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manufacturer: Marshall date: 12/29/2015 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Marshall: AVT100
Step up to Marshall's new hybrid amp technology in a 100 watt, 1x12" combo package, featuring digital effects, switchable channels and all the warmth of a tube amp without the inflated price tag.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8.6
 Features: 7.9
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overall: 8
AVT100 Reviewed by: s-o-u-l-f-l-y, on february 17, 2009
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Price paid: £ 80

Purchased from: Friend of mine

Features: Ok, firstly a lot of people claim that this amp is bad. I got mine for 80 so please don't judge. It is decent however, I will come onto this later. 3 channels Clean, OD1 and OD2. I am not a big fan of the clean or the OD1. The OD2 is acceptable enough, I like it Metalish. There are more than enough EQ settings there for you to find your tone but do not be drawn in by the ValveState part. One Tube makes no difference! MARKETING! That's all it is. The DFX are not that bad and to be honest at High Volumes I cannot complain. I do like the volume by the way. It's OK. // 7

Sound: I am playing this through a Schecter Hellraiser with EMGs. I would not usually play this through itself. I would recomment finding your sound through some effects pedals then plugging them into this, because to be honest the OD1 and OD2 and even clean arn't that great. At high levels they are better but I found that if you have a desired distortion for example in the form of an effect pedal, then plug it through this amp on clean without DFX and it will improve your tone by 90% which is almost 2 times better than what it was. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The amp itself is fairly new to me. From what I have heard it has served my friend well for many years, though he has now moved on to a Tube amp. I like it. It should last. No problems so far. There is not much I can say but the computer wants me to write more so I am going to Babble on for a bit hoping that UG don't disqualify this review for the slight babbling that is taking place as you read because the rest of the review is gold! // 9

Overall Impression: Overall it improved my tone. I was playing through a Peavey Rage 15 watt practice amp and the Marshall definately improved my tone, though I am talking about it with an effects pedal plugged in. I had more money when considering buying this and tried out a Line 6 Spider III and I prefured this due to the better tone as I allready had my main effect on a pedal. I'm sorry but I cannot imagine somone stealing my amp. It's damn heavy and seriously? Who comes up with these Hypothetical questions? Basicly, if you want affordable tone go Marshall if you want severall pointless effects go Line 6. I wanted a Messa Boogie but hey... I got a stomache to feed. // 8

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overall: 6
AVT100 Reviewed by: Dave_Mc, on may 30, 2005
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Price paid: $ 732

Purchased from: Rea Sound

Features: I bought this amp about 3 years ago. It has 3 channels: clean, OD1 (classic rock overdrive) and OD2 (heavier overdrive). The clean channel has a bright switch to increase the treble frequencies, and both overdrive channels have scoop switches to remove the midrange. It has an FX-loop (serial I think), and 16 built-in digital FX (lots of reverbs, delay, chorus etc). It comes with a 4 button footswitch to change channels and turn the inbuilt FX on and off. It has a 12AX7 valve in the preamp, but has a solid state power amp. Pros: 3 channels, scoop switch radically alters sound, FX loop is nice to have. Cons: Hybrid valve/solid state is a con. It's quite expensive for what it is. The 2 Overdrive channels share EQ, and the built-in fx are shared over all channels. // 6

Sound: I use it with an Ibanez RG470 with stock V7/S1/V8 humbucker/single coil/humbucker pickups. I enjoy playing mainly blues, rock, metal and shred. It does well for blues on the OD1 channel with the gain at about 3, and it's heavy enough for rock, but the distortion is not heavy enough for metal or shred really - pinch harmonics sound quieter than the rest of the notes you're playing! It is also quite noisy when you turn up the gain. The scoop switch does make it appear to have more gain, but this just gives you a generic metal scooped tone. I haven't had the chance to turn it up, as I just play it at home, so I can't comment on how it performs at gigs. Another major problem is that distortion/overdrive pedals only really work through the clean channel - if I try to boost a tone from one of the overdrive channels, it works a bit, but then the sound cuts out, especially if I use the neck pickup. So the major problem is, it doesn't have enough gain, and there's no way to boost the gain while keeping the original tone of the amp (unless you use a metal distortion pedal, and I don't like their tone, in my opinion). On a positive note, the tone is actually quite good, but there are too many cons for me to give it a great rating. // 6

Reliability & Durability: It's never broken down, but it's just been sitting in my room for 3 years, so that isn't much of a test. // 6

Overall Impression: It's a good match for blues, clean and classic rock tones, but just doesn't cut it for metal and shred. Marshall claims it's high-gain, but it just isn't. I wish I had tried it with an overdrive pedal before I bought it. If it were stolen, I wouldn't buy another. If I had to buy another amp at a similar price, I'd go for some kind of all-valve combo. I don't particularly love anything about it - it's not bad for blues, clean and classic rock, but that's about it. I hate the way I can't front end it with an overdrive pedal, and it's kind of noisy. It's not the worst amp in the world though, it does have 3 channels and an FX loop which are handy, but I just feel I was conned by the hype surrounding hybrid amps. // 6

