Spider IV 30 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 5.5 (143 votes)
Line 6: Spider IV 30

Price paid: £ 180

Purchased from: Electro Music

Sound — 6
I use a Fender Strat and a Tele on this, and play all kinds of music. For practicing at home quietly, I find this amp convenient when I can't be bothered to fire up the old Marshall Valve, but it shouldn't really be used for band practice or gigging. Distortion is ok, but the clean becomes really muddy at high volumes, and trust me, I have fiddled around with the settings for hours on end. This was my first proper amp, and would recommend it to anyone for their first amp, but nothing more. For the job it is designed for, its pretty good.

Overall Impression — 6
I play rock, alternate rock, think of all the styles the Chili peppers play, and also tiny amount of metal and Acoustic fingerpicking and the like. For the versatility I needed when I first started playing, it was perfect, but as I now own a decent size pedalboard I have all the effects I need. I now rarely use this, and I wouldn't buy it again if it were lost, as I have outgrown it. Perfect amp for a beginner, but really wouldn't like to gig on it.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Never broken down, never had any problems with it in a year of use, no drop in tone or anything, would give this a 10 but I really wouldn't gig on it, and feel shame for the people who do. Although if your on a tight budget, what else can you do? The FBV footswitch is a pretty cool little cheap channel selector, and I got it for 20 which is ok I guess.

Features — 5
Made in 2010, this amp has 4 channels that you can preset, which is a good feature, as when used with the extra FBV footswitch you can quickly swap between four different sounds mid song. Its quite a versatile amp, excels in the choice it gives with effects. However, it doesn't give particularly good effects, all are mediocre, and its impossible to get any tone out of this amp. It is very dull and monotone, and the EQ on it doesn't really make much of a difference. Perfect for beginners to use at home, but struggles at high volume to make any discernable sound, just sounds like mush on high volume distortion.

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    huge balls does not = good tone and sound. i believe you that it is fun and stuff but its not quality
    I got my Fender FM65R 65 watt Amp for $70 dollars. It's pretty damn good; a little too bassy but definitely still great.
    Ive played these and for a solid state they have pretty good tone, I actually like these better than their higher watt counterparts. Its a great beginner amp if you don't know how to tweak settings or set up effects. I suppose their are guides online but its nice to have it right there in front of you.
    sounds like to me theres alot out there that needs to lern there gear ,i have using line 6 for years and i can get any sound im looking for ,as i have said befor learn your gear you mite learn some thing .
    I'm kind of confused. I have the spider 3 30 watt amp and I bought it brand new 2 years ago for $90. Not sure why this bad boy is $300
    In my humble opinion, 30W amps are kinda dilemmatic: not too loud for a small gig, much too loud for practising. Their only use seems to be band rehearsals, because, otherwise, either you're unable to use it and get heard by public, either you're unable to use its full amplification (and we all know that amps work better as we come closer to their highest output). I've checked out this Spider IV 30 in my music shop, when I was looking for a combo suitable for one-man gigs in small venues. First of all, I found it too expensive. All Line 6 products seem to me over-priced. It's also too much electronics in a Line 6, and sound doesn't come so natural as you've expected from an above-average product. There are many "extra-amp" features, but most of them are useless for a more experienced player. For instance, the tuner and the effects. The tuner is not a chromatic one and it's even less precise than most of the guitar tuners I know. Since a good Korg is only 17 euros, why would you use an inferior built-in tuner? Same problem with the effects: all of them are inferior to any common pedal (like Boss or DigiTech, to give an example). Since a good distortion pedal costs less than 100 euros, why would anyone use a lousy built-in effect? (I feel I have to stress it's not a problem of Line 6 exclusively: it's a general problem of moddeling amps. They all offer DSP effects, but none of those effects is usable for semi-pro purposes. Line 6's problem is the price, one of the highest among modelling amps!) As for the actual amplification job, it's OK. It's a very good utility amp, with decent clean and quite impressing distorted sounds. The first and the third review have over-rated it, while the second has under-rated it, IMHO. If we make an average between the 9,3 and the 6,5, we get a more precise rating for this amp.
    Chris Schementi
    Why does everyone have to attack this thing? We all know it can't hold a candle to even a cheap tube amp, but seriously... as far as a beginner's or practice amp these combos are not bad at all. I smell a bandwagon.
    OMG this amp doesn't sound as good as a $197 Peavey Vypyr 30 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp why would anyone buy it? The Vypyr is a great little amp for practicing at home, and not having to deal with hardware failures and over priced tube amps. Quit comparing that to something overpriced like a Spider and not noticing the Spyder sounds like crap. LMAO. For the record, I'm an unhappy owner of a "Marshall" MG30DFX which might be even worse than the Spyder. It does OK as a cab for my tube amp at small venues, but most of the time at home I just play through a VOX DA5 whose .5 - 5 watts sound better than any Spyder despite the small speaker. If I had to do it over, my first amp would have been a VOX Valvetronix, or maybe a Vypyr.
    A line six is good if you live in a small place, like an apartment. I wouldn't recommend doing anything with it other than practicing. They're not good jamming amps. I like them for practicing though, thats it, their interfaces are very easy to use.
    OMG this amp doesn't sound as good as a $1000 tube amp why would anyone buy it? (sarcasm). This is a great little amp for practicing at home, and not having to deal with hardware failures and over priced tube amps. Quit comparing this to something expensive and saying this sounds like crap. It's cheap, what do you expect? LMAO.