Spider IV 75 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (239 votes)
Line 6: Spider IV 75

Price paid: A$ 460

Purchased from: Allans billy hyde music

Sound — 10
I'm only using a Yamaha Pacifica with this amp because I am yet to upgrade to a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. When I brought it I tried it with the Epiphone and it sounded great. With the Yamaha it makes my guitar sound like its worth $1,000. If you want to make your guitar sound a million dollars this is the amp for you. I play all types of rock like punk, heavy, grunge and classical rock. It sounds great for all of them. It has a great distorted sound and you can get a great classic rock sound and an even better grunge sound. I play heaps of Foo Fighters and it sounds amazing with there songs. You get a heavy tone even when the volume isn't turned all the way up. I have set up some presets for my solos. The treble is amazing it sounds amazing for rock solos. You get a really high sound without it being to high. It is the best guitar amp I have tried for soloing and grunge rock. Do not play bass guitar on this amp. It wont blow up but you get this constant fuzzing noise which wont go away no matter what you do. This is only a guitar amp and not a bass amp. The clean sound is great. Normally when the amp is so good for rock you don't get a nice clean sound. But this amp is different. You get a really clean sound which isn't noisey and sounds amazing with a nice tone and no fuzzing even at high volume.

Overall Impression — 10
for my style of music with rock it sounds great. With all of my grunge playing its the best amp I've ever tried it with. It sounds better then the songs do with the big amps they use on stage. I have been playing guitar for 8 years. My other amp was just a bedroom one. It was a Vox Pathfinder. I have tried so many amps before I settled on this one. This one is the best. I've tried Peavey amps and Vox and Fender amps and none have had the effects and sounds like this amp. I would buy this amp again if it got stolen because this amp is the best I've ever played. This is an amazing amp and anyone into rock I highly recommend it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I haven't had this amp long so I haven't had any problems. But from what I've heard and read it is a very reliable amp. I have never heard of someone getting a lemon with this amp or having any trouble unless they have dropped it from a 10 storey building but even then it was only cosmetic damage. I opened it up and the electronics are all great. There is no fault I could find or nothing which I had to re solder or anything. I would play this amp without a back up at a gig because I have never heard anything going wrong with it.

Features — 9
This is a digital amp. It was made in 2011. It has 12 different amps it models. It was a 75W speaker. It has delay, chorus, tape echo, sweep echo, gain, phaser, pitch, auto, tremolo. It has a reverb knob. You can change the drive, bass, mid and treble. With the delay and echo etc. There is 2 different sounds you can get by turning a knob. It has over 300 already saved presets from famous artists. There are 16 channels which you can save your own effects and presets. Then there are 4 buttons which you can save you presets in the channel. It has a headphone jack. And you can get heaps of different pedals for controlling the amp with your foot. You can also put a MP3 or iPod ION the amp aswell as you guitar to play along with. It has a quick loop function which is great for saving the chords and then soloing over the top. I have practised with my drummer and it gets over him easily. Even on clean with the softer sound you still get over the drums without turning the volume knob all the way. With the distortion on you only have to put the volume knob a quarter of the way to get over the drummer. It is a really powerful amp for its size.

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    With all of my grunge playing its the best amp I've ever tried it with. It sounds better then the songs do with the big amps they use on stage. I have been playing guitar for 8 years.
    FACENAPALM! KABOOOOOM. Yeah, right... Nothing really to say about this. And it doesn't sound better than the big amps they use on stage that cost over $2000 (over ten times more than this). Actually this amp models the "big amps used on stage" so how could it sound better than them if it emulates them? And IMO Line 6 Spider is one of the crappiest modeling amps around. It sounds lifeless and has that ear bleeding sound when you turn it up. It is OK if you only play in your bedroom but there are much better options available for the same $.
    mrrw60 wrote: My take on the Line 6 / Tube amp debate! First off I own a few tube heads one being a custom hand wired plexi. I now own a Spider IV 75. My tube amps sound like poop until you crank them up then your in tonal bliss. This is not very practical for non gigging musicians and bedroom rockstars. Now lets look at tube amps with pedals in the signal chain. Distortion boxes etc.. Wow now we have a solid state pre amp feeding a tube section. Your 12ax7 pre amp tubes are now being colored by digital or analog transiter tone. I played the Spiders at GC and was not impressed. I ended up ordering one from an Online shop. I can tell you the amp reacts like a tube amp. Not in the sense of dynamics flying off the finger board but when you bump up the volume the amp opens up like a tube amp. It sustains like a tube amp and less digital sounding at higher volumes. The speaker does tend to fart out on some models but a speaker upgrade should fix that problem. The clean tones are better sounding than my 6505 and damn close to my plexi. The gain tones I get from this amp are great! You want Lynch tones. Got it! You want Page tones got it! Nu Metal chugga. No problem. The amp is what it is and does it well. Go to GC take one in the high end room spend some time tweeking your tones and give it some volume. You might change your mind about these amps. For $300.00 I would rather have one over the some of the BlackStar low wattage amps. This amp just sounds better for what I needed it for.
    Most of the distortion is coming from your pre amp so if you just crank the gain, you get full pre amp distortion. You don't even want power amp distortion if you play metal, it doesn't sound as tight any more. That's why "metal amps" are usually at least 100 watt. You can't really crank them unless you want to become deaf. Of course if you are talking about non-master volume amps, then you can't get any distortion without cranking the volume up. But that's why there are attenuators and most of the amps used today have separate gain and volume controls. Old Marshalls were non-master volume, I know, and I guess your "custom Plexi" is non-master volume. But I mean, there are better modelers available than Line 6 Spider. This just sounds too lifeless and strange to my ears and if you turn it up, it has some strange high frequencies that hurt your ears. I haven't heard of any other amp (other than Zakk Wylde's shred solo tone that sucked @$$) that is capable of doing that kind of ear-bleeding sound.
    its a very handy amp. if you have one of these and a all tube half stack, your a very happy guy. i know because i fit that description. its great for home practice and band practices. and if you are in a band that has a PA system, this is a great amp because it has a direct line out. i also got the FBV express footswitch and all i need to do is set the amp under the table the mixer is on, plug it in and run the footswitch over to my spot. and i have a wireless system for my guitar. i spoil myself. and if no PA is present, i have my half stack. this amp is very handy for home and band practices. but only use it in a gig if theres a PA, or if its a SMALL venue. or if they mic your amp