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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (17 votes)
Marshall: 2466

Price paid: $ 975

Purchased from: Private Owner

Sound — 10
I'm using a Les Paul Copy equiped with Seymore Duncan Alnico 2 Pro Pick ups which just sounds absolutly beautiful through this amp. This amplifier can suit most styles of music because of it's dynamic ranges and Detail and Body knobs that can basically shape any sound you want from any genre. I must say I play a lot of Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver and almost everything Slash does along with a wide spectrum of Rock N Roll and this amplifier nails it down. From Creadence Clear Water Revival to Black Sabbath to 50s to 70s rock this amp can do it all! Even country. The problem is though since it is a 1.5 channel amp you obviously need to set it up different if you are going to play Country or other clean sounding stuff because you wont be able to get all the versatility in the same song you are playing unless you are very fast at rolling your volume knobs down or have a boost pedal on the Low Dynamic Range. The Distortion is very brutal depending on how you set the amp up and what pickups you are using. This is an amplifier you will have to play with if you don't have any expirence with a 1.5 channel Marshall. I play at home at Bars at local festivals and this amps 100 watts can fill almost any space up with sound. I haven't found it to be noisy at all, I use quality cords and have the amplifier on it's own circut so it never gets interference or noisy.

Overall Impression — 10
A Few Complaints have been made about the amp lacking Gain but in reality it is just the fact that this amplifier has very clean player dynamics, so what you play will be heard and Guitar quality becomes of importance mostly in the area of pick ups. it's got Metal gain with the detail dimed and the body set generous with the mid boost pushed in but the only difference is you can hear every distorted note and it makes you a better player!. it's a great amplifier and if you have made the choice to buy this amp hopefully it's because you played it and know what it can do.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Not much to go wrong with it except for Tubes and if you have ever owned a tube amp you know this sort of thing is like downgrading a car because it has bad tires and it really doesn't say much about the cars build quality and tube wear deffinitly doesn't say anything about this Amplifier!. With that said Tube wear under consistant Live gigging volume might be around 8 months to a year or less if you are concerned about tube wear. Under bedroom levels 1-2 the tubes should last at least a year and a half at which point most tube amplifiers generally have tubes replaced. I've had it for 4 months and it is about 7 months old itself. I'd take it to a gig without a backup I have that much confidence in it. It has never broken down yet but I assume every amp will sooner or later and I've heard many artists Who use this amp without a backup for year long tours without any replacement tubes even.

Features — 8
Amplifier was Made in late 2008. The versaility of this amplifier covers nearly any spectrum of music you could think of (especially Metal to Blue Grass to Blues to Rock and pop). Since it is a 1.5 channel you wont be be able to get all the versatility this amplifier gives in one song unless you are lightning quick with volume roll down. it's not a problem for me as I have a Fender Bandmaster Tube Amplifier on a Switch specifically for cleans while my Vintage Modern is for the Dirty sounds. Besides that, Who buys a Marshall for the cleans? It has the common amplifier settings like, Presence, Bass, Treble, Middle, Master Volume and Reverb among it's own brand of unique Distortion controls such as Detail and Body. The Reverb on this amp is hardly noticable even on 10 it's very dark sounding but still has a use in the right application. It maybe would have been better if they deleted that option than give people something to complain about. I do wish it had a truly clean channel instead of depending totally on rolling the guitar volume down on Dynamic Low Range. The Body control shapes the girth and bottum end of your guitar sound so you can give your Strat the balls it always lacked or take a bit of meat out of your Les Paul to cut through the mix. To give you an idea of it's sound character, a JCM 800s body setting would be at 2 and much more girth is to be found for metal playing. At 10 on the body and 9 on the Master Volume your house may explode, even with a 2x12 cab! And 4x12 volume and power is enough to put you in jail even if heard from a mile away. The Detail option is basically where all your gain and high end is found, at 6 on the detail it has the max gain of a JCM 800 with a Les Paul. At 10 you can easily do metal so long as your body control is set appropriate. A good sound can be found just by adjusting these 2 controls side by side then adjusting the EQ on your amplifier. Also with the Mid boost button pressed in your Strat can gain back the mid range it badly needs to cut through the mix and on a Les Paul it puts you firmly in a Metal territory.

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    Mitzu...DO NOT BUY THIS AMP WITHOUT PLAYING THROUGH IT FIRST!!!! You'd better have a lot of pedals, cuz this thing sounds terrible without... very fizzy! There are dozens of better amps out there. Go used...you'll get a much better amp for a much better price. On another note...dude...stop calling yourself "Slash" and "Slash Wannabe"...it makes you look like a 13 year old douche bag. Come up with your own name! There is already a Slash!
    B-Rock34 Don't blame the amp for your shitty beginner guitar with crappy pick ups. I think you re the 13 year old. The Amplifier is not fizzy in the least. Just because you are a novice player with beginner equipment who doesn't know how to set an amplifier up is no reason to down grade the amp. I respectfully ask you to STFU!. Besides my name is a joke, I like Slash a lot and obviously I'm using the amp he's been using lately along with his guitar pickups. If I was able to post a link to my youtube links of what this amplifier sounds like through good equipment your dick would shrivle up and bow down to me!. The only complaint you should genuinly have about this amp is that it lacks a clean channel and the reverb sucks unless its dimed, otherwise you have no reason to open your ignorant trap! Its a Great Amp and don't you dare continue using it with your crappy Yamaha Guitar. Fizzy my ass! Thats your crappy Pedals doing it to the amp!
    Slash, you are a little bit off on this one, my friend. I have a feeling you'd drool if you saw my gear...and you might even like my playing alright. And...I have only played that amp straight in with a '59 Goldtop LP. It WAS very fizzy, and not at all like the vintage Marshall heads I own and have played through (those are simply amazing). But, you know what, I don't like many of the new amps out these days. They truly don't compare to the vintage stuff. I'm pretty sure you'd agree if you played through 'em. Look, I'm sorry I said the 13-year old douche bag thing. So, just calm down and don't let yourself get so worked up over someone else's comments. Does it really affect you...of course it doesn't. Everyone isn't always gonna agree with you. Just don't let it get the best of you next time! Good luck!
    lol you're argument is hilarious, other than that this is a good amp, it has a lot of power too it, and it's relatively simple and to get a good clean tone all you really have to do is set your bridge pup down to about 2 1/2 to get a nice clean tone. It is lacking some higher gain for the diversity I'm looking for, but a simple over drive fixes it,an any effects because it only ha reverb =/ I would appreciated delay or chorus more, but oh well, I still love it :]
    Go here and have a listen... www . youtube. com/watch?v=4hM1cXjcCPw erase the spaces of course! or type in nellysman in the youtube search and check out my channel and you can hear some good examples of the many tones the Vintage Modern can do without pedals.
    if this amp is fizzy to you, you're doing something wrong. and stop acting like a pretentious douchebag and learn how to set up this amp, Mr "I'm obviously better than everyone else because I own an expensive gibson and you don't." grow the **** up.
    You have to turn the master volume up past 2, to more like 6+ in the guitar store to hear the roar of KT-66's to your face! Vintage Marshalls are not designed to sound good in your local music shop at low volumes. If you want that go for the shit sounding modern high gain amps.