Spider III 75 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 3
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 3.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.2 (325 votes)
Line 6: Spider III 75

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 2
The sound is the worst part about this amp. Shrill highs, flat mids, sucky and warbly bass. There is more distortion than you will ever need, but it all sounds flat and unimpressing. The louder the amp gets, the looser and worse the tone gets. No noise when you're not playing, though. Not much else to say. I play it through a Fender Jaguar with Humbuckers.

Overall Impression — 3
I chose this amp for features and solely features. The number of presets got me excited thinking I could get every tone imaginable, but I was wrong. Very, very wrong. I play classic rock, rock 'n' roll, and some hard rock. It fails all of them. However, this is primarily a metal amp, so this might not be much help to many. I do not love anything about it. I hate the tone and the reliability. My favorite feature would have to be the operating system. It's very easy compared to other amps of it's kind. If it was stolen, I'd probably be pretty happy that I could get a new amp sooner. Never would even think about buying this again. I chose this one because I was a stupid person when it came to gear at the time, and it looked enticing. Please people, read up on gear and how it works before you buy, or you may end up like me. There is really nothing that could possibly add to make this better. It needs redesigning if Line 6 wants to keep sellingit; but it won't, because beginners will keep thinking it will be great without asking other people, and it will keep selling. Just don't make a fatal mistake. Don't buy this amp.

Reliability & Durability — 3
Horrible quality. The input jack constantly falls through, the mp3 jack doesn't work, the tap tempo button doesn't work, and a lot more too. This is with it never gigging and not changing spots since I got it 10 months ago. I would never even thinking about using this to gig, but I bet it wouldn't hold up well. It still amplifies though, but that's about all it still does.

Features — 7
This amp was made in 2008. I got it for my birthday in June, which makes it almost a year old as of now. I was impressed when I first got it, before being experienced with gear. But now I am greatly dissappointed that I settled for this piece of junk. But, time for the specs. It's got 4 channels, and a completely digital operating system. 4 crappy effects, including chorus/flanger, phaser, tremolo, etc. The thing is amazingly simple to use though, so I think this is better than the MG. But it's also incredibly faulty. There is a 3 knob eq, which is one of the worst features. Mids are straight sounding, the highs shrill and ear piercing, the bass crumbly. It's got a reverb knob and a knob with several delays. For the delays and effects, it's also got a tap tempo button which only works have the time for me. The different models on the amp all sound the same. They have a knob that gives you the style of your sound, including clean, twang, blues, crunch, metal, and insane. They are all very, very bad. I stick to clean and blues. I give it a seven ONLY because it is easy to use. No fx loop, solid state, no headphone jack. It's plenty loud enough for what I need it for though. Can be heard over a drummer, but gigging without a mic maybe pushing it.

