Spider IV 75 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (239 votes)
Line 6: Spider IV 75

Price paid: C$ 299.99

Purchased from: Long N McQuade

Sound — 9
Played through the amp with a: PRS 513, '68 Gibson LP, Ibanez RG7321, Fender Strat '63 and even my Martin DRS1. That being said I have tried just about every style on this amp, from shred to blues and it has been able to sound decent in all the genres my limited attention span requires. Though I found the sound to get too compressed at about a volume of 7 it did sound pretty clear on a whole. This amp excelled at the hashers genres but the clean tone was slightly lacking in tonal quality.

Overall Impression — 9
Though it is very reliable it did not quiet have the sound I was hoping for. Great distortions after you spend the time to tweak with a boatload of artist presets you cannot really go wrong. If it was lost I probably would not replace it as there are numerous other products which can get the job done just as well if not better (particularly the Fender Mustang). For a solid state amp this performs excellent for what it says it does.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Very dependable amp, never had a problem with it and never needed to do any work on it. It has been all over and had its fair share of bumps and dings. The rear AC input on the amp was a little loose but this did not affect the flow of current. Overall I would say this amp does not need a backup when giging.

Features — 8
This 75 watt, 12" amp had many great features already built in I had the pleasure of toying around with. That being said I also used the optional $70 floor pedal. With the pedal (which allows the addition of a volume and wah) the features would be a 9.5 for me otherwise this solid state amp sits at an 8.

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    STOP ALLOWING THESE REVIEWS!! Its a practice amp nothing more, it has digital tone, it sounds like zombies having kids come on.
    My bestfriend has this, you can get something better for the price, with a little research(or by chance) possibly a Roland 80XL cube, or something. The amp has alright sound, i wouldn`t gig with it, but practice amp definately.
    mrrw60 wrote: My take on the Line 6 / Tube amp debate! First off I own a few tube heads one being a custom hand wired plexi. I now own a Spider IV 75. My tube amps sound like poop until you crank them up then your in tonal bliss. This is not very practical for non gigging musicians and bedroom rockstars. Now lets look at tube amps with pedals in the signal chain. Distortion boxes etc.. Wow now we have a solid state pre amp feeding a tube section. Your 12ax7 pre amp tubes are now being colored by digital or analog transiter tone. I played the Spiders at GC and was not impressed. I ended up ordering one from an Online shop. I can tell you the amp reacts like a tube amp. Not in the sense of dynamics flying off the finger board but when you bump up the volume the amp opens up like a tube amp. It sustains like a tube amp and less digital sounding at higher volumes. The speaker does tend to fart out on some models but a speaker upgrade should fix that problem. The clean tones are better sounding than my 6505 and damn close to my plexi. The gain tones I get from this amp are great! You want Lynch tones. Got it! You want Page tones got it! Nu Metal chugga. No problem. The amp is what it is and does it well. Go to GC take one in the high end room spend some time tweeking your tones and give it some volume. You might change your mind about these amps. For $300.00 I would rather have one over the some of the BlackStar low wattage amps. This amp just sounds better for what I needed it for.
    Who says that tube amps sound like crap on bedroom volumes? Maybe some amps that don't have both gain and volume controls (like vintage Marshalls). But almost all tube amps made today have both pre amp and power amp volumes. My Laney VC30 sounds much better than ANY solid state I have tried at ANY volume. I only use one pedal that is chorus and I use it with my clean sound (it's an analog MXR Micro Chorus). Then, if you know how to play you don't need 16 sounds. I don't even like copying other artists' tones. I think it sounds the best when you have your own tone. I can play anything from blues to heavy metal with my Laney's drive channel and with the same settings. Just switch to your neck pickup and turn the guitar volume down a bit and you've got a blues sound. Then switch to your bridge pickup and full volume and you have a sound that can do rock or some metal (it's really not a metal amp but it can also do metal). Oh, and I have to say about copying tones: The studio records are produced. You'll never sound like Slash or whatever. And even if you find the sound, your playing style is so different that you don't sound like Slash. I have tried three modeling amps: Roland Cube (sold it), Line 6 (at our school) and VOX Valvetronix (at our band practice place). I would say that my old Microcube sounded the best of those all. Vox sounded too muddy and Line 6... Well, I just say that I didn't like it. But they all sound fake. They are good for beginner looking for their tone but if you have found your tone, then go buy a real amp that does it better.
    ive had some bad luck with this amp.(see previous posts in here) Took it back in for repair dec.18th 2011, got it back the end of feb.2012 after a trip back to line 6. Long story short a local shop replaced everything in it , still had volume control issues.they sent it to line 6 and told us its working fine.Ill admit it works "normally" i guess. Im just gonna get rid of it before it breaks again because its out of the 1 year warranty.Ive learned my lesson with line 6 amps. Hope this helps someone.
    @themelodicdeathshow: you're unnecessarily arrogant. A real guitar-elitist wouldn't troll a practice amp review page. :/
    Its a Line 6 Amp, need i say anymore. Why cant you just get a tube amp there are many on the market for less than than this piece of shit. The 1st review made me laugh you play thru that shit with a PRS, Gibby LP, really?