Spider II 15 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.1 (115 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 15

Price paid: $ 181.17

Purchased from: Mccormack

Sound — 10
I'm currently using a Strat lookalike that was quite cheap. On my other amp (a Stagg CA-10) it was sounding quite dull but this amp made it gig worthy. The distortion sounds best on the metal channel but there is a brain melting amount on the insane channel. Mainly I play the likes of Green Day, The Offspring, Blink 182 andothers like this. It can be hard to find the setting you like but there is a lot of margin for error.

Overall Impression — 10
Generally it is suited for the rock, metal type of music and it sounds much better than on the clean settings. I've been playing for almost 2 years and if in the unseeable future that it get badly damaged I would get another spider amp. Before getting this I had asked for the Marshall MG15DFX but was told for my needs this was better, and it is. There is not much missing from it appart from the foot switch but that is forgivable in what I got for such a great price.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would depend on this a lot. If it were stolen I would get it back at the same level. It could handel a small gig but for large gigs I would go with the larger models like the heads or the 112 or 212 for extra volume as they are massive. I've only had it a couple of months and there has not been the slightest mark or damage to it.

Features — 10
Where to start. With four channels there is a mountain of choice to set it up like. The effects are also brilliant with the reverb making you sound like you are in a cave and the tremello doing what it is designed for. What makes this stand out from others like the Marshall MG15DFX is that you can have more effects going at once. I onced used it for gigging with it being beside a Fender frontman and it was louder than it was with it being at its highest and this being about halfway. The only drawback is that it doesn't have the footswitch like its bigger brothers like the Spider II 30.

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    this amp is great and has many effects so there is no need for pedals. i have the 15 watt one and its really loud! unfortunatley, i put my friends ipod in the mp3 slot and blasted it....and now my speaker is blown. so i just wanted to prevent u all from doing that.
    I think it's a good amp despite the trash talk I've been hearing. Yes it does sound digital, but that's the type of effects that are on here. It sounds rally good on clean. It really punches. Crunch sounds good with alot of reverb. You can get some really good bluesy sounds out of it. Crimson and Clover with the tremelo. Haha.
    This is hands down the best amplifier I've ever owned and one of the best I've ever used.
    I bought a used amp like this on ebay for really cheap (45$ US and 30$ for shipping, plus taz at borders etc... which ends up at about 90$ us or 100$ Canadian). I haven't received it yet but i hope i like it. I played acoustic for a year and now im starting electric and im buying myself an Epiphone G-310 or G-400 to plug it in. I really can't to get this amp with all the good reviews.
    Yeah, well i received the amp, plugged my cd player to it, pretty kick ass amp. Very loud for a 15w.didnt get my guitar yet, but not getting sg, changed my mind and getting a Les Paul Black Beauty at Steves. Will be posting review asa I get the guitar.
    i too have ordered it on ebay for $100 but i havent recieved it yet. oh and i own an epiphone sg so i was wondering what changed your mind.