1960A review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (19 votes)
Marshall: 1960A

Sound — 10
I play a ESP ltd deluxe ec-1000 with Seymour Duncan passive humbuckers. They are sweet. The bridge is the best sound. It isn't too hot like some and the low end of the amp makes it sound great through this cab. Sometimes if you use too many pedals I get a little buzz but that is to be expected and may have to do with my amp too not the cab. The cab can handle a good clean sound. I have played a tele through it and it sounds good. My guitar on the neck is the way to go for clean but the sound isn't amazing it could be better but that is just because of the guitar. A different guitar would be better suited for a clean sound.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall feeling about this cab is that it is amazing! It is a perfect match for a metal sound. If you have a decent head you should be able to eq it perfect for that sound too. I chose this cab because I wanted to upgrade from a combo amp without having to get a head and a cab. If I was going to by a cab powered by my combo amp (which was my plan) it had to be Marshall because of the way that they wire the speakers in stereo. So I found this amp and I am very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I think this cab is pretty dependable. The only design flaw is the handles. They feel cheap and are really light. When you lift it you almost feel like you might break them. I have used this cab for many shows loading and unloading though and haven't had a problem yet. The casters seem to be pretty good they make it really convenient and I'm pretty sure they come stock on this cab.

Features — 10
My cab was made in 2007. It is very versatile in my opinion... Some say that it is just built for metal. That is true in the sense that it has a really great low end sound but the high and mid range isn't bad by any means. You can get almost any sound out of it if you have the right equipment I.e. pedals and eq on your head. I use a Marshall MG 250 combo amp to power it stereo through the back. It puts out 100W. It is solid state and I have to give the credit to it for the great metal sound that I get with it. I don't use any pedals just the amp and it's digital effect settings.

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    do NOT get this cab if you're planning on using it with a Peavey 6505, seriously... I made the mistake v.v
    Whiskey Tango
    I own won as well. Always get compliments on my sound on stage which I attribute a lot to this cabinet. Nice crunch! Plenty of lows.
    Multiplayerjon wrote: Could I Hook this up to my MG100dfx Amp?
    Hey dude...um to answer your question you can for sure! Im not really sure how the speaker is wired in that amp but the MG250DFX that i have has two twelve inch speakers and the outputs to the speakers are a left and right with two separate leads for each speaker so it is wired in stereo. Since yours only has one speaker it probably has one lead coming out into the speaker. What you do is you just get the cab and buy a male to male mono lead. And plug one end into the amp and the other in to the left (mono) input. If that is the case with your amp than you could power any cab. I was limited to marshall because of the stereo wiring. My amp is 100W and handles powering the cab no prob. Idk about the amp you have though it is 100W but it is really meant for one twelve inch speaker. But then again my amp is only meant for two but it sounds great through my cab. Best thing to do is take it to a music shop that has the cab and test it out. See if it works and if you like the sound. It saves you alot of money if you can just get a cab to make yourself louder instead of buying a head and cab. Other than that if you want send me a friend request and I will post some more pics of my set up to show you how I plug all the shizz together.
    Will it be worth getting this cabinet for use with my Vintage Modern 2266C? The cab has a power rating of 300 Watts, and the VM combo only produces 50 Watts, would the combo be able to fill out the speakers? Cheers