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overall: 10
AVT100 Reviewed by: bdub_224, on december 08, 2007
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Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: A Friend

Features: This amp is perfect for any style. My friend that owned it before me played metal and loved the tone on the 2nd overdrive channel. I play a lot of classic rock and '80s metal and can get just about the perfect tone for everything that I play. It has 3 channels: clean, OD1, and OD2. The amp has 16 built-in digital effects. The amp can keep up with drums just fine although I still wish it had 2 speakers instead of 1. It's a hybrid amp which means that it's half tube and half solid state, so for people that like tube amps still get that tube sound out of this amp. // 10

Sound: I use an Ibanez Gio, an entry level guitar, but this amp really makes up for my guitar (which isn't all that bad). This amp is perfect for classic rock and metal. It definitely lives up to Marshall standards by being so clean. This amp is silent on the clean channel and even the OD2 channel only makes a quiet hiss with the gain fairly high. The clean channel gets extremely loud without getting distorted. I've played it on the clean channel with my friend's half stack and it stayed crystal clear. The distortion channels can fit to just about any style. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've never had a problem with the amp breaking down or anything and the amp better be pretty durable considering how heavy it is for its size. Since it's partially a tube amp, it is meant to get hot so you won't ever have problems with it over heating. I play for hours at a time without having any problems what so ever. // 10

Overall Impression: Basically, this amp is extremely versatile being that it is a Marshall. My favorite thing about this amp is probably how defined my playing can sound through it, whether it be on the clean channel or one of the two overdrive channels. At first I wanted to buy an Marshall MG 100 because I liked it when I played it at Guitar Center, but then I got to try out this amp and got attached to it quick. I guess that if it ever broke to where it was not repairable, I would probably buy some kind of a Marshall stack when I got the money. // 10

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overall: 10
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 02, 2005
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Sound: I mainly use an Epiphone Sheraton with factory-issue Epi humbuckers, for playing a mix of rock 'n' roll and classic English '70s rock sounds (Faces, Mick Ronson). The clean channel is miraculously good, and it's what sold this amp to me. It's sweet, clear, and really sings. Stick the gain up a few notches and you get that fantastic semi-hollow humbucker growl, faithfully reproduced. Switching to overdrive 1, on a medium gain, you can achieve a pretty fair approximation of Mick Ronson's sweet howl. A bit further up on the gain and you're in proto-Sabbath territory. I have to say that, when using OD1, I found that some of the reverb settings produced an unpleasant buzzing undertone. The others are fine and it's a question of picking out the good settings and ignoring the rest. OD2 sounds nasty and I never use it. Really, if Marshall had kicked out the OD2 channel and some of the reverbs, this amp would be much simpler to use and presumably cheaper as well. // 10

Overall Impression: I got the AVT100 as a replacement for an aged Fender Twin Reverb which was starting to crackle and hum. Although this is probably heresy in some circles, I have to say that, notwithstanding the faults in my previous amp, I prefer the sounds I get from this Marshall. And then there's the price difference between this and a new Fender Twin. If my AVT were stolen and my budget were static, I'd definitely buy another. It's a tad over-featured, and I guess extreme metal players need to look elsewhere, but for me it does the business, in spades. // 10

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overall: 8.3
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 24, 2005
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Purchased from: Bailey Brothers

Features: The features are fine. It has three channels: clean, overdrive 1, and overdrive 2. It is surprisingly versatile, but damn, you really have to mess around with it to get the right tone. I play mostly classic rock, and it fits with those styles well. You could get some true metal tones out of the overdrive 2, though. The amp is half solid state half tube. The effects are fairly cheap sounding, so if you care about that, buy an effects pedal. // 7

Sound: The clean channel is actually quite versatile, which I didn't expect from a Marshall amp. If you really turn up the gain on the clean channel, you can get some remarkable blues tones. Overdrive 1 is the setting I use most often. It can go from slightly dirty to thrash (which I never use, but the point is that it can do it). Overdrive 2 sounds smoother and far heavier which makes it well suited for metal and, God forbid, hardcore music. It really holds the distortion well and never sounds too muddy. The main downside to this amp's sound is it's so noisy. Damn, if you are at all close to it, it makes a ton of noise and can be quite irritating. There is also an obnoxious popping noise, but I believe that's just a problem with mine since it didn't have that problem when I purchased it. // 8

Reliability & Durability: It is reliable for the most part, though I think the aforementioned popping noise came while carrying it to a gig, so having a backup would be favorable. // 9

