Haze 15W Head and Cab Review

manufacturer: Marshall date: 07/25/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Marshall: Haze 15W Head and Cab
I play a wide variety from classic 60's rock to todays crazy metal bands and I have yet to find myself outside of this amps capabilities. I run with very minimal effects all very friendly with this amp.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.3
Haze 15W Head and Cab Reviewed by: ne14t, on july 25, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 799

Purchased from: Long and McQuade

Features: This Marshall has pure tube Marshall sound in a really tiny package, the three 12AX7 preamp tubes, JJ's from the factory, have plenty of available gain. Combined with the two 6V6 you have the snarly British sound on the OD channel and tons of headroom on your clean channel for a Fender-esque clean tone (obviously not as clean). It has two channels (Clean/OD), Shared EQ and what I am going to call "smart effects" on board (Echo, Chorus, Vibe, Reverb), meaning when you set the effects for a channel when you Switch channels you can change the effect and it wont change for the opposite channel; sadly the EQ is not like this and will have to be adjusted after a channel Switch if you require that. Turning the effects knobs all the way off completely bypasses the effects circuit giving you a 100% pure tube tone. I believe the delay maxes out at 1 second (haven't really timed it properly) the Chorus is lush and the emulated spring reverb is tasty. I was very impressed with the on board effects even though I didn't need them; however they are VERY useable. The bright Switch is a nice function if you vary between humbuckers and single coils. It will make a humbucker REALLY sparkly sounding and make a single coil sound fatter like a humbucker. The Haze 15 is a 15watt Class A amp and unlike most other lunchbox it unfortunately does not have a power sink or a way to select less voltage, so it definitely likes being loud, but at 15W its not loud enough to make the cops come knocking. Marshall includes a foot Switch to change channels and to toggle your selected effect on or off, though it will not change the effects for you that has to be done on the face of the head, slight downside if you need to use the built in effects. The only thing I was really let down on was the lack of an effects loop on the head, but the combo unit has one. Only other bad thing I have heard with the Haze 15 was some of the speakers were loose in the cabs and would rattle. 9/10 As the lack of an effects loop is slightly a downside especially since the combo unit has one. // 9

Sound: I have only played my Gibson Explorer on it, equipped with stock humbuckers. And I play a wide variety from classic 60's rock to todays crazy metal bands and I have yet to find myself outside of this amps capabilities. I run with very minimal effects (MXR Wylde OD and Fullbore, CFH and a DigiTech Whammy) all very friendly with this amp. Once you start stacking a lot of gain it can get pretty noisy, then again what amp doesn't suffer from this? Some people on the Marshall forum were having issues with rattling, which turned out to be a loose speaker in the cab, very easy fix, I hear the comobs are prone to a little more issues. The custom Celestion Marquee that was made for the Haze cabs sounds great, it has a slight Vintage30 sound combined with something like a Greenback, but its not as crisp as the greenback and not as rough as the V30 (sorry if that's slight confusing) personally I would have loved if it came with a V30 but it probably would have pushed the price up another $100. As mentioned before the cleans are Fenderesque, I believe the gain is governed by the volume so it really wont start breaking up on the clean channel till you crank it to the point where the power tubes distort. As for the OD channel hold onto your socks! The JJ 12AX7s are the highest gain 12AX7 variant and it shows, I can mimic a Slayer JCM800 tone with the gain set at noon, crank it all the way up and she sizzles with preamp saturation, dime volume with the amp cranked and you would swear the sound was coming out of a larger amp. Its probably large and loud enough to use upto a medium sized venue (i.e. Bars, clubs) but for anything larger you may want to be bothered to mic it up. 10/10 AMAZING I know with built in effects and full EQ this amp has tons of tonal possibilities and the Celestion Marquee is an excellent voiced speaker for this amp, it always makes me smile when I play it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have been playing it hard for three months now and I have yet to run into a single problem. Very rugged and solid design, yes the cab is made out of MDF and some people will complain that its not plywood which I laugh at, unless your leaving it out in the rain it doesn't matter. I would certainly use this amp for gigging with out a backup there is no real risk of damaging it due to its small size and its not hard at all to change the tubes requiring just some spare tubes to be safe. I have only owned the amp for three months so I can't comment on long term yet but I have put it through some serious use in those three months and nothing has lead me to believe this amp is a lemon or of bad design. I actually went in looking at the Tiny Terror, Night Train, Haze, Transatlantic. The Marshall came out on top for sound, features and price point, saved about $200 off any of the other guys aside from the Transatlantic its a lot more but probably one of the best lunchbox amps on the market. 8/10 I am going to rate this one 8 for now as I have yet to have any issues with my amp. I will say the vinyl covering they put on the cab is weak, loading into into my truck some how I managed to put a slight tear in it and I can see some bubbles in other places leading me to believe its mediocre in quality. Electronically its sound though so if you don't care about cosmetics you're good to go. // 8

Overall Impression: If you play classic rock like Cream it works, if you play metal like Slayer it works, heck I have even played some Cash on the clean channel and it sounded great too! The boys over on the Marshall forum said it best for me, it crunches like a Plexi and cleans up like a Fender, making it an extremely versatile and flexible use amp. If it were lost or stolen I would certainly get myself a new one, I would not replace it with something else, because nothing else will sound like it; however its not the only lunchbox amp I will purchase and it most certainly isn't the best thing since sliced bread but for the cost the Marshall Haze 15 it's certainly one to consider. 10/10 The Haze was the last lunchbox I played before I made my purchase, and I had actually not even heard of it until seeing it on the floor the day the store got it. The final round was the Orange TT and PPC12 combo against the Marshall Haze combo, cranked the TT crunched a bit more but in general they sounded very much a like. // 10

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