AVT150H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (128 votes)
Marshall: AVT150H

Price paid: $ 893.04

Purchased from: Gak.co.uk

Sound — 10
I use an Ibanez RG350DX with it which has an H/S/H pickup set-up. These sound pretty fruity through the amp, though the acoustic sim. needs the single coil to sound true. The switches I was talking about earlier include a body switch for the ac. sim. which changes from regular ac. to dreadnought sounds. On the clean channel it has a brightness switch, so you can add more clarity to your sound. The two OD (overdrive) channels have a mid scoop switch, which unbelievably scoops the mids even further. There is an EQ for the two clean channels, and the two OD channels, but with the switches, it means the two OD channels have independent mids. The two OD channels are very different from each other, with OD1 going from blues to that of Extreme on their earlier albums. OD2 with a DigiTech Bad Monkey in front of it sounds like Trivium/metallica etc, but on its own, using a neck humbucker sounds like Steve Vai's 'For The Love Of God'. The clean will stay clean unless you apply gain with the gain knob, but it is obviously distinctly quieter. You can level it all out by adjusting the master volume, but sometimes you have to give in and have a dire straits style clean. The only extraneous noise comes from the fan, which is only noticeable if you stop playing entirely and listen for it, and the hum if you use lots of pedals from the same mains, with excess lights on etc. nothing a noise suppressor can't sort out.

Overall Impression — 10
I play anything from Extreme to Vai and Satch, from Metallica to Eric Clapton. This amp has it all. I have only been playing two years, but I never put my guitar down, and this amp sounds excellent for slow melodic solos, legato, shred, pinched harmonic squeals and the occasional sweep. Putting the gain up in the clean gives an excellent funk, and with all the effects, you can accentuate your sound for any style. I know I have put 10 for every section, but if you were to buy it, you would not be disappointed. If it was stolen I would not only find it and drop on the bugger that stole it, but buy another, cheat the insurance company and buy another cabinet and loads of boutique fx. only kidding. I would buy it again though.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp is built like a house, and weighs about just as much. It's not easy to lug around, hence why I wouldn't bother using a backup anyway, but it is not going to die on you. It is valve state, but it uses emulating technology so there is only one or two in their, and the fan is so cool they are not going to blow for years.

Features — 10
The price stated includes an accompanying 4x12AX cabinet. It is a large ol' bugger with four channels. These are acoustic simulator, clean, OD1 and OD2. It has an effects loop, headphone socket, Twin connections for different ohm outputs (using 1 or 2 cabs) and 16 different effects. It also has a master volume and presence as well as different switches for each channel, but I'll talk about them in the sounds section.

