AVT100 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (98 votes)
Marshall: AVT100

Purchased from: Davis Guitar

Sound — 10
With the amp I'm using a Epiphone Les Paul 100 with custom Seymour Duncan pickups. This amp and this guitar sound amazing with each other. I had a small little Fender amp before and this blows it out of the water along with my friend Marshall MG. I loved my friends MG but I can't keep my hands off this AVT 100. The crunch sound off the clean is great for playing blues or light rock. The distortion can be as hard as you want or as soft as you want. This amp throws out a great diversity of effects and settings, its a great all-around amp. If you are playing specifically metal I sometimes use the effect off the amp but I have also tried plugging in my Turbo Distortion pedal from boss which again sounds amazing.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing for about 6 or 7 years on and off. I play blues, rock, indie, hard rock, metal, just about anything. I own 4 guitars, a spanish acoustic, a acoustic/electric ovation (which by the way sounds awesome on this amp), a Fender squire which if you own a squire stick with a small amp till you get a better guitar cause a squire sounds really bad on this amp due its pickups etc. and my favorite guitar my Epiphone Les Paul 100 with custom Seymour pickups. The les paul sounds amazing on the amp and is always the first choice to play with the amp over any other guitar I have and whatever my friends own. If it was lost or stolen I would buy it again in a minute but get the next step up cause the next one up has a acoustic simulation for electrics which would be cool. If you want an all around amp go ahead and buy this one. You can't go wrong with buying a Marshall and you if you want a Marshall amp the smaller MG's are nice as well.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp has gone around the world to canada and back to singapore and no problems at all. Gigs it stands the test of time, it has a nice fan in the back to keep it cool. you can play for hours and have no problems at all. I have only had the amp for 4 months and have not had to take it in for repairs. Also the amp is going back Canada in about 2 months and I'm confident that it will be quite fine when it get's there.

Features — 9
The amp is made in the UK its a 2005 amp. This amp is a tube/solid state and its nice cause you still get that vintage sound out of it but the technology of today's amps come into play as well. It has 3 channels, 1 clean and 2 Overdrive channels. The clean channel also has a nice crunch sound to it when you turn up the gain. You also have the choice to "scoop" the channels. I use the "scoop" for the heavy metal sound that you need, really brings out the bass. Also has 16 effects which you can only use one at a time other wise you have to turn the knob to switch the effects. The amp comes with a pedal for the 3 channels and a switch for the effects as well. It would be nice if you could set a few effect switches so that in the middle of a song youn don't have to go back to the amp and turn the knob to a different effect other then that this is a good amp for anybody that plays in clubs or bars. Has lots of power and volume. If I turned it up it could break the windows in my house.

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    I bought the Marhshall VS AVT100, made in 2002, or 2004, i honestly don't know, All i know is that it is an amazing amp.. Extremly versitile, so heavy when you want it to be.. Very Metallica
    "the clean channel was ok" and you gave it a 1 for tone?? stupid twat I have that amp and many people have had a big mouth on how bad it sounds after playing on this amp for 10 seconds. Hard to find your tone on AVT100 - crappy amp Hard to find your tone on a tube amp - oh, it needs time, a tube amp is like a baby... go get a life moron
    seems expensive, just wondering reckon this could ever handle summthing really heavy like cannibal corpse?
    It really sucks,I have one in my house and the distorion is so crappy, you don't undestrand what your playing
    wow pps r saying this is a disgrace to marshall and hte mg is a disgrace to marshall,,,,, mayb marshalls just over rated. The last guy who wrote a review your the one saying you cant hear any notes out of it but your calling everyone else tone deaf?
    bullgarrafuerte wrote: It really sucks,I have one in my house and the distorion is so crappy, you don't undestrand what your playing
    What? this amp is amazing!!!
    errr matee, did you actually play through this amp or are you on of these anti marshall idiots who dosnt know that marshall make better amps than what you use, its not meant to be the most amazng amp in the world, i eman look at its price, but it manages to hold its own against the big guns marshall blows out. just take it as a middle class amp with a good selection on channels and effects and stop slating it
    yer i agree, my mate and i practise with one of these babies and i have to say. its one of the best amps available for someone with a budget like mine. its got all you would ever need from an amp
    I agree too Ive been using this amp for almost 7 years now - never needs repairing and its always reliable. It did take me a little bit to get the tone right but after that I ended up scrapping my pedals and just using the amp for everything! distortion or clean! Im only now looking for pedals again (the stuff I play now needs more variety fx wise) as the only irritating thing about the AvT100 is the inability to change the digital fx with a footswitch. The guy above giving 1's must be a moron (and deaf)
    I got this amp a year ago, and i remember playing it in my local guitar shop and thinking "wow, this amp is amazing". i thought it sounded great at the time, so i bought it. ... but, now i actually can't stand this amp. I can't get the right tone out of it. i play a strat through it, and when i use OD2, the playing just sounds muddy and you can't hear the notes clearly. the clean channel is very good though. i just don't know about it now, i can get a better tone out of my brothers roland 30watt cube. i'm even contemplating selling it.