G80RCD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.9 (44 votes)
Marshall: G80RCD

Price paid: $ 395

Purchased from: Jett Laundry

Sound — 10
I am currently using a Hyburn Strat with the amp but I hope to upgrade to a Jackson soon. I use mostly the bridge pickup for a good distortion sound, and the neck pickups for awesome solo's and a bright clean sound. I play every kind of metal there is (I have the death metal distortion pedal) so I guarentee you this amp sounds good for metal. I also play blues and some rock on it and guess what, it sounds like a studio recording. It is never noisy unless you are using low frequency reduction patch cords, which I don't have. The amp can make every kind of sound you can think of, just add the right effects and pedals, and rock on. For the variety there is almost no end, because of the three knob sections, there is two gain contols, and two master volume controls. The clean channel can be made to have distortion at high volumes or no distotion at high volumes, thanks to the gain control on the clean drive. If you ever listen to Metallica or Lamb Of God, you know a pretty good range of distorion, and this amp gives you the distortion of the last two bands I have named, and more.

Overall Impression — 10
I play everything from classical, to clean, to rock up to death metal. I have played them all on this amp, so yes it does the trick and provides for me. I have been playing for 3 years, and I have had this amp for 2 years. Other gear that I own is my Hyburn Strat, Fender Sidekick 10watt, MS-2 Marshall pocket amp, and a DigiTech Death Metal Distortion Pedal. I didn't buy the amp right from thw store so I researched on it before I did finally decide to take it. I can't see it getting lost or stolen, first of all it is kind of big to get it around, so it would stick out. But if it was I swear, I would rip the idiot apart who took it. The thing I love about it is the distortion, because it is so controlable, you don't just have to have one type of distortion. There is nothing I hate about it. I compared this amp to an MG30DFX Marshall, but I chose this one because it was bigger, better, better distortion, and when I purchased it, it was cheaper, so yah I got this one instead. I wich it had a built in tuner though, because then I wouldn't have to take out the cord and plug it into my tuner all the time, becuase I play from standard E right down to A tuning so, I use my tuner all the time.

Reliability & Durability — 10
You can depend on this amp just as any other Mashall, they are built to stand the test of time (quoted by Marshall himself), so yeah it can be depended on. Even at super high volumes, it never cuts out and there is literaly no feed back what so ever. So I would use it in a gig without back up. The amp has never broken down, ever. It is one of the biggest transitor amps out there, so it doesn't require you to replace tubes. It is play atleast 4 times a day so it is never neglected. And just make sure that you clean the inside never the electronics, because it dust gets in there, guess what you're paying for a huge repair service. Just warning you.

Features — 10
The amp was made sometime in the mid '90s, becase of its older look and the plastic black coat on the outside is lightly faded. This amp can play every type of music there is, the manual shows you 8 settings for bright clean, bluesy rock, crunchy rock, and thrash metal. and then you can modifiy it for your own personal sounds. There are two main channels each with their own two sub channels (i.e. clean channel has clean 1 which is just clean, and clean 2 which is bluesy rock. And distortion channel has channel 1 which is heavy metal, and channel 2 which is crunchy rock). It has a footswitch, which when plugged in gives the option of looping, which gives the amp a louder more full sound. The on fault is that there is no headphone jack. But in the back you can plug in your headphones to speaker imput 2 which will give you head phones in one ear. I use this amp at home and to play for other, since it is almost 25kg I took off the feet knobs and put wheels on, because its a hassel to carry around. It is a 100watt amp so it is powerful enough to use infront of a large crowd because we use it at my school. It has a CD input so you can play along to your favorite CD's.

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    KVX10 KING V
    its not a mg series m8, also it has a custom loud speaker not an mg standard speaker, which boosts the sound quality and tone, and right now i am running a JCM 4x12 extension cab into it along with the internal speaker and i get a tone very similiar to that of Iced Earth, with a little modelling its like Dream Theater, or even Rage. If you are familiar with your metal you would understand, and also the clean channel can drive a jazz tone like that of Opeth's which is clear and powerful, m8. so yah 10s all around.
    lol what a joke. Even if it's a good quality amp (although all mg's suck)there's no way in hell it'll get a 10 for everything. You don't have a clue m8