Spider II 210 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (71 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 210

Price paid: A$ 900

Purchased from: Billy Hyde Music, (as new)

Sound — 7
90% of the time, iv'e been playing a MIM tele through it, but have also played a copy les paul, and an Ibanez prestige (made the insane sound great). Overall the sounds you can get are very diverse but I have read alot of reviews here about it sounding crappy. To an extent, I agree. But it is SOLID-STATE. So, if you have been playing a Fender tube amp for a few years the clean sounds will sound a bit raspy and weak. But that is the nature of solid-state and this goes for the distortion aswell. The amp sounds best below 4! If you need more volume a 212 or head and cab would be alot better. Iv'e also noticed you need to change the settings alot depending on the volume as the whole EQ seems to change a little on different volume levels (a bit annoying).

Overall Impression — 8
Overall it is a fantastic amp for new-intermidate players, perfect for small gigs and band practises, and great to experiment with effects and find 'your' own tone. They are also very cheap new and second hand. The only downside i can gather is the sound quality isn't the best when loud, and the EQ and Drive react completely differently depending on the amp mode. This means you have to remeber that the treble has to been on 0-2 on the crunch green mode to prevent your ear shattering, and the mids knob from 0-10 hardly changes the tone a few of the clean models. But overall I highly recomend it and I do believe it will make you a better player if you experiment with it. I am only considering selling it because I'm after more of a professional quality tube amp for gigs. Hope this has been helpfull, feedback would be good :)

Reliability & Durability — 10
Iv'e had the amp since it came out a few years ago and have never had a problem with it. I chuck it in the car to and from practise, thrash the crap out of it with feedback and effects whoring when I'm bored, and have used it at small indoor and outdoor gigs, as well as leaving it on for hours in hot practise rooms. It is Invinsible! (Have also played my ipod through it lol)

Features — 9
First of all, I know this amp is old now and Line 6 are on their 4th spider, but I have noticed alot going up on ebay (might be selling myself) and you can get one for a great price. Now, as for features, it has heaps of them! First of all theres the 12 amp models you can get from lounge style jazz to filthy heavy metal, combine these with the effects and you have alot of tones on offer to save into the 4 programmable channels. But where this amp really stands out, even today, is the 'hidden' features. It has an inbuilt tuner, an extra gain setting (great for the crunch models which personally I think needed more dirt), and a noise gate which is fanastic on metal and insane hiss. These have all come in handy during gigs, practises and in the studio (particually the noise gate). It also has a direct out and headphone input, and as an australian spec, came with the foot controller for free.

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    "NO!!!!! SPIDERSARE THE APITAMY OF HOMOSEXUALITY.please if you going to buy this amp go get a marshall MG100DFX its so muchg better and you can use pdeals with it and teh distortionsis so much better it just better for teh same price, and its louder and not bad" I have owned both, and hated both! Pros and cons to each of them. The Marshall will take pedals better, but its overdrive is unusable. The EQ on the marshall is terrible, and they break....a lot. The spider cant takes pedals well, and its overdrive just sounds like a cheap solid state amp, better than the Marahall, but still pretty poor. The best solid state amp i have plated in that price range is the peavy bandit. However for roughly the same price, why not get a low watt valve amp. Blackstar HT5, Orange tiny terror, Fender blues junior are amazing amps.