AS50D review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (23 votes)
Marshall: AS50D

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Sound — 9
I use a Ibanez TCY10 electro acoustic with it, and it makes the guitar sound very full, and generally far better than it does unplugged. My guitar has a piezo pickup and it deals with that no problem. My music style is quite broad-ranged, but I use this for some of the Indie stuff my band does, and also for classical pieces and folk/blues. Personally, I think it suits blues the best of all of these, especially with a little chorus. The amp is not noisy at all, even with treble full up there's only a faint hiss, in fact the only problem I've had with it terms of the sound is that I have it in my room and it makes my CD rack vibrate (which can be surprisingly noisy).

Overall Impression — 9
I took a while before buying this amp, trying to figure out what was best, and in the end it came down to me going to local shops and just playing all the acoustic amps under 250 that they had. Some were better in terms of features, but no where near the sound. It really does just sound like your guitar, but better. If it was stolen I'd come close to suicide, then save up and buy either this again or AS100D which is better but more expensive. The best feature about the amp is the Twin channels, which allows the amp to support two people (me with a DigiTech Jamman, which means a mic and guitar take one amp input) and the lead singer. If you're not sure that this is the amp for you, then I strongly suggest you go to your local store and just play around with it for a bit. That's all the convincing you'll need.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I haven't had it too long, but it seems very very sturdy, and it's had a few careless bashes. I can rely on the store where I got it from to deal with any mishaps anyway as they're official Marshall dealers. I would have no problem using it at a gig with no back up, absolutely none at all.

Features — 7
This amp came out in 2007, following on from the success of the AS50R (which is also not reviewed here). I believe there is very little difference between the two. The amp features two channels, one for instrument (standard jack) input and one for microphone (XLR input) and instrument or auxiliary (I have used instrument and mic at the same time on this channel, so I guess you can use all three simultaneously). Both these channels also have seperate volume and bass and treble controls on them as well. In terms of effects, the amp has reverb and chorus (with depth and speed controls) which cane be applied to both channels independently or simultaneously. The reverb sounds especially good and on full setting makes it sound like I'm playing in a cave (interesting but not necessarily good to listen to). The amp also has anti-feedback controls (which I never use, and not entirely sure how to) which allows you to play at higher volumes without feedback, and a good old master volume control. The only thing this amp could do with is a some sort of delay effect, but if you have an effects pedal then this is no biggy. The back board holds the power input (standard kettle lead), along with effects loop send and return, and also a DI out (XLR) and Line out (standard jack) and also a jack for the footswitch (which I haven't got and don't really see that much point in). This amp has enough for power for most non- professional players I'd say. it's perfect as a practice amp, and the DI output means you could use it in a gig situation. On it's own, it would be fine for a pub sized venue, but not much bigger.

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    I own thus amp and its a good one. I wont write a reveiw because of my lack of experience with amps. I use it with a fender. It sond good. Its well worth the cash and the vatiety not just on the frount but on teh back is brilliant.
    Good Review. I've had the AS100D for years and have been overly impressed with the quality of performance and reliability it's given me so far. Definitely would buy this again if it broke.