AVT150H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (128 votes)
Marshall: AVT150H

Price paid: £ 200

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 8
The clean channel does sound really nice, a little too much low end but thats what eq is for. I do admit there is alot of unwanted humm and buzz from the overdrive channels if you have the gain all the way up but if you turn the gain down to 12 o'clock it gets rid of the buzz but you still get a nice distortion. The Acoustic sim isnt very good and like i said before the dfx arnt very good at all and are un useable. However you can get some really nice pre amp type distortions and high gain distortions out of the overdrive channels without getting unwanted buzz and hum. You can also get a bit of pre amp distortion out of the clean channel which is pretty cool. Overall I think this is a great sounding amp and you should definatly consider one if you don't have a big budget. I also use a mg series head but I upgraded the speakers to celestian Vintage 30s. So if you have or are going to buy this amp, I recommend you buying a fairly good cab to go with it. Don't buy the Marshall MG412 cab or any other cheap cab.

Overall Impression — 7
I pretty much play anything, From jazz fusion to folk and this amp is quite adequate for most styles. I have been playing for a long time now and play a variety of guitars which are Fender strats and teles ect and these type of guitars sound great with this amp. Even Squier guitars sound great with this amp. The best thing I like about this amp is the clean channel. You obviously can't compare to the Marshall valve amps but this is far better than the Marhsall MG series. It has lots more feature and a lot more potential. If this amp were stolen I would probly buy another one unless I ahd a bigger budget, in that case I would buy an Orange amp or something. I have been completly honest in this review and am not biased. Don't be put off by the bad reviews, this is a great amp and is well worth considering. You can get these amps second hand now for about 150. Thats great value for money.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have had this amp for a few weeks and have had no problems with it so far. It was second hand as well but the guy Who had it before me recently replaced the pre amp tube. I haven't had the amp long so I can't really comment on reliability but it seems a solid and ridged and like I said I have had no problems so far.

Features — 7
I'm not too sure of the year, probably 2002-2005. Its a valvestate amp with 1 pre amp valve. 4 channels which are Acoustic sim, clean, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2. A load of DFX. The amp says that its made in England. First of all, I can't understand why people have slated this amp so much. I think its due to that this amp is valve state and not all tube and that its at the lower end of the Marshall range, but the bottom line is that this amp is good value for money. However i don't use the Acoustic sim as I have no need to and it doesn't sound great like all Acoustic simulators. The digital effects are also very poor. I wouldn use them at all but luckily I have lots of pedals to replace them. The only thing I really don't like about the amp is that the reverb effects are really artificial and is really hard to get a good reverb out of it. It also has an effects loop.

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    I've had one of these for 7 years, and gets gigged every week - cover band 4 hour gigs playing everything from acoustic rock to heavy rock & some metal. The amp is very versatile and reliable. Not sure what people's problems are with the "clean volume being way louder than the OD" when each channel has it's own individual volume. It takes a bit of tweaking but once it's set it sounds great. I use a Les Paul, Flying V (both Gibsons) and an Ibanez RG550. The acoustic channel breaks up a bit with humbuckers. It's not perfect, but it's not top of the line either. Have done probably 300 gigs with it and have no plans on updating it yet.
    i just bought this head as an upgrade from the original mg series head... it literally owns it, the mg head sounds awful and is meant for ameater guitarist and has ameater tone. I bought my avt150h head second hand from manson's guitar shop fitted with a new mesa boogie pre amp valve and its great, plus the mesa valve is alot better quality. People should stop slagging off this amp as it is great for the money as not everyone can afford a jcm or jvm series marshalls. Ive used this at gigs and its 100% roadworthy however i would bring backup (or by some replacement valves which are 15 for a mesa). I use the boss metal zone pedal through the clean channel and it sounds like an absolute monster! i find the second overdrive channel didnt produce enough of a chuggy hard metal rythm but more for guns n roses sorta sound, and all of the other channels are great if you balance the EQ properly , not spinal tap having everything up to 10 (in there case 11).
    i own this amp.. and if you know how to use your equipment you can get a great tone from it.. i run a gibson black beauty with a super distortion pick up and a paf classic in my guitar and this rig sounds like a jcm.. it's all about how you control your guitar.. learn your equipment folks before you knock stuff! i also have a Peavy XXX and that amp is awesome also..
    This amp is great for blues, classic rock and metal regaurdless of some rather bitter reviews that come very short from the truth. I could not tell you how it fairs in any other field of music becuase I dont play any thing else. I have played this amp with my Strat, RR3, my friends explorer, and my friends soloist and loved ever single sound it put out. The effects lack in performance but nothing a pedal cant fix. The overall sound quality is fantasitic by far the best I have found in its price range as of yet. The distort is more then enough for metal. I have played for 9 years and this review is coming from some one looking at it in the perspective of the above generes of music.
    I own an AVT150 half stack and I find the sound to be "flabby". When you play it on your own at half volume on OD2 you think "Wow, this is that classic metal sound I've been looking for". Then the drummer and bassist kick in and you and get smothered. The scoop button makes it even worse. I've played it at gigs with the mid turned right up and the bass at 3 and no scoop and it still couldn't compete with a 50W Marshall valve combo As for the onboard effects you have to choose between each effect. Chorus OR reverb OR delay OR flange, plus each effect is pretty weak except maybe delay so as stated before by other people not much more than a gimmick really. I'm with the others who say if you own one - buy some pedals and play through the clean channel which seems to make the whole reason for owning a Marshall pointless.
    How do you guys think this sounds compared to the combo version of this? I think I might want to buy the combo so I can transport it. I just want to know if It would have the same sounds or if you would be different at all or by how much. Let me know! Thanks!
    i have one of the originial valvestates, three channel with reverb. imo sounds much better that the avt. i have a boss eq in front of it as a mid and od boost and i have to say that i am happy with that tone, even if it lacks some punch. do urself a favor get an old valvestate instead of yet another poor modeling amp attemp
    I bought this amp basically because it's a good price for a half stack and I love it. It covers a mass of sounds if you just play with settings properly. The acoustic sim is very quiet but that aside I insist on taking the head unit to rehearsal studios with me so I can use my own sounds. Yes, for gigs it is very heavy but it is a half stack, what do you expect?? I'm never short of power or tone with this bad boy. The amp takes care of my distortions for me and I find I rely pretty much on my Boss DD-5 delay pedal and that is it.
    the woodsman
    This amp is very useful ! both at gigs and recording if you know how to use it ! the fx are ok I use the delay mostly its easy to dial in tempos for full effect,the other effects are useless to me, i do like the tones on all 4 channels when eq'd properly as long as you use a good 4/12 4ohm cab it's very loud ! i would not try to use this head alone to drive a full stack unless their both wired for the correct impedance no less than 4ohms