Overall Impression: As I said, I play classic rock for the most part. It works nicely with that style. I also play a lot of blues, and that is where it isn't quite up to my standards. I would buy Fender or Mesa Boogie to get the best blues sounds. I have been playing three years, and have had this amp for about a year. I run an Epiphone Les Paul through this amp. I chose this originally because of the wonderful classic rock sound the overdrive 1 channel gives, but were I to do it again, I would get something different. I'm a tube purist to be honest, but at the time I hadn't enough money. Save longer and get a better, all-tube amp. // 9

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overall: 9.3
AVT100 Reviewed by: classicrockrule, on february 12, 2007
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Purchased from: TMC

Features: Mine is a 2005/6 Marshall avt 100. Three channel combo with clean, OD1 and OD2. Built in effects have several different types of referbs delays and chorus effects to name a few. Headphone jack, effects loop and an emulated line-out top this amp off. The AVT series are half valve half solid state and therefore last longer as there are less valves to blow (valve situated in the preamp). // 9

Sound: I myself play a range of styles from clean picked country to hardcore and metal, this amp excells and all, from the twangy snap of a Lynerd Skynerd solo to the crushing distortion of nu and thrash metal bands. The clean channel has a well rounded tone that never becomes too sharp or edgy but has the ability to make your guitar twag alot, the OD1 channel has a wide range of tones, from gental crunch to Zeppelin levels of overdrive. OD2 gos beyond normal Marshall distortion ranges and can acheive the mega power of Metallica and other metal bands. Each O channel has a mid scoop Switch and the clean has a bright Switch. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would take this amp with me to the grave, has never brokn down in the 2 years I've had it, I would gig without backup quite gladly as I have every faith in the quality, the only downside is because of the sturdiness it adds quite a fair bit of weight to it and there fore can be tricky to move. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this amp is amazing, suits most styles of music and beats many other amps 100S better. As a combo it is perfect and pushes out a good hundred watts, but with the option of hooking up a cab this can really oost olume levels, if stolen I would replace immediately ands then hunt the person who took it and have two. // 10

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overall: 7.5
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 06, 2009
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Price paid: A$ 1200

Purchased from: Guitar World

Features: I bought this AVT100 Brand New in 2004 and have been using it for the past 4-5 years. Having owned and played with this amp so long I apologise if I spend to long rambling on about it. Well it features a valve in the pre amp and solid state circuitry in the power stage(a clever sounding idea). Equipped with a Clean channel, two Overdrive channels, built in DFX, an FX loop and a wonderfully robust foot Switch it is really a just add guitarist situation. I use this amp for Rock/Blues/Funk and whatever else I may feel like, so I find myself using equal parts Clean and OD and the separate EQ's come in very handy here. Whilst the DFX don't sound too bad at all I never feel the need to use them and feel much more comfortable using pedals to achieve the sounds I want, this is perhaps a feature that just adds to a list of specs that make an amp sound more appealing. Rated at 100W I find this amp to be a little underpowered, possibly due to the solid state power stage. I have never tried using an extension speaker but I would be interested to see how this would sound with Twin 10" speakers. The high gain OD2 channel could be useful for metal players and boosting solos, I generally just use it for ringing out notes when I need extra sustain. // 8

Sound: When I couple this with my Gibson Les Paul Classic on the Clean channel it rings out loudly and sweetly. With the EQ tweaked just right a low amount of gain(the gain control on the Clean channel is a godsend) and the Bright Switch on it really sings and stands out even amongst more expensive valve amps. I find the OD channels to be a different beast, where the sound gets muddied up a little and struggles to cut through the mix competing against my bandmate's(oddly, more powerful) Peavey Classic 30. That said there is plenty of gain to be had here, and when I Switch to my bridge pickup there's quite a beefy growl out of this one. I think a pub cover band guitarist would do very nicely with this amp as it has quite a degree of versatility, coupled with a pedal distortion rather than the inbuilt OD it could be a useful Tool. I find that my biggest drama is the lack of power and the way I can't make the OD cut through the mix as much as I'd like. The OD2 channel would be better for the Rock/Funk music I play if it weren't so gainy, even with low gain settings the sound turns to muck pretty quickly; leaving this channel almost unused by me. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This amp has been so many places, It's built like a brick s**thouse and weighs about as much as one too. Lack of valve amps in the power stage means this one has never required servicing in the 5 years I've had it. It's never even looked like breaking, I drag it to jams twice a week and gigs once a week so it has had it's battles and come out the winner. On a side note the handle on the top makes me laugh, especially when a friend tries to give me a hand and carry it buy this tiny appendage. // 9

Overall Impression: I, like any other guitarist have been fighting for tone and practicality for a long time now. This amp has always served me well and was the first(non practice) amp I purchased. I have recently purchased a Hughes And Kettner 40W Statesman and will be retiring this amp, I can't bring myself to sell it so I'm sure it will be a fine backup/practice amp. Whilst it doesn't quite have that tone I am after I really can't fault it's features and build quality (seems like the poms got something right). There are many other amps that I would point a beginner to if they asked for advice but I wouldn't tell someone never to buy this amp, for the price you get it for now it's really not a bad buy. // 7

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overall: 7.8
AVT100 Reviewed by: benoityip, on december 29, 2015
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Price paid: A$ 500

Purchased from: Second hand

Features: Got this in 2007 from second hand. I start recently to make most out of this amp. I put a Tung Sol 12AX7, and it rocks. I use emulated output to my mixer with my mp3 music in my phone. I can browse YouTube to listen to other Marshall JCM 800, JCM2000, JVM, and compare to my amp in the same headphone. The AVT is very competitive.