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    Facts: Line 6 is digital Tube Amps are obviously...Tube. Solid State amps tend to be cheaper and have a multitude of FX Tube amps typically have 2 channels, and are pricey For these reasons, people with less coin go to solid state modeling amps. However, there are some artists out there who are guilty of having a line 6 podxt3 on their stack somewhere. If you have volume/FX problems, maybe for a band or practice in general, Line 6 Spider III are amazing for a fix. If you want to get serious and maybe develope signature sound, DEFINETELY consider a higher quality amp. If you have more than $400, dont even hesitate, regardless of the loss of FX or watts, get a tube. Most have the basics built in(Distortion, Reverb). If you don't, you'll be kicking yourself in the ass. Long story short: Line 6 Spider III = Temp. fix. Tubes = Pro
    hey i recently saved up 600$ to buy a new amp but i cant decide which 1 to buy ive so far got it down to three amps: spider 3 75w -600$ vox AD50VT 50w -650$ fender FM212r 100w -550$ plz help
    hey i recently saved up 600$ to buy a new amp but i cant decide which 1 to buy ive so far got it down to three amps: spider 3 75w -600$ vox AD50VT 50w -650$ fender FM212r 100w -550$ plz help
    Well tell us about yuor style and what what kind of amp you are looking for and then i could be able to answer
    I'm sick of hearing people going on about how modelling and digital amps suck and we need to go back to vintage marshells and tubes and shit. FUCK vintage. Back in the day vintage amps were being thrown away for digital. I love this amp and I'm sick of playing through ****ing marshells.
    lespaul#1 wrote: Is it good for gigs?
    I've played a few shows with it and it works great. it competes very well with my other guitarist's mesa triple rectifier. I love this amp
    i just got this amp today at guitar center for $255. i am very pleased with it it has alot of great sounds. very quiet operation no noise i mean. been playing a few years never heard a small amp in this $ range sound so good from whisper quiet to max it sounds superb.i play everything from lullabye to death metal. wont be disappointed if youre lookin to buy under 300.
    Im Looking for an amp that will have the power and volume to play small gigs, pubs and clubs sort of thing... Could anyone tell me if this amp would be approipriate. If not... Which amp would be. Thanks
    omg,the sound really kicks serious asses!!bought 1 a month ago.no need for using distortion pedals with it coz it already has quite a lot of sexy killing distortion in it.by the way did anyone find all the 400 presets?it's a huge damn amount of presets we've got here.Awesome amp,i make love to it all nightlong.LOL
    Ok here it is, If my 35+ years of playing has taught me anything its that either you like an amp or you don't. It's been said Pete Townshend didn't llike the Marshall head but loved the cabs so he put a Hiwatt head on Marshall cabs. so sound and tone are selective. what sounds good to you might sound like crap to someone else. The important point to this whole thread is to get the users impression of this amp. Some will love it some will hate it, but each is entitled to their opinion. with that being said ill give some points to ponder that will serve well for any amp reviews you read. Points: 1. Take into account how long the reviewer has had the product- imediately throw out reviews from people who have had the amp a few days or a week and either say its the greatest thing ever, or its the worst thing ever.. truthfully they haven't had time to fully explore the product and make an informed decision 2.The playing 2 years "experts" you can pretty much throw out these reviews too, mainly because short time players don't really know how to get a good sound on an amp for the most part yet which will come in time. 3. Tube snobs- these are the ones that keeps saying "buy a tube amp, solid state sucks" yada-yada sure their high end tube amps they keep trying to toss up to compare with a low end digital job is going to sount better tonaly in most cases, but at cost of 10 to 15 times the price... really its like a ferari driver wanting to race a mini-van. Fact: 99% of the people who own tube full stacks and half stack dont need near that much power, sure its great for your ego standing in front of 7ft tall tube stack, but in the 1000's of gigs I have played on only 2 occasions have I needed more than a 22 watt fender deluxe reverb, a good distortion pedal, and a sure 57 to mic it up with. Finaly guys and gals you and only you have to do your homework, go to the music store with (YOUR) guitar and sit down and try it and compare it side by side against other amps in the price range you can afford, and buy the one that works best for you. The line 6 spider III?, look at it for what it is, which is a decent practice/jam session amp that wont break the bank (or your back carrying it around)
    i have this amp, its really good and all if u want to mimic bands and guitar sounds but what pisses me off is how u can't create and save any custom banks or sounds, if u can tell me btw. otherwise its an 8 but if it had the custom feature a definate 9.5
    GREAT amp! I have one got it for $200 at a local music store, barely used, it still had the stickers on it and not one ding or dent, works perfectly fine, i love every single thing about this amp, all the preset tones, and the effects are all great i know i've only been playing for a few years now and i'm decent but it's a great amp not to heavy, just the right weight for any person. Great for metal and rock tones, along with some clean tones with a nice touch to them! i recommend it to anyone who wants to play Metallica, AC/DC, Megadeth, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix and even Guns N' Roses, it's solid state too, and it's amazing...
    darcylespaul wrote: i have this amp, its really good and all if u want to mimic bands and guitar sounds but what pisses me off is how u can't create and save any custom banks or sounds, if u can tell me btw. otherwise its an 8 but if it had the custom feature a definate 9.5
    you can, but you have to download them from the line 6 website and use one of those POD things, i'm pretty sure of that and as far as i know you can create and save your own sounds.
    Ive been using line 6 amps for a long time now(6 years), theyre highly versatile and give out great sound for solid state without the risk of breaking down, i havent played a single solid state amp that can keep up with this one in any feild alone... that being said the clean sounds need some slight tweeking at the high ends and most of the distortion can get too gainy, still every sound out of the 400+ presets can be used in a very unique way, just think like tom and the possibilities are endless