AVT50H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (55 votes)
Marshall: AVT50H

Price paid: $ 149.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I play with an Epi LP Standard, and a Fender Standard Strat HSS. Mostly playing classic rock and blues. For me the tone of this thing has done more than blown me away. There isn't a single aspect of this amp where I'm left wanting more. Real nice cleans, and the addition of a separate gain knob on the clean channel can grant you some real smooth bluesy crunch. The overdrive channel sounds good and can get you some nice light crunch or a real beefy slam. Some people have mentioned they don't think it could handle metal well, but I think it sounds pretty great with a heavy crunch. Maybe death metal players would be left wanting a little more, but that's not what I play so I'm not worried about it.

Overall Impression — 10
I realize I sound like a Marshall salesman, but I have to say again, there's nothing about this amp that leaves me wanting more. It sounds incredible, and if you watch closely you can get it at a steal. Easily compares with Marshall's substantially more expensive amps, and just downright looks amazing. I would be happy to pay even double what I got this amp for. Fantastic amp.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I don't move it around much but its heavy, and seems very solidly built. I can trust that if I was a gigging musician that I could drag this thing anywhere, even without a case, without having a backup. It's got nice rubber feet on the bottom, and corner protectors. This was a used amp, and being that I think this model is from around 2003, for it to still look pristine in 2011 I think is an excellent message that this thing can handle some abuse.

Features — 10
I just bought my AVT50H from Guitar Center's Used Inventory site, for a great price. Have really been wanting a Marshall, but didn't want to go with some junk like the MG100HDFX, but at the same time couldn't afford (and didn't have the patience to save up for) a Plexi or JCM800. Let me just say this thing is like gold to my ears. I've only been playing a couple years, but I think this thing easily compares with Marshall's far more expensive line up. Has the basic EQ functions for each of the 2 channels (clean, and overdrive) and a quite nice sounding spring reverb. Also has a CD-in and Headphones jack with easy access right on the front. Has 2 loudspeaker outputs for a full or half stack, emulated DI, and an effects loop send and return on the back. Perfect.

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    Is it ok to plug this head into a speaker cabinet that is 100 watts and 8 ohms? This head is rated 50 watt 4 ohms. Anyone done it? I need to buy a cabinet for one I picked up in a pawnshop...
    My roommate/singer/rythm guitarist has this amp. It's pretty legit - you hear every note in every chord. I never played it, but it was loud enough to play 2 guitars/drums/vocals with.
    I just picked this amp up a few days ago at a pawn shop. It was kind of burried amoung severalll other amps so I don't think anyone could really see it! (Owner told me it had been hiding there for over three years (you couldnt see the amp unless you really looked!) Got him down to $200 from his asking $250. I have been playing for over 30 years and have been through the classic rock, hair-band glam, heavy thrash-type metal, punk, and the Vai\Satriani phases throughout my years (im 42 - God, where did the years go?!) I've had all the amps and pedals, and have had more guitars than I can remember (I now have 2 Les Paul Customers, and a Studio, 2 Fenders (US sunburst Strat and a Jaguar), an ESP (for my Vai/Satriani urges), a "Frankenstein" that i built withguitar that I built with a buddy (hes a guitar tech at Guitar Center), and the first real guitar I ever bought back in 1985 (a white Charvelle with a shi**y Khaler wham bar and Jackson pickups). I have collected many amps from Fenders to Vox, and Randall to Peavey and Crate. Okay, I do have. A point to all of this nostalgic stroll down hay-day memory lane... I was blown away by this AVT50 amp! I was very sceptical about the whole tube/solid state thing. And I have become somewhat of a tone FREEK, so needless to say, I had my doubts about this amp. What an amazing surprise!! I played in bands back in college and grad school - nothing big, but we had a few people that came to see us, so that and just playing and being in a band was such a great expedience!! Im now 43 as I mentioned earlier in my rambling, and have a "career", so I have 2 kids that are my life, so I play yto crowds of screaming fans only in my head now. But that doesnt stop me from my pseudo obsessive hobby of guitars!! Sorry, back to the AVT... I was impressed with the tone of this sleeper of an amp! So, im in this Slash/Myles Kennedy phase - if you like G
    (Continued from previous entry from me l - ran out of room. With all my ramblinh on! ) So, im in this Slash/Myles Kennedy phase - if you like G
    Sorry guys - i wrote too much and now im having some technical difficulties. Sorry for the duplicate entries.
    I just bought one. Matching it with a Randall 2x12 cab. Can't wait to try it out.
    It's made in GB. Let's start from there. Used for $200 you may be hard pressed finding a better sound. I use it at low volumes with GOBS of OD. I don't get tired of playing it, I find myself keep going back to it. I like it's simplicity. Tubes are better, OK. But this is reliable where you plug in and play without the worry of burning up tubes. I run it through WGS Vet/ET 65 4X12. I'm not a super pro and never owned a tube Marshall, so I am unable to draw comparison other than Marshall Lead12 (also tranny) which holds up rather well, too. GREAT bang for the buck. I'm glad I didn't pay retail on this, though, when it first came out. Mine came used with a Mullard 12AX7 which is worth about $40 alone. I am ALWAYS tweaking my tone, going back and forth to different Cabs and Amps. I'll say to myself, "Wow! That's what the Marshall tone is ABOUT!" I run it now on OD channel, which I used to H8. The clean channel really ROCKS with AC/DC vintage tone. I'll reiterate. Made in GB. Hellooo!!! Is anyone listening???
    The Coffee Table Book Ultimate Guitar the Definitive Guide, which is encyclopedic in nature, gives this Amp extra Kudos.