AVT150H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (128 votes)
Marshall: AVT150H

Price paid: $ 335.75

Purchased from: Some dude

Sound — 8
My guitar that I am currently using is my Yamaha RGX121Z. I am just using the stock pickups, so with a pair of SD's this amp would sound even better. For the most part, the acoustic sim probably wont be what you are buying this amp for and if it is PLEASE look elsewhere, you will be disappointed. Not to mention it's soo damn quiet. It isn't horrible but it is seriously lacking. The clean channel is alright could be better but it's still good. Still great for using pedals on of course which I do with my Boss SD-1 and it's fine. The overdrive channels however, are actually really good. Both will be loved by you, since if you want metal you have metal on OD2 if you want balls to the wall rock OD1 will do it for you and if you need to scoop the mids hit the button. Great sound.

Overall Impression — 8
Well, it's really not a bad amp for the price. I highly recommend it to someone trying to get into the music scene/rock scene as it will do w/e you need it to. If it was stolen/lost I would upgrade to something a bit higher in quality like the DSL50 just because I'm outgrowing this one but it's still an amazing amp for the price. I have to say I love the OD channels since that what I use pretty much 95% of the time. If there was one thing I could wish for would be that this amp's acoustic sim would sound more authentic and louder it's too damn quiet.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Well I really haven't had much problems, lets see, the fan is kinda loud but this thing is like a tank. I've only giged with it once but I would gig w/o a backup. It's pretty heavy too, so don't worry about anyone running away too fast with it. You would be able to catch up and beat him over the head with this lead weight. Great Marshall quality.

Features — 9
My AVT150H was made in 2005 and is pretty versatile for the price, really. I play mostly punk-rock, metal and alternative, but my style changes like the weather. As most of you know, this amp has 4 channels. Acoustic, clean, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2. The two overdrives are basically the same, except OD2 is more deep and more metal sounding with deeper mids. It's 8ohms and can definitely deal some volume. It's a valvestate so it's not gonna be as intense as a full tube amp but the tube preamp does help with volume and tone, you can notice a big difference from a regular solid state amp. This is also has a bunch of effects like gated reverb, flange, chorus. These are really good for someone who isn't that much into effects and pedals and such and would like to try some out. They aren't the greatest but you get what you pay for right? But they are half decent. I personally like the gated reverb. I currently have it hooked up to my 1960A cab and it sounds awesome. I love playing it whenever I can. It has enough power for any gig you may be doing, it's also great since you will more flexibility for volume more than a tube amp where you turn it past like 2 and it kills your ears.

