G80RCD review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (44 votes)
Marshall: G80RCD

Price paid: $ 215

Purchased from: Wise Music

Sound — 8
I am currently using a Epiphone special sg. I know its a low end guitar but I dont wanna use my strat. Too crappy and the wirings already messed up. I use stock pickups but planning on replacing it with some seymour duncans. My style of music is classic rock, metal, hardcore, sometimes punk, and those lovey duvy Acoustic ones. its never noisy and never gives me feedback. I usually just wing out my settings and move around the knobs till like it. It can make plenty of sounds from it. I wish it had more distortion to it thoe. But I can wait till I get my Boss pedal. I haven't playeed the clean channel very loud since it can get loud on low volumes hehe. Like I said... I'll just use what I got till I get my pedal

Overall Impression — 9
overall this amp is pretty good. Solid little amp. I'm planning on buying an extension cab when I start getting into it. This amp will stay with me forever and never be sold. If it were ever stolen i would kill the person Who stole it or have him jumped :) if it were stolen though id be really sad. I would get a different amp maybe a Line 6.

Reliability & Durability — 10
this amp can go through anything! I mean come on its Marshall. its never broken down or had any electrical problems even though its used! havent played gigs yet but will sooner in the future. I play it maybe 5 times a week sometimes more because I get busy with school. But I try to. I always sit on it. haha. Very durable. Its pretty heavy though thats why I'm planning on switching to wheels. and change the feet knobs to wheels since its heavy.

Features — 8
Amp was made in 1999? Not sure just read of the other peoples. Its a really good amp especially the clean channel. It has obviously 2 channels (OD and CLEAN). it does have an effect loop but it didn't come with it since its used. Its doesn't have a headphone jack. It Does Have cd input so you can play your favorite songs along with it. I wish it had a built in tuner because I go from E standard to D standard alot.( I play alot of Metallica and killswitch) I play from many type of music. Play clean bluesy music to hardcore rock to classic rock. (my favorite) though I do play those love songs that girls love to hear haha. I use this amp in my apartment room. Walls are thick so neighbors don't complain.(volume never gets passed 2 unless I'm at a friends! ) it has great power so I'm done spending money on amps. Just gotta buy effects for now. I haven't been playing for long (1 year) but I know my stuff.

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    Why can people not understand that ratings are based on personal opinion? Just because someone gives it a 10 it doesn't mean it is the best amp in the world. It means they are happy with it, that's all. Jeez, will you people ever grow up!
    i disagree with the people that say that this amp is a piece of shit. I have been using this amp for over 4 years and it still sounds great. some say that this is just another MG, it has some differences. it is built with different components,such as the 12 inch goldback speaker, and various other components, which give this amp better sound qualities and more superior than the MG's, hence the name G80rcd, not MG80rcd. It is an 80 watt, or RMS 100 watt, so its really loud, i have done a lot of gig's with it in front of a pretty large audience. It may be true that this amp is not as good as the JMD or JVM range. However the JMD and JVM are far more expensive and are also tube amps. Only because tube amps are more expensive does not mean that they are better. It depends on what sound you like better. I have a JVM 210C, its a really good amp with some killer tones, however they have a different sound. Some sounds are better on a transistor amp than on a valve. This amp brings out some good sounds and you can produce a big diversity of sounds thanks to the different controls. Sadly this amp does not have a great variety of sound effects, so I use my Boss PH7 phase shifter, Boss DD7 delay, MXR wylde overdrive and crybaby wah-wah pedal. The amp knocks out some really awesome sounds with these affects which can be adjusted thanks to the Effects Loop. I play mainly metal and hard rock on it, some 60's and 70's rock (mainly shredding), and it sounds very good on the amp. Over-all this amp is really good, 9 out of 10!!!
    I recently bought a used G80-RCD and I find that I am very happy with this amp. I owned a full stack Marshall Mk II lead amp and a Fender Silver Face Deluxe, so I know what tube tone should be like. This amp gets 85% of the Marshall tube sound. As I use it live and most people in the audience are not sound connoisseurs, it passes for the classic rock sound. Remember, most classic rock music had Marshall amps as the guitar sound. I have been playing for over 45 years, so I do have a somewhat experienced ear. I do not profess to be a snob about amplifiers or guitars since those that know, know that it is what your finger do that determine your sound. So as far as I'm concerned, IMHO this amp rocks and rocks hard!
    ive just bought one from a second hand shop for $190, im an average guitarist but im a pretty good sound engineer and i work with one of the countrys best tribute shows so i know what a warm guitar sound is.. already its developed a bit of a hum but not too loud to annoy me, it does have good bottom end but it seems the original speaker was replaced with a pro sound speaker, warmth is good and i even felt like it was very close to a tube sound.. realistically to get a stage size marshall combo for that price isnt too bad, i play a few guitars but ive only used my gibson sg on it at this stage... I will post more info on this amp in a month or so, keep watching for an update...
    davet1958 wrote: G80RCD I am not a musician but an engineer. I have to say that this like many other Marshalls is poorly made, nasty to repair, difficult to get parts for and in comparison to Fender, HiWatt or Peavey amps is really pretty poor. Dealing with these sort of amps on a regular basis you get to see the difference between OK and poor. This model drops its emitter resistors off the circuit board when its pushed hard for a couple of hours. The lack of any sort of backing on the cabinet means that heavy-handed users will blow the speaker within 6 months. The reverb is the sort of tank you fit in a baby practice amp. The controls, being those cheap miniature ones from Taiwan last at best 10 months and are not generally available spares in my neck of the woods and thus incur a considerable cost disadvantage when doing a repair. The chassis itself is a pain in the bum to get in and out the spring clips for the bolts lasting three or four removals. The PCB tucked into the chassis is not only poorly made but is not easy to remove from the front panel especially if the holes were not de-burred properly during manufacture as is the case with all the ones I have dealt with. The PCB layout comes from the design by computer and dont worry about the outcome. Power amp is therefore less than conditionally stable as I have found when monitoring the output! A better layout for this one is all thats required and it would then run cooler and wouldnt drop components off the board either! Finally the PSU whilst having a reasonably good bridge has capacitors I wouldnt fit in a 20 watt amp let alone one thats supposed to give 80 watts. Made to a price not a quality. If all your interested in is having the Marshall name then its probably going to be okay. If you want a good amp that will last and be repairable 5 years down the line go elsewhere.
    You are only talking about how it's hard to repair. Well I don't give a damn. If it sounds good it doesn't matter if it's hard to repair because I don't repair amps. If it gets broken take it to somebody who can repair it. I don't have any experience about these amps but c'mon! People here are interested about how it sounds not how it's hard to repair!
    GTOtt wrote: Why can people not understand that ratings are based on personal opinion? Just because someone gives it a 10 it doesn't mean it is the best amp in the world. It means they are happy with it, that's all. Jeez, will you people ever grow up!
    But 10/10 isn't helpful. If you say everything is great or everything sucks it isn't helpful.