AVT275 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (30 votes)
Marshall: AVT275

Sound — 6
Overdrive 1, pretty standard sort of distortion sound, it's ok but I couldn't really get a nice warm distorted sound out of it, it's got a little bit of fizz messey sound to it, I had to use a couple of times after forgetting a pedal at a gig and it did the Job, but I prefer to use an Ibanez tube screamer which works really well through the clean channel! Overdrive 2, basically a noisier version of channel 1, both overdrive channels come with a scoop button on the amp, I don't particular like the scoop, poor quality, both channels seem quite as well and lack a bit of punch! Invest in pedals as the variety of sounds to get out of the channels is limited. Acoustic simulator, does it make your guitar sound like an acoustic, No! Not really used this much but I did put an acoustic through it and got some cool sounds, but never use it live! Clean - This is by far the best sounding channel on the amp, it's loudest channel and even without the effects on gives your guitar a really nice tone, I use a Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I use all my pedals through this channel, mainly my Jim Dunlop Wah and Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, I have various other distortion pedals and other effects and this channel brings the best out of them! Some of my friends have various amps, Line 6, Berringer, Peavey, and this clean channel sounds far better than them! FX, for a start there are too many that sound similar, you can adjust the fx volume and settings which is a nice touch for some the effects like delay increasing or decreasing the rate etc all the effects sound good (although the flange is rubbish) but you are unable to use two sounds together or Switch between sounds using the foot controller, quite often I would like some reverb and delay together but cant, or use some reverb for a verse than change to delay for a solo but you have to turn the knob on the amp, difficult to do whilst busting out a solo! Marshall should have just made a slightly bigger foot controller allowing you to switch between FX and got rid of the 8 similar reverb/echo sounds, keeping the basic reverb, chorus (which is really good) and delay. This amp can go very loud, I have played fairly big halls with it and not had to mic it up! Although not sure the distortion channels would have been able to do the same job as the clean! Only time I have really struggled with the sound is when I mic up the amp to record, I have struggled to find a way to get the best recording out of it, I have recorded other amps and had good results but with this I struggle! I would give the clean sound a 9 and fx but the other channels let the amp down!

Overall Impression — 7
The clean channel is the best thing about it! Makes everything going into it sound great! Although I wouldn't buy it again if it broke or got stolen, not able to use more than one effect really bugs me, so I am having to buy more pedals to compensate for this, all I really need now is an amp with a clean channel! Try the amp out before you buy it, if ya like the distortion channels (you will definitely like the clean) and you are not to worried about mixing the effects then this is a pretty good amp!

Reliability & Durability — 8
This thing seems to get heavier every time I pick it up! A very solid amp (my mate backed his car into it and the car came of worse) I have had a few problems with the input and had to replace parts a few times, the screws and nuts seem to come loose very easily, also the knobs come loose and I have lost a few of these, I contacted Marshall about replacements I few times but apparently according to the nice lady on the phone all the tech guys are always on lunch! So I'm missing my bass knob for the clean channel and 2 on the FX panel. It does make a bit of a racket when you first turn it on and it does seem to take a while to stop, also the volume seems to rise after the amp has been on a while, I usually turn it on for a while 5 or 10mins before playing at a gig. The Kettle lead you get for this is ridiculously short! About a meter at most! Get yourself an extension or make sure you near a power socket! The sound quality is still the same as when I bought it (over 2 years now).

Features — 8
This amp has many features, 4 channels, overdrive 1, overdrive, 2, acoustic simulator and a clean channel, also has a load of FX built into it! Each channel has its own bass, mid and treble settings, footswitch to control all four channels and fx on or off.

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