I will describe the features in my own way:

- Closed back cabinet (great for bass response)
- Speaker is beleived to be G12-T100, very good speaker
- Clean channel
- OD1 simulates JCM800 (and I verify it, very similar sound)
- OD2 simulates JCM2000 (and I verify it, very similar sound)
- Scoop button (using it correctly will cut through the mix with high mids)
- Emulated output (very high quality, I compare it with the built in speaker, very good sound, also good cable will do the trick, I use a bad cable before and ruin the sound quality)
- Speaker output (too low volume for my headphone, not used it)
- Digital reverb, (very good, does not sound digital sound)

- Resonance
- Scoop button should be changed to a knob
- Separate EQ for each channel

When I get it, it already got Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 tune. // 7

Sound: My guitar is a Les Paul, it matches the Marshall really well. It as designed to simulate the JCM 2000, JCM 800, and it nailed it. There are so many arguments about it being solid state. This is a big misconception. Most modern amp, such as JVM, and DSL. There is no such thing as power tube saturation. Most gain is coming from preamp tube (specifically, V1 tube), so based on that information. The sound difference argument is not coming from the power tubes, but is coming from the preamp tube, and the speaker of the amp.

Marshall Mosfet Lead 100 is complete solid state, and people love it, what does it tell us? I plug my phone to my mixer, plug my amp into the mixer, and compare the sound quality.

JCM800 = OD1
JCM2000 = OD2
Clean is very clean.

The speaker is highly likely to be a G12-T100 (I open it, check the magnet huge size, and also compare to some video about G12-T100). The speaker has very high bass response, plus with the closed back cabinet. The sound might be too muddy, due to the resonances inside the cab. The bass knob must be set to low for this amp. Nowadays, not many combos has closed back cabinet.

I play Metallica most of the sound. The scoop button is a very interesting thing, press it, and it will cut too much mids, Not press it, it will have too much mids. So the trick is to put a 6 bad eq before the amp to boost the mids, and remove the lows, here is my setting.

Amp (0 - 10):
- Bass - 3
- Middle - 10 (Max)
- Treble - 6
- Gain - 6.5
- Scoop button on
- Below 100Hz, -8db
- 200 Hz- not touch
- 400 Hz - 4fb
- 800 Hz - 8db

With the above settings, it will cut through the mix really well, bass guitar will come out, and the guitar has very obvious mids. I also compare the sound with Blackstar HT Metal box (by YouTube video), this amp has got serious gain, after changing to a Tung Sol tube. This amp is very loud, good for small venue performance. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Fan is the only concern for this amp. I have a can of air duster to remove the dust. The TDA2793 power amp chip is not subject to punish, I would not turn this amp pass 75% in volume. There are people reported with the power chip failure, and they said to keep the fan free of dust is the way to home. I only use it at home. If I gig with very loud volume, I will buy a tube amp and cab, not expensive for second hand. Neverthless, I play this amp for few years now, and no problems reported. This amp is very loud anyways, will be enough in small venue. // 7

Overall Impression: I play manly Metallica, I play 30 minutes per day average. For this price for a solid state amp, and tube sound, it is a great deal. If anything goes wrong, I will fix it within reasonable budget. This amp is a state of the art (except the power amp section). I will probably buy a spare fan for back up. Having said that, if I gig in a larger venue, I will buy a JCM2000 and a cab, or if PA is supplied, just plug the emulated output to the PA, the emulated output got very good sound quality. Very sad that this amp got bad reputation, as people has so many misconceptions about solid state. Especially people plug a solid state distortion pedal to a tube amp. // 8

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overall: 9.5
AVT100 Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 25, 2003
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Price paid: $ 749

Purchased from: Guitar Center- Monroeville, Pa

Features: This Amp is killer! I previously owned a Fender Deluxe 90 amp and the distortion really sucked bad. I was interested in a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, but I'm only 14 and the price was way outa my league. My friend just bought an older Marshall VS80 and i really liked the distortion it put out. So i started playing through some Marshalls and the distortion was more awesome than I'd ever imagined! If you are a fan of Heavy, Modern, Incubus style distortion and don't have enough money for a Mesa, this amp is for you! // 8

