AVT275 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (30 votes)
Marshall: AVT275

Sound — 9
This thing is f--king metal. It bleeds metal. You guessed it, I play metal. Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Mastodon, Slayer, and the likes. This thing packs a Mega punch once you get the tone dialed in. Its got a presence knob, and it is cranked all the way at all times on mine. The acoustic sim sounds great with the right guitar. I usually run a 90s LTD explorer (lawsuit one), an Epi Faded Firebird Studio, a 76 Les Paul Copy, or a Dean Schenker through it. Cleans sound best on the firebird, and distortion sounds best on the LTD (duncan screamin demon and jazz). The OD1 and OD2 channels are essentially the same. I have OD1 as my "slayer" channel and OD2 as my "f--king metal" channel. The difference is on OD2 I have the scoop button pressed. My cleans have a little fuzz to them and the acoustic channel is amazing. Only complaint is without the presence knob cranked, its really bassy. there's so much bottom end. Almost too much at times. Rating it a 9 just because of the abundance of bass, even when the treb is maxed and the bass is at 0. Again, the presence knob saves the tone tenfold.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said, I play metal. Its great for it. The cleans are immensely warm also. I've been playing for something like 6 years now and have had a couple different amps, and lots of guitars. Like 20 by my count. This amp replaced my old mg when it konked out (I knew it would, damn MGs...) in the store I tried a spider 3 head, a couple Voxes, and a few oranges for shits and grins (I can't afford no tiny terrors.) I tried out some new smaller Marshall MGs, but even owning one before I still say no to one. I had the biggest combo they make and its still like, blehh. This one cought my eye though. Or should I say, my ears. I played a few Schecters through it and it was ok, but then I plugged in some gibbys (you know you would too) and it screamed. Then I grabbed an axe similar to mine at home, an Epi Faded SG. I loved the amp and took it home. If someone stole it I'd smash a guitar on their face, fix it, and play a solo on their rotting corpse with my epic AVT250. (((R.I.P. Jim Marshall)))

Reliability & Durability — 8
This thing is a beast. It's heavy as sh-t. I've had heavy amps, but this one is up there in weight. I'm a big dude and sometimes I'll have to put it down and take a break hauling it. I've never dropped it, but its fallen over in car rides before, and it still works. I'd gig it without a backup, pretty much because I don't have a backup. The tube still works, the OD channels take like 15 seconds to warm up but its all good. 8 because it's heavy as sh-t.

Features — 8
Got this amp as a replacement for my broken down MG250DFX a few weeks ago. Its got 4 channels, od1, od2, clean, and an acoustic simulator. Mine came with 2 footswitches (one was dented and one was extra stock someone ordered at GC). The switches work good but I need a new cable for it as some lights don't come on. The cable had a pretty nasty rip that I had to patch, no big deal. It was a used amp, and you can only really tell by the bent od1 gain pot. Again, no big deal, it still functions. Its got 2 Celestions 75 watt a piece stereo. Its got a tube in the preamp and the power section is solid state. don't know what tube its got in it.

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    deadlydictator wrote: just wrote a review, should be approved and posted soon. the only thing i didnt say in it is this amp doesnt take pedals for shit. i plugged in a metal muff and its bad. the best was on the acoustic sim channel, and even then it had a bad hiss. dont get me wrong, the distortion i got off it was mean as ****, but you really need a noise gate for any fuzz boxes you put in front of this beast. havent put any other effects in the effects loop because i dont have any . might actually sell the metal muff because this amps distortion is enough for my needs.
    You mean that you put the Muff in the FX loop? Distortion pedals should be placed in front of your amp, modulation/delay pedals in the FX loop. So try it in front of your amp, not in the FX loop.
    Nah i put it in front, i meant i don't have any pedals to run through the fx loop.
    OK. I have always been an amp distortion guy. I think amp distortion sounds better than stompbox distortion.
    Yea i sold my pedal few months back, and still have the same settings as i stated in my review. it really is a pretty kickass amp that didn't cost me my big toe
    peavy and line 6 ****ing suck
    I agree if you are talking about Line 6 Spider series but Peavey? Why? For example 6505/5150 is The Metal Amp used by many professional bands and it's also the most recommended amp in UG forums. I have no experience with it though.
    I had the head version of this amp for about a week. In the end I gave up on it. The distortion channels shit the bed. Unless you're running pedals for your distortion or using some EQ pedals/rack units the on board distortion has no definition or bite. It just sounds loose and muddy with a lot of fizz. In my opinion the best non tube amp that Marshall ever made was the lead 100 mosfet.
    I got this 2nd hand for about 180 about 9 months ago. I'm mostly a classic rock/Bluesy Rock player (although I do enjoy messing around trying to play more metal stuff- but it's not really my style). I use the clean channel with the gain rolled all the way up and get a really nice, warm, bluesy tone (think Peter Green) with my Sg. It's still a bit crispy, I've started using the acoustic simulator now for properly clean stuff. Doesn't sound like an acoustic (Let's face it, nothing really is apart from an actual acoustic- I'm fairly sceptical about all those modding things) but it has some nice qualities to it. It's still a Marshall, so it has most of those great-sounding tones. For me, there's never going to be anything better than a Gibson and a Marshall. Definitely 7-8 out of 10.
    I've played this amp, and as much of a Marshall fan boy as I am, I think it's almost as bad as a peavy or a line 6. It sucks.