Spider II 30 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (149 votes)
Line 6: Spider II 30

Purchased from: GAK

Sound — 10
I'm currently using a Fender Squier Strat with 3 single coil pickups. Even though this guitar is not that good, this amp can make any guitar sound awesome. The amp is so versatile anyone could use it. The amp is not noisy at all as it has a built in noise gate to cut down on the fuzz and hiss. The clean channel is very clear and crisp and the distrotion is of very good quality.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a lot of metal, rock and a small bit of Indie. And for that this amp is great as it's so versatile. I have been playin for a year and a half, and it's a brilliant amp that can be introduced to guitarist at this point becasue it has more amp models and effect that a normal 30 watt guitar. I do not own any other gear as this amp can nail almost any sound you throw at it. I love the quality of the amps power and sounds, but hate the fact that the delay comes on with the clean channel. If this was stolen I would proberly buy the 75 watt version only because it's around 50 more expensive but with 12 amp models instead of 4. I chose this one because it's so versatile. If someone was going to purchase this I woudl recomend a Line 6 FBV2 footswitch alongside it as this would make playing easier.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can't say how durable this amp is yet as it's only a month old, but so far it's had no problems. I would definetly use this at a gig without a backup. It's so powerful yet quite small, it does me just fine for a 30 watt combo I highly recomend it!

Features — 9
This amp was made in 2005. It realy suits my style of music which is mostly rock and metal. It has 4 channels: clean, crunch, metal, insane! These four amp models are brilliant as the clean channel offers clean, crisp warm tones. The crunch is a real sort of grunge sound. Then the metal channel is what you cna guess metal! And insane is just amazing! So much distortion in one channel. I mainly use the amp at home practicing and also use it to rehearse with my band. It's a very powerful amp and it also include a mp3/CD input, footswitch input, dirstortion boost, and 6 effects (chorus/flange, phaser, tremolo, sweep echo, tape echo and reverb), sweep and tape echo come with a a tap delay button. It would be very helpful if there was a built in tuner, but other than that the feature are good.

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    g n f'n r
    Canuck_22 wrote: ya i bought one about a year ago. at first i thought it was great; but now i realize how bad it realy is.
    buddy, did you just relise this because a couple of people said it sucks? if you like your amp dont be fooled by other peoples comments.
    WAAAY to digital, i had one of these and them switched to a marshall jcm 900 and it kicked the line six's A_SS!!
    whats the diference between the spider II 30 and the spider III 30????? i do not find any diference except for the price :S
    i think that this amp is made for metal and that type of music ! so thats why the clean tone sucks ! i play alternative hardcore and some heavy metal and this amp worked very fine ! so dont buy this if you want a clean tone ! the clean tone sucks but i like playing it with some chorus ! its fun and the insane distortion too
    Spit it out
    if you play mainly nu-metal stuff or just want a modern tone this ampis what you need! but it isnt very versetile in its sound atall... thats why im selling mine and getting a vintage crate instead (its ALOT better than the spider2!)
    Great practice amp... just picked one up for 100.00 used at guitar spender(center). I play a gibson les paul into it and had trouble walking away from it after 3 hours. Lots of fun. For the cash, couldn't be happier. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - that's a real amp. This is more of a practice amp/toy, but a blast to fcuk with. Clean is a bit weak but still useable. Like the Drive boost feature. Also, someone said they hated the way it defaults to delay on return to clean, this can be halted - read the manual. I mean geez, it's all of 2 pages for crying out loud! Anyhow... Look, this is not something you should be gigging with, but if you can get away with it, great. I was considering a Roland Cube 15x, a 15W fender - sounded great but the one i played had an annoying buzz - right out of the box... weak! Also tried a Vox Pathfinder 10 - great sound - like a little tube amp, but too specific and limited, tried a 15W crate - not bad but a bit booring. All those amps were 70 - 80 bucks. For another 20 I got this. Love it! Great value if you pay around 100 (140 including tax and a new two button footswitch. Highly recommend for fooling around at home, with some buds, etc.
    wow, your roland cube must've been a dud, cause i've played this amp and i really thought it was terrible, and the "insane" channel is definitely overrated, nothing special. If you're tight and cash and have no choice but a solid state, at least get a crate?