Sound: I play a 97' Fender Big Apple Strat with Seymour Duncans and a PRS Dragon II Bass pickup on the neck and a Fender 72' tele custom N.O.S. with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails. This amp puts out the most amazing tone. It has the lows to shake the pictures off the wall and the highs that'll have your head ringing for a week. I'm a fan of lots of pedals, so I usually keep my amp effects set on a reverb, but I do use some of the effects on the amp. // 10

Reliability & Durability: My Fender Deluxe 90 fell over at one of my band's shows and the reverb tank blew and I was out of an amp for the rest of the night. This Marshall is built like a tank and i highly doubt that that would've happened with this amp! I also keep this amp hooked up to a 1960A straight cab and there is no show that needs more volume than that! // 10

Overall Impression: Overall I give this amp a 9.5 ( I took some points off for the back pain you have after carrying this amp up some stairs!) I highly recomend this amp to anyone who's looking for that great sounding amp that'll last for years! // 10

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overall: 10
AVT100 Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 25, 2003
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Purchased from: Guitar Center in Manchester, CT

Features: Made in 2002. It's a pretty sweet amp. I play in the styles of metal, blues, rock & roll, jazz, and modern rock. With 3 channels (Clean, OD1, OD2) built in Marshall DFX, a four button footswitch (3 channel switches and one effects switch) and effects loop, headphone jack, and a line out jack for recording and cabinets, this thing's got it all. This amp is so versatile, I was able to get an awesome SRV tubescreamer overdrive out of it with the OD1 channel, some reverb, and the neck humbucker. I do wish it had alot more gain, and the OD2 channel hums when it's cranked up to the max so I can play some Metallica, or some Vai, but it's ok, I've got a Boss Metal Zone for the heavier stuff. The clean sound of this amp is probably the best I've ever heard. There's even a gain knob for the clean channel so you can do some 60's style overdrive w/ it. So far I've only played it in my own home. I've only had it since Christmas, and its only two days after Christmas now. I do have a gig coming up, and I'm very sure it's capable of playing shows. It's 100 watts, and from what I've heard it's not very loud, but it's pretty loud from what I experienced. I think its tube. // 10

Sound: It's the best amp I've ever played on. Every channel sounds incredible, but I'm mostly happy with the clean channel. Like I said before, I play in almost every style, and I can't think of any style this wouldn't play in. I play with the bridge humbucker for the heavy stuff, but when I play the blues, jazz, or funk, I use either the neck humbucker, or both the neck + bridge humbuckers at the same time. The distortion isn't that brutal, but I've got my distortion boxes for that area. // 10

Reliability & Durability: When I got this amp at Guitar Center, they were sold out of the boxed, so they gave me the display amp for now, and they want me to return it and get a boxed amp when they get more. Right now the tubes are a little shorty, but thats just because it's been used over and over again. It's very reliable. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing for two years, and for guitars I own a Ibanez GAX70 (see my review of this guitar), a vintage Gibson SG (tuners are messed up), and an old Ovation Balladeer. For my effects line up I have an Ibanez Echo/Delay, an old DOD Flanger, Danelectro Daddy O Overdrive, Boss Metal Zone Distortion (sweet), Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, and my friend's Morley Bad Horsie Wah. And for my amps I have a Dean Markley 45 watt practice amp, and my new Marshall AVT100. If this amp were out of my hands, I'd buy it again. I love everything about this amp. It's pretty comparable to a Fender Princeton Chorus because the clean channels are alike, but the Marshall is 10 x better barnone. I just wish it had heavier gain, seperate EQ for the two overdrive channels, a hum eliminator, another effects footswitch, and a built in tuner. With or without all that, it's still a perfect amp. // 10

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overall: 9
AVT100 Reviewed by: pacificblue, on february 27, 2004
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Price paid: $ 622.2

Purchased from: GAK

Features: The amp has three channels; clean, overdrive one and overdrive two, switchable by a footpedal or from the amp. It has 16 effects on board, which are very adjustable, but some of them aren't as good as I'd like- not a problem, I don't often use anything other than chorus or a bit of reverb when it comes to DFX. It has a headphone jack, the input/output for PA's and extension cabs, pretty standard really. I use this amp in our practice room, or in pubs/clubs where I gig with my band- this amp gets a lot of use. As the name suggests, it is a 100 watt valvestate amplifier. // 8

