1962 'Bluesbreaker' review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (31 votes)
Marshall: 1962 'Bluesbreaker'

Price paid: £ 750

Purchased from: Local guitar shop

Sound — 10
This is what its made for! I play White Stripes, Led Zeppelin and Hendrix mainly as well as making many songs alike. Chuck a Big Muff or OD in there and you are there with my prefered settings of: Bass -9, Middle -6, Treble -7, Presence -8. It gives the perefect tone for Hendrix but for White Stripes, turn them all to 9/10! I use Gibson LP Custom, a Fender Eric Johnson Strat, a Gibson ES-335 and a Danelectro U2 with various OD, fuzza and modulation pedals. Get the Hendrix tone!

Overall Impression — 9
The amp is genius in a simple way! I've practiced non-stop for 3 years and gig occasionally and this raises some proffesionals faces, its that nice! It suits my raw rock style perfectly! It is in need for reverb but I am not too bothered about using my Boss RV-5. You must chuck a overdrive in there for low volume break up but its worth the dosh! I also have a Cornell Romany Pro which I do prefer only because it has reverb but definately check the blues sounds out of these!

Reliability & Durability — 9
it is very reliable but as you will have guessed, very heavy!

Features — 8
This is a reissue of an original JTM45 of which mine was made in the late 90's. It is quite simple along the top but the Tremolo effect is available with Intensity and Speed knobs. A very handy feature are the 4 available in puts and so I like to have a short cabpe diagonally across 1 and 4 and place my output jack in 3. A nice setting but as usual for Marshall, relatively straight forward. The amp is very versatile qnd can handle all the sounds perfectly which is why I bought it! The only thing I beg for is reverb!

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    i'd rather have a spider, cuz its versatile. i can maek it sound just liek this i bet. /trollin such a freaking cool amp. the end.
    Nice review mate. I have a original 67 which i bought 17 years ago, it's the only amp I use, amongst trying and buying many. My set up is the same, crossing channels 1 to 2 and everything on 10 and balance the guitar. I us a syeymour duncan pickup booster for solos. I have a few guitars but the Les Paul is hand in hand... I have upgraded one of my Gibsons with a set of Bare knuckle pick ups, wow...
    Anyone who considers Spider amps versatile is lacking in versatility themselves. Use your ears to get a sound, not a load of digital nonsense.
    What's up with this fetish for reverb? I personally don't see a need for the effect at all, unless you want to play surf. It just mucks everything up, and turns the cheese up to eleven.
    @unregistered review. this thing is NOT in need of reverb at all. That is why it is based on the 1962 jtm45 combo. none of the old plexi's had reverbs!
    I have one, and it's the best amp I own. I also have a JCM800 2203 half-stack, Gretsch Chet Atkins "Country Gentleman" 6160, a Fender Super Reverb Black-face, a well as several small home made tube heads. This amp in terms of tone is only rivaled by the Gretsch. Since I started using this amp my super reverb has gotten dusty..
    hello, i also have a bluesbreaker reissue, its an 89/90 model, slim cab. i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it though. I'm interested to know what od's you are using, im using a blackstar ht drive, and a dist x. can get a bit muddy on too high gain settings!!