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    Captain Face wrote: i personally think its a piece of shit its buzzy fuzzy
    Never take the adice of someone who says "buzzy fuzzy"
    I bought my AVT150H new from a marshall dealer in Swindon UK.Without doubt,this have been the worst amp i have evr owned,in terms of sound and reliability.This is paired to the reccommended angled valve state cab,as i gig with it as a half stack,playing Gibson Sg and les paul models throu it.Firstly the amp is prone to blowing the pre amp section (4 times) covered twice under marshall warranty,excluding P+P at 25.00 a go.Makes me reluctant to rely on it. Secondly,Accoustic sim and clean channels totally drown the overdriven channels,unless overdriven gain is wound right back off,this is even worse using the scoop functions on each o/d channel.On one trip to the repair shop,the dealer lent me a MG100HDFX. In terms of outright power,the Mg blows this away. Thirdly the onboard effects,with exception of delay,are so poor they are unuseable. So what really should have been the answer to getting rid of a heap of pedals,is just another gimmick.If you play in your bedroom,you may be pleased with this amp.If you play in big venues week in and week out.Buy a mesa and bag of boss pedals.Someone is probly gonna say i didnt spend enough time playing with the EQ. But this thing is impossible to get anywhere even close to a nice sound on od1/od2 and it really has no guts.V. Dissapointed
    Sirwinston89 wrote: what is the difference between the avt 150 and the avt50?
    alot,the 50 is only 50 watts and 2 channels and the 150 is 150watts and 4 channels,and the150 also has 16 digital effects on it,ive had this amp for about 3 years now and it has not failed me once,the only problem ive had was the effects quit working but that was my fault casue it fell of the top of my cabs,but other then that it still works perfect
    luke anstee
    i was wondering i dont know much about amps so can i buy the avt150h head and put it into my 30 watt fender amp until i can aford the cab will it still work and will it blow the 30 watt amp please help thanks
    I bought one, together with a 1960A Cabinet. Before that I owned a MG100HFX. That one also sounds great, it's just that I needed the ability to change OD channels for Rythm and Solo purposes. For me it's important that it gives me the wide variety in sounds that I need playing in a coverband. It's mainly Rock and a bit of Blues, Funk and Pop. When I tried it, for above mentioned reasons, I really liked the sound of it. Therefore, I don't understand these comments from people like it is crap, and "a piece of shit" (captain face).. these comments state more about the person than the Amp ;... why the hell did you buy one ????? It's all about being objective, if you don't like the sound, fine..... but there might be a chance that it's not the amp's fault ?
    i recently got one as well. The first one i brought home it blew within 3 days. Got a new one and I've been fine since then.
    runningonempty - simple answer. yes! this amp rocks. twin it up with an AVT412 cab (or two : ) and your rocking. the cabs are rated 200w, so your gonna have plenty of sound for the sort of venues your playing. and captain face - what line6 you got? if its anything below a spider II 112 then we all know that you obviously have no idea what your on about. In fact, i think the lin6 spiders are worse than the AVT's. Vettas though are whole different story...
    would anyone recomend this amp for someone who plays smallish venues (from 90 to 300 people)and plays mainly Metal with some lighter Rock inbetween? I need a new amp and i want 100W or over and not too expensive. this seems one up near the top of the list. or does anyone have any better suggestions for a similar price? Thanks!
    hi i jus got my avt150 really liked the thing in shop but really struggling 2 get a GR8 lead tone out of it can get a real nic rythm tone but when i try to lead with it it jus sounds like the guts fell out n it ain got no sustain cn ne1 PLZ help i use an epi les?? thnx
    hi i jus bought my avt150h played it in the shop as a combo and loved it,but @ home i cant seem 2 get a really good lead tone, i can get a pretty beefy rythm tone but as soon as i try 2 lead with it its like the guts fall out of it n their ain no sustain, i have read lots o reviews bout ppl gettin a really nice metal n lead tone with it can ne1 PLEASE help? i gt an epi les
    Well I haven?t had my Marshall for that long but I love it. I got it off my brother when he stopped playing. I figured out how to use it pretty quick though. The only reason the acoustic sim was crappy for me was because I wasn?t using a single pickup. It?s got to be single or else it?ll get scratchy on strumming. And I'm not perfectly sure about this but I think the clean is louder because of effects. When I run my effects box through it I don?t get enough effect unless the volume is turned up. If I had my choice of guitar amps though I would choose this one over any other and I?m glad I have it
    If this amp is as bad as 'Captain Face' says it is then why did he buy it when he already had a Line6 Spider? Always try an amp before you buy it. Like all of the AVT range this amp is immense and is well worth the money! Overall quality 10/10.
    Captain Face
    i have one and i personally think its a piece of shit its buzzy fuzzy and has terable distortion the cleans ok but not spectacular and for some reason the clean channel goes way louder than any other channel what were marshall thinking when they released this how someone can give it a ten for sound ill never know its so shit it put me off marshall for life i cant wait to get rid of it yuck hibrid hunk of crap descusting i much prefare my line 6 spider it cost me half the price and its a far better amp
    Eh not a fan of the ATVS they are like MG's but just a little bit better...and if you know anything about MG's a little bit better than an MG is still pretttty bad IMO
    luke anstee wrote: i was wondering i dont know much about amps so can i buy the avt150h head and put it into my 30 watt fender amp until i can aford the cab will it still work and will it blow the 30 watt amp please help thanks
    yep you can..... just as long as: - you DON'T turn the combo on while using is as a cab - the fender must have a speaker cable on it. if not, theres no way of connecting the two.