Spider Valve 212 review by Line 6

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (90 votes)
Line 6: Spider Valve 212

Price paid: € 750

Purchased from: Local Shop

Sound — 9
I'm using this with my Epiphone Les Paul Studio, it really produces a great sound with this amp. As I said before I play mostly metal, but different kinds of it and also others styles. So the versatility of the +300 presets and the built in 12 amp models, chorus, tremelo, phaser, flanger, echo are more than satisfying. I haven't cranked it max, so I don't know if the cleans will distort. And there is no humAming when the built in noise gate is on, only hum I've heard was from my guitar, when my main noise gate was off, but this is not the amp's fault. Of course if you're a purist and you know your style, it would be better to by a more expensive amp, and it would sound a bit better. But with my budget and need for versatility this is just excellent.

Overall Impression — 10
So overall a great amp, really good for playing different styles. Up until now I had a small 35W practice amp and an RP80, both which I gave to my brother, Who's just starting with guitar. What an upgrade. Compared it with a lot of other amps in the same price class, and decided this was the best buy for me (maybe not for everyone). if it would be stolen, I would buy a new, maybe even the HD100 if I would be in a band atm. So if you know what sound you want, maybe you should get another amp, but if you're unsure or play different styles, definitely get this one.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Haven't gigged with it, so can't say for sure how reliable it is, looks pretty reliable to me, if would have my first gig in the next few weeks, I would use it without backup (also because I'm broke after buying this amp and some other stuff). I have had it for a week, everything is okay so far and it looks as if it's going to stay that way. And of course you might wanna be a bit more careful with tube amps than with solid states.

Features — 9
This amp has nice features, it has over 300 presets, including some of the best songs of the last 50 years. I mostly play metal, but also a little punk, funk, rock etc. So this versatile amp was just what I needed. A nice feature is that you can use the preamp and poweramp separately and add effects in between. I would recommend to buy a footswitch of somekind, it's a lot easier to control it like this. (with a bit of luck you van find the fbv shortboard for like 100-150 used). What I miss is a headphone jack, but seeing as almost no tube amp has one, I really shouldn't complain. Haven't gigged with it, but guess it will be loud enough after trying it out during a jam session with some friends. Haven't tried going louder than 30%, don't really see a reason why I should, unless I'm gonna gig someday.

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    TDAJGuitarist wrote: HELLSHREDD wrote: I have owned the 40 watt 1x12 spidervalve for a couple months now & the only thing not good on this amp is the crunch channel , 2 me it sounds like shit through EMG p-ups. Everything else on this amp is pure delight, if you are into metal dont waste your time & go try this out , you will be fully blown away , there are 2 settings for metal & my favorite is the yellow metal setting 2 me it sounds like pure metallica & slayerish. I did pick up the FBV shortboard just to feel even more spoiled & its so nice.Check out my set up in my pics & tell me if you like...If this amp were stolen & i caught the dude who stole it would burn on the cross in my back-yard, there are truly no othere tube amps that could come close to this amp ,,Once again go try it & another thing ive heard is that ive heard people say that they thought they could get better tone out of the 1x12 speaker rather than 2x12, but the 2x12 has a bit more bottom end...both amps put out the same power & im sticking with the single speaker cuz it punches me in the chest just what i like.... ANYTHING Mesa makes is better...Same with Marshall....And Peavey....And Huges & Ketter....And Most Randall's....And pretty much all other brands...Because Line 6 is trash...tubes or not.
    Honestly, this amp is quite amazing. I think the guys at Line 6 and Bogner have found a nearly perfect blend of digital and analog. I've tried just about every mainstream amp out there, and for the price it's hard to beat this one, especially when it comes to versatility. Every time I go to Sam Ash I always end up playing on the Spider Valve stack the most, aside from the untouchable H&K Tritone, but that's WAY out of my price range.
    TDAJGuitarist wrote: ANYTHING Mesa makes is better...Same with Marshall....And Peavey....And Huges & Ketter....And Most Randall's....And pretty much all other brands...Because Line 6 is trash...tubes or not.
    Lets not jump on the Line 6 bandwagon so fast. these amps are pretty damn amazing if u get the time to actually use it and stuff. Duh there are better amps out there, but this is good for the budget its set at.
    Whoa!!! I recently crashed my vehicle while hauling around my spider valve 212 in the front passenger seat. I grabbed onto the amp as I realized my truck was going airborne! After the truck bounced around and landed in a ditch, I noticed that my passenger window was blown out, windshield was cracked, and the cabinet of my amp seperated at the top right-hand corner. Never mind that my hand went through the window with the amp (only 10 stitches). I was able to pull out of the ditch and headed straight home. Forget about the doc, I had to see if my precious spidervalve was still alive. To my amazement, this baby still works! A little glue and some clamps should get her back together! I am grateful to still have the opportunity to play my a$$ off with this thing. Amazing tone and versatility for the price. A friend of mine plugged into her with his wide array of effects and loops and blew me away!
    i've become dizzy!finally i didnt understand it's a hybrid amp or an all-valve amp,someone tell me plz
    Mikey p
    This is an all valve amp mate. I'm not going to go into details - someone else can do that... but this amp is all-valve
    which ones pink wrote: [quote=Ky_Guitarman]I just got the amp a few days ago
    And that is a perfect reason NOT to write a review; you haven't learned enough about the amp to make an educated, un-biased review about it. Also, "10" for sound? Please. I don't believe that any amp (much less the Spider Valve) should get a 10 for sound, unless it's a super-boutique or vintage like a Cornford or vintage Plexi or something.[/quote] Anyone has the right to think that your "vintage" amps sound like crap
    im using a spider 3 150w at the moment with a jackson dk1 and Gibson LP std 2008, lookin to upgrade. the only thing i hate bout the spider 3 is that all your own effects have to come before the line 6 modelling. with the connections on the back of the spider valve, can i add my own equaliser and noise gate after the amp models and inbuilt effects?
    i just got this amp today and it is very big and very loud. Its my first amp with tubes and you can definetly tell the difference. You gotta love the presest. I haven't even got it past 2 as i'm affraid the neighbours will complain.
    This thing is all-valve with loads of possibilities. It can and will crank if you're not careful. The footpedals that are made specifically for these things don't seem to be too reliable. They have a tendency to stop working after an hour or so of play-time (won't change presets or might change on its own on both the fbv express and floorboards - let 'em cool off and the pedals work fine again; this occurs once in a blue moon but still not reliable if you're depending on it). You can still manipulate the sound on the amp interface. I still love the sound as much as the day I got this baby. I like to play alot of older rock, some Dead, Phish, newer rock, country, blues, etc., and the spider valve can do it all. I also like to take advantage of the preamp out and run a signal to my vintage West Grande (amps used by Grand Funk Railroad)to get that "big sound" that this lil' baby just can't achieve by itself. The direct out (xlr)is great for recording. I've had the amp for over a year and it's seen alot of abuse and keeps on rockin! I just can't think of a better value for what you get. Is it comparable to say an all-valve Marshall stack? Of course not! Is it comparable to than say a Peavey Classic 30 or 50, hell yeah! It has more features and can run the other smallish portable amps outta the house! For all you guys and gals out there playin with some old buddies and havin fun, if you got the cash to drop on this, get one! You won't be disappointed.
    metal jello
    MonihantH wrote: i've become dizzy!finally i didnt understand it's a hybrid amp or an all-valve amp,someone tell me plz
    It works like this, it goes==== input---analog/digital converter--- modeling--- digital/analog converter--- 12ax7s--- 6l6GCs--- VINTAGE 30 if that makes sense.... but it's technically all tube