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    This is probably the best marshall solid state there is. I dont have one but i did try it out once. It is very good for recording, but i still say go for tube. maybe the description of it getting "nu-metal" is like a hidden sign of saying "its gonna sound like total shit" ...Are you dissing bands like Dragonforce? I dont care if you are...Dragonforce is rediculous, but it doesnt mean this is a bad amp.
    maybe the description of it getting "nu-metal" is like a hidden sign of saying "its gonna sound like total shit"
    kfkslayerkfk : this amp is awesome, built in effects suck like every amp but thats why you use analog pedals. this thing sounds so awesome with analog pedals
    LOL! That's if we are talking ibanez toneblaster 15 watters or Harley bentons!!! Not marshall...My Randall head is good and have metal tones straight outta box!!! too bad AVT is as ****in expensive(actually 100 euros more will get you closer)
    what is the difference between the avt 150 and the avt50? Yeah, the 150 has more powere and channels. I own the 50, and am quite happy with it, but the 150 is good if you like relying on amp channels. All preference I suppose. Honestly, I've always liked my 50's tone more than the 150's, and i would say that if you are on a budget, get either. Otherwise maybe get a nice marshall or mesa or something.
    I've owned this head for 2 years. Bought it as a quick fix to replace my stage head that burned out. If you are playing in your room or just playing with some friends its not a bad amp. However, after my first live show with this amp i immediately went out and bought a Mesa Triple Rec. I still use this amp at my bands practice house just so i dont have to haul the Mesa back and forth. As someone mentioned earlier the volume differences are terrible, the acoustic simulator works great as long as you are only using a single pickup
    sisi porco cristo....la madonna ha ragione io nn lo metto + in culo a nessuno... Calveri se leggi ti ammazzo la faccia
    PORCOODIO in culo alla bocca di Fred Maskerin...kristo un cane...e tu nn ti puoi permettere di fare le bocche a cristo..perke io ti prendo e ti rompo il culo
    this amp is awesome, built in effects suck like every amp but thats why you use analog pedals. this thing sounds so awesome with analog pedals
    Jackolas wrote: AVTs sound like soft turds.
    thats a good way of putting it
    i thought the fret burners review was very well written and thorough. fun to read too! slightly biased scores out of ten tho
    you will get superior sound from a Peavey Valveking...my randall would pwn the shit out of those 2 too!
    uh huh u wanted to rape your amp isnt that a bit fruity im 14 an i wana save up n buy it wen im 16 do u think it is a gud amp 4 a teenager i was looking at an mg stack but id prefer a hybrid (at the moment ive only got a mg15cdr)
    Wtf guys...get neither of em! AVT is basically a MG head with a preamptube in it and makes almost no tonal difference. Seriously you can get a valveking stack for less money than the goddamn MG100+Marshall cab! VK owns the shit out of them both! Its full tube and peavey always makes great amps.
    Guys this is a garbage amp. Buy a real marshall, Not an MG or AVT. Look into the JCM, JMP, JTM, and maybe the Vintage Modern.
    dude with that 800 you could get an all tube peavey windsor and a digitech bad monkey (or tubescreamer) and you'd be miles ahead tonally
    ppowder wrote: I bought my AVT150H new from a marshall dealer in Swindon UK.Without doubt,this have been the worst amp i have evr owned,in terms of sound and reliability.This is paired to the reccommended angled valve state cab,as i gig with it as a half stack,playing Gibson Sg and les paul models throu it.Firstly the amp is prone to blowing the pre amp section (4 times) covered twice under marshall warranty,excluding P+P at 25.00 a go.Makes me reluctant to rely on it. Secondly,Accoustic sim and clean channels totally drown the overdriven channels,unless overdriven gain is wound right back off,this is even worse using the scoop functions on each o/d channel.On one trip to the repair shop,the dealer lent me a MG100HDFX. In terms of outright power,the Mg blows this away. Thirdly the onboard effects,with exception of delay,are so poor they are unuseable. So what really should have been the answer to getting rid of a heap of pedals,is just another gimmick.If you play in your bedroom,you may be pleased with this amp.If you play in big venues week in and week out.Buy a mesa and bag of boss pedals.Someone is probly gonna say i didnt spend enough time playing with the EQ. But this thing is impossible to get anywhere even close to a nice sound on od1/od2 and it really has no guts.V. Dissapointed
    i havent used mine for along time, went to my mates the other day and used in band practise and the shound was shit, i use my laptop to model my sounds and use the peavy amps at college, and basically, it sounds to digital? it doesnt sound very good at all, and sounds too tinny. I cant find a decent settin on the EQ unless i wana play pantera, and basicaly, i dont listen to thrash anymore lets say that. the quality of sound you get is poor. but i might need a better cab. im gona sell it and buy a combo, i dont need a half stack. and when u gig they just mic it up to the PA anyway, its not like im playin wembly.
    I had one. It is heavy head and in all honesty - your paying for a name here. I sold it and got a Crate power block (both non valve heads) and it is a much better and weighs a darn sight less. Stick to valve heads Marshall - that is what you are good at.
    I played one of these on several occasions, hated it, was too bassy and fudgy
    wow this puts me down as i ordered the avt150hx and avt412xa today but i love the mg100hdfx though and i dont play huge gigs