Spider Valve 212 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (90 votes)
Line 6: Spider Valve 212

Price paid: $ 750

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I plugged into this thing at guitar center thinking I was gonna jam on it for a while then go get the AC 30 that had been calling my name since early summer. I walked out with this amp. It does everything. I was playing on a Classic 60's model which was dead on beatles tone, pushed a button and BAM Meshuggah. Bleeding saturated metal tone. One more push to Tom Petty also identicle. Every sound this amp makes is dead on. If it isnt dead on it still sounds very nice. I am so impressed with this amp's tone that I tell everyone of my friends about it and they all try it and are amazed too. Great sound.

Overall Impression — 10
I'm an Indie rocker on friday and saturday night and a praise band leader on sunday morning. I love to shred and jam with my friends and play some metal while my brother plays drums. I now know that I can play any of those styles with such great tone that people will wonder where I'm getting all these amps. Great for a musician on a budget or an old-school rocker looking for some fun. Really a great amp that blows all the solid-state garbage this company has made out of the water.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Heavy. A great sign. Built very solid with a tube cage to keep your power tubes in place. Came with wheels for easy moving. A sturdy leather handle and very solid grille. The only thing is a knob chipped when my loose cable smacked it. They all seem a little cheap on closer inspection but oh well.

Features — 9
Tons of features. When I say tons I mean it too. Has very nice effects built in, outputs, billions of models, durability, comes with casters, has a tube cage, bright display. The knobs are a bit weak but that's the only problem with features so far. Great for the price range. 9 because of the knobs, their just to flimsy.

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    Johnny Quest wrote: i tried this amp in the store, it's ok but not that great.
    You tried it in the store, so you didn't try the volume...
    i play a PRS, I have a Marshall valve amp, i have tons of expensive pedals etc. my point is, i seek tone, and don't scrimp on it. i played the Spider Valve for 2 hours in guitar guitar with pre-conceived ignorance from reading on threads from this site, and most of you are talking total bollocks. its a good amp. only ppl that can criticise are guys who can afford 2000 amps, then you are in a different market. easy to use, easy to get a good tone from, FX are very good, versatility is awesome. Imagine you use a 2 amp setup, a tube blows from your main amp hooked to your board, that baby could save your skin and you'd still have all your FX without need for your fx board. if you think the Valve King is better you're talking shite. any Megadeth lovers slating it ? the main man uses signature pre-amps from Line 6, covering all his overdrive tones, ALL his fx etc. and to say a Peavey Vyper will be better, rubbish, how they gonna make a better modelling amp when Line 6 are pioneering it ?? they're jumping on the line 6 bandwagon to attract fools who think that.
    the first review said he chose this over a "krank revolution and a mesa boogie dual rectifier" dumbass.
    Line 6 is always something I stay away from as a general rule, but Bogner... We'll see. I'll have to play one.
    TDAJGuitarist wrote: "I'd easily put this amp up there with Marshall, Mesa, and Fender. Actually, buying this amp gives you all 3 of those amps plus more at only $830! " Most ridiculus claim i have ever heard....thats like saying First Act is right up there with Gibson...Totaly ludicris....
    Line6 is total trash?! Megadeth and Metallica beg to differ. Just another kid throwing up in the posts.
    I played one for awhile at Sam Ash. I'm quite disappointed in the sound it makes because to my ears, I still hear that digital-ness in all of the amp models. Something just doesn't sound right with it. I was playing an EC-1000 with EMG's through it, and I was not happy with any of the sounds besides the high gain models. This is probably because of the EMGs though, as they sound horrible in anything besides metal (my opinion of course). I then went to play a Peavey Classic 30, and I was blown away at how much better the cleans sounded. I then played a JSX, and boy did it sound WAY better tahn the spider valve.
    Did you try to play metal on that classic 30? Did you turn the gain up past 6 and listen to that muddy pile of shit? Did you see the price tag on the JSX? The point of this amp is to do everything very well, not to be amazing at all of these things. And it is also set so normal people can afford the damn thing.
    Most ridiculus claim i have ever heard....thats like saying First Act is right up there with Gibson...Totaly ludicris....
    Ummmmm have you played a les Paul lately??? Junk if you ask me. I went to buy one and play about 12 of them and walked away disappointed. By the way First act makes some very good guitars endorsed by some very quality players. Check your facts. I own this amp and have had it now for about 6 months I gig every weekend and played through a Rocktron VooDoo Valve pre-amp and VHT 2/90/2 power amp through a 4x12 cab with vintage 30's as you know the VHT is rated as the best in the business. But now I am playing only this amp. Much lighter to get around and easier to set up plus I can get the same if not better tone on many settings. Not a huge fan of the effects on it because of lack of control they aren't bad though overall this amp is solid and full of tone as a tube amp should be. I hated line 6 stuff before a buddy at a music store talked me into trying this one. Definitely not you average line 6 crapp. They (line 6) are also coming out with an all tube Bogner amp without the spider preamp. Just all tube tone. Can't wait to try that. And for analogbob I worked for St Louis Music for nearly 10 years and helped design your Crate amp and to be honest I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for it as with most crate amps the distortion is modeled off of Marshall. A snapshot of the distorted signal is taken from a Marshall and then the Crate distortion is designed to have that same waveform. Not digital mind you but modeled all the same. The spider valve actually uses the preamp tubes and allows you to drive them into distortion the modeling takes place in the tone section of the amp where EQ normally takes place then on to the power amp section. I did a lot of research and played a lot of amps looking for something in a combo I would like and this was all that is out there worth listening to. The new Mesa's are flat sounding the new Peavey Modelers are horrible. There is a difference between loud and tone. Sure the Mesa can get loud and the Krank can get loud and the Peavey valve can get loud hell my VHT was loud that doesn't mean it sounds good loud. All I am saying I don't bash it just because it is line 6 because I used to think the same way try it first then if you feel the need bash it.
    Led Hed Lefty
    well i would say its a pretty good idea. i was excited....extremely excited when i first heard about it...but then i played it and i was very disappointed...yeah i got a few okay tones but nothing extremely awesome....all the proccesing on this is amp powerful i guess, but there are so many different sounds that the sound gets watered down and lacks in one area or another...i bought a B-52 AT-100 212 it is amazingly versitile and has amazing tone for only 500 bucks...the spider valve is almost 700 big ones and it is nowhere near as powerful and full as my B-52....its just a thing that you would have to need 300 different sounds for it to be worth the buy in my opinion....but all that aside....it is pretty good for what it is.....except it is a bit pricy