Spider III 150 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (95 votes)
Line 6: Spider III 150

Purchased from: G.A.K

Sound — 9
Me myslef am a shreeder. So naturaly one of the first things I did when I got this home was to plug in my ESP/LTD loaded with some active EMG's I might add, Switch to insane and let rip. It is literaly mindbogeling how a sound that brutal dosn't smuge the notes. The other models are also equally as good in their own right epecialy the blues setting if you want to bash out some hendrix or Buddy Guy. Now I have played my fare share of vlave amps and solid states and I must say this is the best sounding solid state amp I have heard. It even in my opinion beats valve on some of the high gain settings. Also this amp is as quiet as a mouse when you'r not playing even with the noise gate off.

Overall Impression — 9
This amp caters for all but if you like your music heavy then this amp will always diliver. If you need to have an amp that supplies for all styels quickely and effectifly and dosn't take a lifetime of tweaking to get a half deacent sound then don't hesitate to buy it or at least try it out if you come across it in a shop. If you do by it make shure you by a foot controler as well as one is not supplied.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Havn't really had it long enough to give a fair judjment on it. Seems ok though. Havn't really noticed anything flimsy on it.

Features — 9
The features on this amp are definetly up to at least a semi pro standard. This amp offers you 12 different amp models from the word go. You can the further manipulate these with the Drive control nob (less or more gain) as well as adding up to three simultaniouse effects, the tap button also lets you specify delay time as well as activating the built in tuner (very handy for when something starts to sound odd onstage)and noise gate. The cab also comes fitted with celestions. The endless patches are also great fun to toy with as you can manipulate them once loaded and most of them don't sound half band. I was a bit anoyed at the fact that a foot controler was not included but apart from that I can't really say it has any major flaws. Also the CD/mp3 jack is really handy if you want to play along to a bit of Stach for instance.

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    Yea jeordie 1 your right man if u buy this amp ull love it 100% ive been usin it for 3 months and recently bought a Esp M400 the thing sounds like a God through that amp
    Hey, could someone tell me if this amp sounds tinny, or is it the spider 2 ? Which is better overall, spider 2, or 3 ? and if the 400 presets were taken from the spider 3 would the two be the same
    I'm thinking about to get this amp or the Line 6 Flextone III XL. Please could someone tell me , that which amp is better for heavy/thrash metal? Thanks a lot.
    I'm thinking about getting this amp or the flextone III XL amp. Please could someone tell me , which amp is better for heavy/thrash metal? Thanks.
    I am a marshall guy, i love the warmth and texture but for i thought this would help my playing more, it is amazing, yes the insane isn't quite what it seems but not many amps can go from 50's chuck berry to slipknot, if you want a good amp for around 300, get this it is amazing.
    i have this amp and love it but need more umph. if i hook up an extension cab of say 2 12inch speakers can you still use the amp speakers at the same time to get a full 4 12 inch speaker at once.can any one help?
    Well, at least check it out. See, now I'm talking to myself and risking the appearance of insanity, or at least possibly dis-crediting myself. For the love of God! Somebody, please log in! AAAHHHHH!!!!! (throat clearing)... uh, Line6, yeah, it's cool.
    Oh, and to answer the last question, it does NOT sound tiny. It's a great amp. I've been playing for 23 years, through lots of amps, mainly using Les Pauls, and this is a cool amp. Get it!
    I used to be one of those 'Marshall guys', but I overcame my prejudice after playing a Spider III 150 through my Marshall cab. I love the sound of it!!! Of course there are instances where a Marshall will sound better and more 'musical', but all things considered (tonal range, presets, effects), you get much more out of a Spider III than you do out of a Marshall (and I'm comparing this to my Marshall TSL). A Marshall is a master at one thing, and it does that one thing very well (or, three things if we're talking a TSL). The Spider III will not beat it at that one, or those three things. However, the Spider III will beat the hell out of the Marshall in every other 'thing' that the Spider III has in its arsenal, because Marshall can't do it. Well, that's one side of the argument for Line6. In addition, the sound quality of the Spider III is pretty amazing. I'm happy with it, and I'm a discerning musician...maybe even a tone freak at times. Which brings up a valid argument in the other direction: if you're a complete hard-core tone freak most of the time, you likely will not be 100% satisfied with anything but a Marshall, Soldano, Bogner, Hughes & Kettner, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, etc. However, if you're a discerning musician who considers tonal range, diversity of sounds (redundant?), features, effects, etc., then you may very well be pleasantly surpised and ever-happy with the Spider III 150.
    Hey, could someone pelase tell me, if this amp sounds tinny, or is it the spider 2...and which is better, the spider 2, or 3...AND, if the 400 presets were taken from the spider 3, would the two amps be the same ?
    I really like this amp, and really want it. But does it keep the great sound when turned up pretty loud?
    this amp is super loud and sounds great. when i cranked it up half way with distortion it hurt my ears. that was in my house. The clean sound is perfect and the distortion is awesome. The presets are very handy because you can find the sound you want without having to dial it in yourself. In a gym of 1100 noisy teenagers this amp would be plenty loud.
    .arkness:. wrote: It doesnt have a great sound to begin with sorry.
    i doubt youve ever played it. sounds excellent
    bloody hell were on a spider reveiw and 90% think its good and this is UG everyone on here hates them. i have a spider 2 150watt and its ace
    Anyone who thinks this amp sucks is a faggot. There's a lot of diversity and the artist presets are sweet. Being in a Slipknot tribute band, it's nice to have the Mick Thompson tones right at my fingertips.
    Theres no reviews for the Spider III 120 W. So ill just say it here. This amp is amazing, along with all of the effects they give you to use. I also bought the FBV Express foot pedal, and its fun to change between channels and also play with the wah. With my 120W, I put the volume up to about 6 1/2 and all my neighbors were all wondering what the hell the noise was. Haha it was amazing.
    I used to talk crap about Line 6 and digital amps untill i tried one I got the spider III 150 HD and the spider III 4*12 cabinet, sounds amazing! Can use it to play literally anything! EVH 150, get the combo if you need to move the amp alot, if not, get the stack or halfstack
    E V H 5150
    I was thinking of getting a ValveKing, but if I can't get it, I've been thinking of getting the biggest Spider III that my money will allow...
    sound is amazing coming from a spider, they are all amazing and if retards like this are giving you a hard time bexcause theyre a "marshall guy " or whatever and arent smart enough to figure out how to turn the knobs to get a better sound, no the sound isnt tiny or electronic its larger than life and is an amazing piece of equiptment
    It has sort of a tinny electronic sound...That's how I can describe it. If you want some real crunchy ripping sound, this isn't the amp for you.
    atkinson_91 wrote: Hey, could someone tell me if this amp sounds tinny, or is it the spider 2 ? Which is better overall, spider 2, or 3 ? and if the 400 presets were taken from the spider 3 would the two be the same
    I know it has been like a month since you posted the question, but I'll answer it. They both have a certain amount of tinnyness to them depending on the channel. If the 400 presets were taken away from the spider 3, it owuld still be much better than the spider 2 since they cleaned up all of the channels and got rid of the annoying insane channel that the 2 had.