JCM2000 TSL100 Head review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (150 votes)
Marshall: JCM2000 TSL100 Head

Price paid: € 600

Purchased from: some dude

Sound — 10
I use this amp with a JCM900 lead cabinet, a Ibanez RG321 & a korean Squier from 1994 wich has a humbucker. I play a lot of punk, metal, some bluesy shit and some other shit. It suits my style perfectly, this amp has more than enough gain on the od channels and the clean channel is sparkling clean. I always use the mid boost on the clean, it gives some extra character to your tone. On the od chanells I use tone shift wich turns off your eq. That pure, raw, over the top, harmoniic filled tone is awesome. The lead channel will give you everything you need for soloing, it has enough sustain, gain en power. The crunch channel is also perfect, more than enough gain, but you can also get those, "slightly overdroven" tones. You can basicly get any tone out of it. The clean stays pretty clean on high volume. The only way this amp gets noisy is when you crank the gain at higher volume. How brutal is the distortion? Imagine someone throws a brick in your face, so brutal is this amp. It's a beast.

Overall Impression — 9
I fell in love with this amp. I have been playing for 5 years now and I tried a lot of amps and this one sure is one of the best. I have nothing to complaint about. If it was stolen I would search the thiefs and kill them with a axe. I actualy wanted to buy a Dual Rectifier but I didn't have enough money. This amp will blow your mind!

Reliability & Durability — 5
I haven't had this amp for a long time but I'm quite sure it wil last. It never broke down on me and I hope it never will :) I never use a backup, only spare valves. I do not expect it will break.

Features — 9
I don't know when this amp was made, it features 3 channels, eq for each channel, a presence and reverb section. It also has kobs for mid boost on clean and tone shift on the distortion channels it also features a effects loop. It came with a 5-knob footswitch, channels, reverb fx. This amp sure is loud enough, first time I cranked it in my bedroom stuff started falling off the wall. f--k yeah! I use this amp for gigging, jamming and practicing, at home, or anywhere else.

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    anyways get a line 6 spider 3 75hd blows this thing out of the water.. if only marshall could be as good as line 6.....lol
    I'm amazed people rave over these amps, they are complete pieces of shit. Got one of these in my basement, my friend keeps it here for band practice and i use it for my other band because i don't have an amp. He got it with a 1960a cab and it was retubed recently. Clean channel is way to bright, no warmth to it and is all mids. Crunch channel is thin and fuzzy, no low mids to it, absolutely no strength, sounds like a SS amp to me. Now the lead channel is decent, without the deep switch it sounds OK, the deep switch gives the tightest and most present sound, muddy in the high gain area. The modern switch makes it sound like an MG, but my metalcore band needs that sound so i have to use the stupid modern switch. This amp is not loud, all the idiots here have never played a mesa in their life. My rhythm guitarist has his dual rec at 2 when i have the TSL at 6 at out shows, by the end of our show i turn it up to 8 for my end solo, ****ing EIGHT, no tube amp should have to go that loud. I have never been fond of marshalls, after playing this piece of shit you couldn't get me to pay more than $500 for it. Go out and a mesa, peavey, engl, fryette, bogner or anything except marshall, I'm probably gonna go buy an old peavey 5150 II just so i don't have to use this piece of crap. Marshalls are overpriced mediocre amps, only good thing about them is they cut through the mix.
    Anyone Like to my Marshall JCM 200 TSL 100, With a England made 1969 4x12 cabinate? 2100$ O.b.o if interested contact 905-401-9087
    maowcat: Hard to believe we're all talking about the same amp. Mine is fantastic. Has great tone on all three channels, and is louder than the very screams of hell itself. Maybe yours is defective.
    Is there a difference between the TSL & the DSL besides the separate tone controls for each channel VS a shared tone control on the DSL version?