Sound: My main guitar is a Pacifica fat strat copy, however I have played my bandmates USA Strat through this amp, and both of them sounded good. Despite Marshalls reputation for distorted sounds, the clean channel is the best on this amp as far as I am concerned, a beautiful sparkling tone. However the overdrive channels are also good, even though I generally use overdrive pedals for my music style. An amazing variety of sounds, with 3 channels and the 16 DFX. I have had feedback from this amp at high volumes, but when I mike it into a PA I no longer have this problem. This amp is loud, loud enough to cut it over a drumkit no matter how much of a tub-thumper you have as your percussionist. This amp is often slated by valve-lovers, but for what I do I prefer this amp over any valve amp- I play rhythm guitar in a rock band in pubs and clubs, and as I drop my tone level to let the lead player do his stuff anyway, lack of a valve amp doesn't bother me- personal preference in any case, despite anything people on this site may try to tell you. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp is rock solid. Part of the reason I chose solid state over valve is that I gig a lot, and I don't want an amp that will break if someone accidently knocks it over, or beer gets spilt into it (it happens!) or have a valve that blows, leaving me out of an amp for the night, plus the expense of replacing it. // 10

Overall Impression: This amp is a good match for my overdriven style, but also sounds good with cleaner tones. If someone stole it, I would pity him- this amp is so heavy that he'd regret pinching it after the first few steps! And I would definitely go and buy another one. My fave feature is the clean channel, but the rest of the amp cuts some serious mustard! An excellent buy to gig with, or to replace your little practice amp. // 10

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overall: 10
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 01, 2004
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Purchased from: Eddie Moors Music

Features: This amp was probably made in 2003, though I am not sure personally. I've had my eye on this series for about 6 months now- anything to get rid of my 10watt Squier amp!- and the AVT100 was my final decision. And my god was it a good one! The amp has three channels and an effects section of 16 Digital FX (effects loop also included at the back). Footswitch is also included. The channels are clean, OD1 (crunch- AC/DC) and OD2 (heavier than crunch! Metallica, nu metal bands) The 16 DFX are a bit misleading, as there are 10 reverb type effects, flanger, chorus, delay, chorus + reverb, chorus + reverb + delay and modulation (which I'm yet to work out...hmm...) I'm soon to use this amp for gigging, though I'm slightly worried it may not be enough power- although I have never pushed it past half of its power. The amp is valvestate, so is therefore classed as 'hybrid'. // 10

Sound: I use an Epiphone SG and Goth Explorer- both with standard pickups- through a Morley Classic Wah and the sound is amazing. Yes, there is quite a level of noise when it gets turned up on the OD2 channel whilst not playing anything, but I just unplug. I play various rock and metal songs, but spend quite a bit of time doodling myself. The clean channel sings the sweetest with the 'treble' pickup selection, but is a little dull and muffled on the other choices. It keeps this same sound when turned up, and even with the gain for this channel on full, there isn't too awful a sound. The OD1 channel is for AC/DC other similar rock, and with the gain cranked, can pull out the Black Sabbath sound. OD2 claims to be the heaviest sound ever in a Marshall amp, but is little more than the OD1 on full gain. Used for Metallica's old stuff and 'nu' metal mostly, though I only play the former. The sound has a bite, but I will be boosting it with a BOSS distortion somtime soon. Although I only mention a limited number of bands, the sounds can range drastically- Stairway to Heaven/Nothing Else Matters (which is perfect with the chorus + reverb DFX) to Lynard Skynard to Chili's to Alice In Chains. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Built like a brick s**thouse. No other way to describe it. Weighs a ton and bloody awkward to carry. Standing on the amp playing Smells Like Teen Spirit has been the biggest test so far, though a little unbalanced when I switch channels! I would definately gig without a back up for this, as I can't afford a back up!! But if I could, I would just boost the sound with a 4x12. Given time I'll upgrade to a valve head, but I'm content for now. // 10

Overall Impression: This matches all I play, ever since I tried out a Epi Goth Les Paul on an AVT275 bout a year ago. Any style, you name it, this amp will compliment it. Thats all I can say really. Punk, metal, rock void of any fashionable tag, classical, country/folk, clean ballad stuff, it does it all. If it was stolen I'd visit the local A & E ward to see the idiot with a bad back from stealing it. If I went to the wrong hospital, I'd end up buying another Marshall, definately. The only thing I would change is more varied effects and more footswitches so more than one can be played at once. Other than that, its great. Probably a little too big for just bedroom play and for a beginner it is wasted. I've been playing five years, and I still laugh when I think I have this amp, maybe it is about time I got it...that 10W Squier amp was a pain in the ass (two sounds - silent and crap). // 10

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overall: 10
AVT100 Reviewed by: flipa, on january 29, 2005
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Price paid: $ 836

Features: The amp was made in 2004. It is a 100 watt combo with 16 on board fx. Four way footswith, three channels; clean, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2. Overdrive 1 is your typical Marshall crunch, while overdrive 2 is for more of your heavy stuff. The clean tone is absolutely beautiful. This Marshall is a Vintage series. The mesh on the front is grey which looks stunning. // 10

