a bit more and get something decent.
    I have this amp, first amp I purchased... and its a big Piece of Shit
    Today i returned my Mesa express amp 5:25 & picked up the brand new SPIDERVALVE 112 40 watt combo amp with 12 inch speaker. Iam into metal music & the Mesa Express Amp is a fricken waste of $ & time. Marshall always seems to piss me off in a way , so i gave this Line 6 a run for its money that cost me 810$. All i can say is everyone , go try the new SpiderValve cuz this thing is the ultimate sounding bang for the buck.Its a Tube Amp that screams any tone ya want & then some, & i plan never to get rid of this amp, she staying with me till the end lol. I can honestly say that i couldnt be happier with the sound i get from this amp, iam running a Jackson RR24 with the single EMG-81 at the bridge & finally i can say goodbye to all the effect pedals & whatever i had to buy to get 1 great sound with all the upper end amps ive tried . Anybody wanna diss my comment , go try the new spiderValve & then you can come back & kiss my ass & thank me for telling you a great thing to do .O by the way this new amp has 500 presets built into it , so iam off to jam to the slipknot setting that sends me to the moon everytime , & good luck & have fun being miserable with trying to figure out your own sound ya losers.....
    HELLSHREDD, that was the funniest post I've seen in a long time. You dumped a Mesa Boogie in order to get a Spider. Well done. "LOLE I USED TO HAVE A LES PAUL STUDIO BUT IT WASN'T CUTTING IT. SO I GOT A SQUIER BULLET. SO METAL!!!11"
    Go check out the Mesa express ya dork & then try the BOGNER made line6 spidervalve & you tell me which one takes the cake ya wad gobbler^