Spider III 15 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (387 votes)
Line 6: Spider III 15

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: guitar center

Sound — 9
I use this amp with my Schecter 006 Deluxe and its outstanding, I mainly use it was a pratice amp and when my band is over my guitarist uses it so it can over power my dumming, and since it can over power the sound of my drumming that can only mean one thing, this amp can pack some punch for its price. With its clean model it keeps the notes sounding good while keeping it loud, also features a bit of echo that you can remove if you want. Crunch I found was used a lot with some punk songs my guitarist likes to play, so was metal since it added a bit more of distortion. Now insane is good to kick in when you want to add a bit of tapping in your solo as it adds a lot of distortion without over doing it, you can also hear the notes perfectly with the amount of distortion added.

Overall Impression — 9
I play a lot of different gernes of music including songs with soft tones, heavy distortion, and other music types, for intance with clean I can play songs like House of the Rising Sun, and going to Enter Sandman using Metal. If I lost this amp I would by another model of the same line, but if I could only by this or another amp along the same price, I would get this. I only wish it had more effects but that's what the higher models are for. Anyways I know I'm buying this brand again in the future.

Reliability & Durability — 10
now I haven't used it on a gig since it a pratice amp but if its a small venue or just in my house with a couple people over I would use it as it can project pretty well. It hasn't broken down even with my dog biting and straching at it, its still in perfect condition.

Features — 8
I'm not sure when this amp was made but either way it boasts a lot of power within its little body, it features 4 main amp models, Clean, Crunch, Metal, and Insane. Each amp model you can tweak to make it the way you want it to sound, along with the amp model you can add 6 effects with two running at a time you can pair one of these three ( Chorus Flange, Phaser, and Tremolo) along with one of these (sweep echo, tape echo, reverb) and you can also tweek the amount of each you want. You can record out using the headphone/recording output and also you can plug in a ipod and listen to it while you play.

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    Its funny how everybody complains about the Amp automatically turning on effects. Those are the standard settings. You can change those you're self! So you don't have to tweak the setting everytime you start the thing up. And out of the factory that means Echo effect on the Clean channel.
    *Confused punk*
    It's not an amazing amp, if you've seen the price and realize it's solid state you should know that. However, depending on what you play, it's a pretty good practice amp. The clean channel has very little versatility, and the same goes for the crunch. Both the crunch and the metal sound extremely digital and muffled. I use the insane channel because it has the most life/warmth to it, but you have to work on the tone. It's got all those effects and settings on when you get it because it's a model amp. The factory presets suck, but if you work on them for awhile, you can get really good tones out of the channels. You won't fall in love with it immediately, but after working on all the tones I really like this amp. Nothing about it is outstanding, but most things about it are pretty good. You definitely get your money's worth for it.
    Actually a pretty great amp even though most won't agree--the insane setting is probably the best on there, although the metal setting when put at a low distortion can get a great tone for songs with lots of chords cuz the distortion muddies it up. I have gotten a Jimi Hendrix esque tone out of the crunch setting with full bass and drive and treble and mid set at 6'oclock with the flanger on and some reverb. Its a good amp for the price but if you're gunna gig or use to for band practice I would recommend the 30 watt