Sound: The sound is excellent. The clean tone is beautiful, very crisp. While the overdrive one brings out the famous Marshall crunch. Ovredrive 2 is a very heavy distortion. Excellent for stuff like 'The Tea Party' and 'Korn'. The on board effects are excellent. You can turn them on/off via the foot switch and there are 16 all up. When not playing, the amp is dead quiet, I was amazed. I am using my Fender telecaster with a seymore duncan hot rails humbucker in it and it sound great. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It's a Marshall. Do I need to say more? For a 100watt amp, it's not heavy at all which was suprising. I would definately use it on a gig with out a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this amp rocks. The best thing I have ever bought in my life so far. It's easily loud enough for pubs and small parks and it also sounds amazing. If it was stolen, I would definately buy it again if I had the money. Highly Recommended. // 10

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overall: 1
AVT100 Reviewed by: jem_fanatic, on january 03, 2006
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Price paid: $ 630

Features: 3 channels, clean-od1 and od2, seperate EQ for od and clean channels, line out and FX loop, scoop switches for od channels and bright swich for clean, but thats where it all ends. // 1

Sound: I was using this through an Ibanez RG370 with evolutions, and it just plain sounded complete crap, the clean channel was ok OD1 channel was complete shit sounding, and the bass is so heavy on the OD2 channel you cant even hear the notes your playing it's really a disgrace to Marshall, I mean you need a good low end for heavy struff but Jesus Christ it just sounds crap no clarity whatsoever! Just a bad all round amp, all you people who did a good review on this must be tone deaf because theres no possible way you can get a good sound out of it, the feedback is just so annoying too even at super low volumes its a disgusting amp it really is. // 1

Reliability & Durability: You could not depend on this amp whatsoever as I've said its just sound so bad. // 1

Overall Impression: In conclusion this is a horrible horrible amp with so tone and cannot be relied on, I got it on christmas day and it was back in the box ready to return the next day, my advice to anyone even considering this particular amp do not buy this amp! Because you will regret it. // 1

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overall: 9.8
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 10, 2006
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Purchased from: Davis Guitar

Features: The amp is made in the UK its a 2005 amp. This amp is a tube/solid state and its nice cause you still get that vintage sound out of it but the technology of today's amps come into play as well. It has 3 channels, 1 clean and 2 Overdrive channels. The clean channel also has a nice crunch sound to it when you turn up the gain. You also have the choice to "scoop" the channels. I use the "scoop" for the heavy metal sound that you need, really brings out the bass. Also has 16 effects which you can only use one at a time other wise you have to turn the knob to switch the effects. The amp comes with a pedal for the 3 channels and a switch for the effects as well. It would be nice if you could set a few effect switches so that in the middle of a song youn don't have to go back to the amp and turn the knob to a different effect other then that this is a good amp for anybody that plays in clubs or bars. Has lots of power and volume. If I turned it up it could break the windows in my house. // 9

Sound: With the amp I'm using a Epiphone Les Paul 100 with custom Seymour Duncan pickups. This amp and this guitar sound amazing with each other. I had a small little Fender amp before and this blows it out of the water along with my friend Marshall MG. I loved my friends MG but I can't keep my hands off this AVT 100. The crunch sound off the clean is great for playing blues or light rock. The distortion can be as hard as you want or as soft as you want. This amp throws out a great diversity of effects and settings, its a great all-around amp. If you are playing specifically metal I sometimes use the effect off the amp but I have also tried plugging in my Turbo Distortion pedal from boss which again sounds amazing. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This amp has gone around the world to canada and back to singapore and no problems at all. Gigs it stands the test of time, it has a nice fan in the back to keep it cool. you can play for hours and have no problems at all. I have only had the amp for 4 months and have not had to take it in for repairs. Also the amp is going back Canada in about 2 months and I'm confident that it will be quite fine when it get's there. // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing for about 6 or 7 years on and off. I play blues, rock, indie, hard rock, metal, just about anything. I own 4 guitars, a spanish acoustic, a acoustic/electric ovation (which by the way sounds awesome on this amp), a Fender squire which if you own a squire stick with a small amp till you get a better guitar cause a squire sounds really bad on this amp due its pickups etc. and my favorite guitar my Epiphone Les Paul 100 with custom Seymour pickups. The les paul sounds amazing on the amp and is always the first choice to play with the amp over any other guitar I have and whatever my friends own. If it was lost or stolen I would buy it again in a minute but get the next step up cause the next one up has a acoustic simulation for electrics which would be cool. If you want an all around amp go ahead and buy this one. You can't go wrong with buying a Marshall and you if you want a Marshall amp the smaller MG's are nice as well. // 10

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overall: 9.3
AVT100 Reviewed by: reggie119, on may 28, 2007
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Purchased from: Mountian Music

