Spider III 75 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (325 votes)
Line 6: Spider III 75

Purchased from: Music Go Round

Sound — 10
I own a Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar with Seymour Duncan pick-ups. This amp works perfect with my guitar, but I realize not everyone owns the same guitar as me, so I played a few more guitars on it. B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze, B.C. Rich pickups, the amp sounded as if I ever Switch guitars. Epiphone G-400, Standard Epiphone pickups, amp still sounded as if the guitar was my Jackson. Schecter Damien, Passive EMGS, amp sounded amazing, But I still didn't hear a difference by changing guitars. ESP LTD M-50, Standard LTD pickups, amp didn't sound any different. The amp can be extremely load. I have not yet put it on full blast. I play guitar in my basement, and I even played in a basement show and it still over-road the drums and PA. This amp can make a brutal sounding guitar, even if you have a Squire Hello kitty guitar, but it can also make a very clean sounding guitar out of a Schecter Damien. At high volumes this amp sounds like you didn't turn it up, distortion wise. It does get loud and it remains perfect sounding.

Overall Impression — 10
My band pretty heavy metal, bands like Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, and Children Of Bodom. This amp has very nice sound for what I play. I have owned this amp for 6 months, no problems. One thing I would have asked about before buying this amp is if I could get the pedal for quicker channel swap. I would never hesitate to buy an amp from Line 6, the reason I bought one was because my friend had a Spider II and I liked it so I figured I would buy a Line 6 and I was very impressed by both amps.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp is very Durable and Reliable, I have never had any problems what so ever with it. The amp always puts out the sound I need, and at the volume I want. I don't ever have backup amp simply because I cannot afford one. My amp has never broken down on me so I feel safe with using it 24/7.

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    FallingRecord : i don't know, its all right, its nothing i would use if i toured, the effects get old quick, and real pedals are better.. me personally, i'd go with a marshall, or an orange amp. God some of these people are retards. no shit anybody would take a marshall or an orange, but not everyones mommys can buy them a $2000 orange, for $300 this is a quite loud and great sounding amp for metal, ya it doesnt stand up to a tube amp and everyone knows that so why doesnt everyone just quit comparing it to one, because obviously if everyone had the money they'd get a tube amp over this, so just quit bitching.
    the spiker wrote: This is just a spider II amp with a spider III look.... amp models are pretty much the same -_-
    I totally disagree. The spider III looks similar to the spider II, but has a number of great improvements ESPECIALLY THE SOUND! I spent over an hour with this amp tweaking the settings and listening and I found it to be just as good as anything else. You just have to know what you are doing. On the clean model, it sounded just as well as my instructors old crate 150 watt, which is an absolutely fantastic amp. For the money you can't go wrong at all. And besides, why buy a ton of stomp boxes and get a high end amp? It doesn't make lot of sense to me because you get all that with this amp, and once again if you know what you are doing, the sound is on par with anything else, minus the cost of buying 5 stompboxes.
    SchitzoJoe wrote: I'm highly considering buying one of these, but I'm not sure... If I have distortion on, will I hear any buzzing? I'm using a Crate GX-15 amp, and that's the #1 reason I want to change is because with overdrive on and my guitar with distortion, it sounds like a hive of bees.
    ha, noooo, not even a peep, this amp is so quite i couldnt believe it, ill have it on the insane setting, and forget to turn it off when i leave the room cause u just cant hear it, but hit that massive chord and this amp makes itself known, for the money this amp is THE best, just spend some time fine tuning a sound, save it and ur good to go, i recommmend this amp for sure!!