Spider III 75 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (325 votes)
Line 6: Spider III 75

Price paid: $ 463

Sound — 10
I use an Ibanez 260FM. I also tried it on a Gibson SG. I've tried all the pickups. As this amp is digital it does a few amazing things. Firstly, It plays with the same sound quality be it loud or very quiet. You can retain the sound of the guitar, or if you wish it, as it has so many effects, make any guitar sound you could imagine making a 10,000 dollar guitar irrelevant. Due to the amazing amount of settings and definition of the settings, I can make my 260FM sound like an SG, like a Jem, like anything. I think so long as it's a well made guitar, in the future one will make do with a very good amp and will not need a good guitar to make a certain sound. It has many clean settings as I have mentioned before, twang, blues and clean, two different amp models for each. A word of advice. Do not try the top volume in your house, you will get complaints no matter how well you play, this amp can get very loud. I have tried a 100 watt Marshall on the same day as this, both on full volume and there are two things I have to say. This sounds much better (i.e. it keeps it's definition better), and it is a hell of a lot louder.

Overall Impression — 10
I have tried a lot of amps. Marshall, Vox, Fender, Ibanez, but none of them really measure up to the Line 6 spider 3 at all. It's just too diverse with its presets, setting abilities, digital upgrades (you can download presets etc), wonderful tonality and loud loud sound. I would definately buy this again if I lost it and had the money. It is a good buy. I can't think of an fault to be 100% honest, I'm serious.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This is a very stable amp. I would expect it to last a lifetime. Though I have no proof. You would have to try it. It has a lot of protection arround the sides and as it is built stabley I don't think it would recieve much cosmetic or internal damage to be honest. I have looked on the internet at how the nobs were made and I don't think they would break of very easily either. It would probably take a good kick. And for the record, I have not tried that.

Features — 10
The amp was made in 2006. I play rock, metal and blues. Be it chorus phlange, lead, classical or jazz, this amp has been able to adapt to anything, and I've tried everything. Yes, even neoclassical. It has a cd/mp3 input, a pedal slot and a POD-style output/headphone slot. It comes with a nob that can instantly change it to 12 different amp models, 2 different types for clean, twang, blues, crunch, metal, and INSANE for ye' Who like, and I mean this, extreme, overdrive. It has nobs for Drive, bass, mid, treble and channel volume. Also nobs for the effects. One for chorus phlange, phaser and tremolo. One for Delay, tape echo and sweep echo. One for reverb and a master volume nob. There are also 4 channels you can use, in button form, a, b, c and d. You can set them using the tap button. The tap button also controls the effects, for example, it sets time between the echos. It also can be used when turning the reverb nob to filter out scratchy noises if accidentaly made. There are also 400 preset sounds to choose from. They are clearly ordered by band and by date. I have found quite a lot of song presets of songs that I can play. They are all of very good songs such as enter sandman, back in black, things by Steve Vai and many many more (it has a display). It has everything a musician could want in an amp, well, except for a build in wah wah.

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    I brought a 75 watt spider3 on new years eve,i needed an amp real quick and had 200 the line 6 was 199 and sounded ok in a quick test.The only other amps were 15 watt practise amps or Fender amps out of my price range,so th i got the spider. Two hours latter i played a new years eve gig to around 500 punters the amp was ok,i just plugged in using a clean channel and used stomp boxes for sounds. Having had the time to play around with the amp proper i made a great buy.Ok most of the presets are for metal heads but ignore those or use them as a guide as to what you can acheive with this amp. I play in a covers band who play mostly classic rock from 60's to modern and i can get prety much every sound i want.At home im a huge David Gilmour fan and can get all my sounds out of this amp.I still use stomp boxes as i like them,but to dissmiss this amp because it is digital modelling is purely naive,sure i would like a huge collection of classic valve amps,but have neither the money or space,plus i dont have time for the maintinence.If you want a VERY GOOD versitile amp i can recomend the 75 watt spider 3.I have been playing for 25 years now mostly using Laney (which is what i had intended to buy another of) i have also used Marshals but they just dont cut it on the clean sounds for me(marshals,not Laneys). This amp is fine,but so are Marshalls and Laneys the best thing i can recomend before parting with yuor hard earned cash,is try as many amps as you can go and see some live bands and see what they use and how it sounds,and good luck!
    I picked up one of the Spider III 75's at Guitar Center last night. I went in looking for this amp, or a Roland Cube or Fender G-DEC. They were sold out of the Cube and only had the display model G-DEC's. When I stated the guitar I play (Highway 1 Strat) and my budget (up to $400) the sales person immediately suggested I look at some of the tube amps they had. I told him that I'm a new player, and am looking for something fun. (If I'm goofing around playing guitar, I'm STILL playing guitar) Also, that when the time comes that I will jam with my friends, I can get a appropiate amp. Also, many people have said you can't run pedals through this digital amp. Well... I hooked my Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal up to it today and with the amp on the clean model (Clean GREEN LED) it runs GREAT!!! Anyone looking for a fun practice amp, should look at the Line 6 Spider III 75W Yeah, 75W is alot... but I can always turn it down. Kind of hard to turn up a 15W!
    Hi NFA34,good for you dude,you made your own choice of amp and didnt let the salesman push you into anything you didnt want to get. Just for the record,you can run affects pedals through this amp,but as you state it is best to have the amp on one of the cleaner settings then add your effects to that.For reference to anyone else(that might be interested)I use the green TWANG setting on the amp and a pedal line up of RATpro co 2 into zoom gx7(i think)guitar proseser into boss chorus into a cheap anologe delay and have had no probs at all. RE (if im goofing around playing guitar,im still playing guitar)NEVER A TRUER WORD SPOKEN,keep it up dude and keep it fun!