Features: This amp was made in the year 2000. It is a valvestate amp which is half tubed, half solid state. This amp really suites the style of music I play, which is blues/ heavy metal. This amp has 3 channels: Clean, OD1, OD2, and it includes a DFX Mix effect control. The clean channel is pretty cool. It has a bright Switch which is for a bright clean tone perfect for many styles including funk and country. The OD1 channel is perfect for Classic rock and blues. It features a scoop Switch which is for a tight and foucused sound. The OD 2 channel will blew me away! It's perfect for heavy metal. It features a scoop switch which loads you up with a bottom heavy sound perfect for the detuned, high gain aggression. I mostly play Guns N' Roses and this amp is perfect for it. This amp also features Overdrive tone and a clean tone to adjust the bass, treble, etc. // 8

Sound: I use a low buget unknown name Barracuda Stratocaster. There is 3 pickups. One of them is a humbucker pickup which is not bad. I am soon upgrading to a B.C Rich MockingBird. This guitar I have sounds pretty good with the Marshall AVT 100. When I played at a fund raiser I put my amp loud and it made some noise. But it was my guitar pickups. It really depends what guitar you have when using this amp. On the clean channel you can have a blues style of clean, a funky style of clean or a jazz style of clean. When having the clean channel on the setting blues there is a lot of gain and it doesn't sound to good. But just lower down the gain and it should sound good. On the OD1 channel it sounds good. You can pick two differnt types of styles. Funky Overdrive which is perfect for purple haze. And there is MV Crunch which creates a big open overdrive. On the OD 2 Channel it may sound bad depending what guitar you use. There is two differnt types of setting you can pick from, Screaming lead and Heavy, Modern Crunch. The Screaming Lead setting has a rich, natural harmonic overtones that the valve introduce will be very apparent. The heavy, Modern Chruch setting will tear your face off. The gain sounds good. All of the settings of the 3 channels are suggested settings inside the ownners manual. The DFX Mix effect control has 16 different settings from Hall A to Modulation. // 9

Reliability & Durability: You can Depend on this amp no problem. This is a Soild amp! I would use this amp at a gig without a backup because it's so good. The amp has broken down when I was practising once. I tryed hooking up my friends Marshall AVT 150 to my amp and the fuse broke. I wanted to see if you can hook a cabinet to my amp. After I brought my amp to the music store to get it fixed and asked the guy if I could hook up a cabinet to the Marshall AVT100, and he said yes it is possiable but you have to unplug the chord from the Loudspeaker Jack Socket and place a chord from the cabinet to the loudspeaker jack socket. // 10

Overall Impression: I play Blues/Heavy Metal and this amp is perfect for those styles of music. I've been playing for 2 years and I will soon own a B.C Rich mockingbird, and a Barracuda Stratocaster. If this amp was stolen I would buy it agian the next day! I love the sound, effects, and the durability. The only thing I hate about this amp is it dosen't have weels. // 10

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overall: 9
AVT100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 08, 2009
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Features: This paticular Marshall is from around 2005.I picked it up off my friend 2nd hand. (What a bargain) The amp Has a clean channel, two seperate gain channels, Multiple on-board effects (but can only be played individualy), Headphone jack and a footboard supplied to Switch between channels easily. it's a valvestate, So it's a 'tube' amp. It's 100 watt's, which is enough power, but you can't turn this amp past 3 oclock with the gain past 8, but the nice thing is by rolling back the gain and raising the volume to nearly max, You get the same tone as gain 10 on a low volume setting.. It has multiple onboard effects, most are of lack-lustre quality, they do the job, but what really shined out for me was the delay, Sure beat some pedals I had been using. // 9

Sound: I play my Epiphone 1989 pro through this. it's a S/S/H superstrat. This is a pretty well rounded truth be told, I'm into a lot of thing's ranging from morbid angel and decapitated to ugly kid joe and Stone Temple Pilots.This amp can cater for both end's.The clean channel is gorgeous, Even has a button to Switch between a 'bright' and 'duller' tone, and isnt phased at high volumes.There are two gain channels, Each has a 'scoop' option to distort the signal further. The first gain channel isnt brutal by any stretch, it's well suited for a nice brit tone, And I wouldn't recommend scooping this channel.The second channel is a bit more brutal, especially when you scoop it.Harmonic's ring out nicely on this channel, And it's nice and bassy, good for metal, it's not as brutal as say a line6 spider, but the tone actually sounds good, unlike that digital bullshit I put up with before in the form of the spider. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have only owned this amp for a short time but I do indeed to gig it.it's a perfect size, especially for small bars, clubs and halls.It has a lovely reverb. The amp has never broke down with the previous owner and seems to be built like a brick **** house, can't see any future problems. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall I'm very happy.I have been playing for 7 years and I have played my Ibanez and Epiphone through this, Playing a lot of different style's, and believe me it can just about nail them all.I owned a Roland cube, Line 6 spider II and III before this, And this amp blows them away. Seriously. The only faults I have against the amp is the effects can't be used simultaneously and it is very very heavy. (over 25kg) But these pale in comparison to the great features this amp offer's. This is a perfect amp if your just starting gigging and playing in small halls and bar's. // 9

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