JCM2000 TSL602 Combo Review

manufacturer: Marshall date: 06/09/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Marshall: JCM2000 TSL602 Combo
This amp is a tube amp with three channels (clean/crunch/lead). It has reverb both for the clean and distortion channels and a fx mix.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
 Features: 7.3
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overall: 9
JCM2000 TSL602 Combo Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 27, 2006
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Price paid: $ 948

Purchased from: Local Guitar Shop

Features: 2003 Marshall TSL602. Same features as the TSL60 head, but with a closed back cabinet containing two Celestion Wolverine speakers. There are two drawbacks to this one, it is really heavy (about 80 pounds), and two, it only has one handle on the top. This amplifier would really benefit from having a couple of handles on the sides of the cabinet for easier transportation. The three channels are footswitchable, as is the reverb and the FX loop. // 8

Sound: I use a stock Les Paul and a custom built Tele style guitar with Fender American Telecaster Pickups. With the Paul, the clean channel is very smooth, even at high volumes, and with the Tele, the twangy-ness really shines through. The 'Crunch' channel gives off harmonically pleasing distortion (especially if you keep the gain low and the channel volume high), especially at high volumes. The 'Lead' channel is even more saturated, perfect for ripping off a face melting solo. I have really noticed how good it sounds with a wah pedal - much better than any solid state amp I have used. The best part is, since it is a 60 watt amp, you can basically dime it without shattering your ear drums. There is a slight hiss until the tubes warm up (usually about 10 minutes or so after leaving it on standby for the first five minutes of powering up). // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have had no problems with this amp. I bought it used in mint condition. According to the seller, he decided to learn to play, tried, didn't like it/couldn't learn, and sold it. It's always a good idea to have spare fuses and tubes when gigging, but I would be very comfortable with just this amp in my setup. From what I understand, the footswitch is prone to breaking down, so, obviously, special attention will be paid to it. // 9

Overall Impression: I play mostly rock and pop in a couple of bands, and this amp can be set to suit almost every style. It records really well, and the live tone can't be beat. After 14 years of playing, I think I'm done buying amplifiers, well, maybe. If this amp were stolen or lost, I would certainly replace it with another TSL602. If you are looking for great overdriven tone at reasonable volumes, I highly reccomend you give this amp a try. // 9

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overall: 7.5
JCM2000 TSL602 Combo Reviewed by: Tanky-Lanky, on september 21, 2007
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Purchased from: Bam Bam Music

Features: So basically it's a valve amp, with 3 different channels clean, crunch and lead. With two really big, really powerfull speakers, a footcontroller and enough juice to power mexico. Don't let the 60w fool you, I didn't think it'd be enough, but I was proved wrong. It's more than enough, thanks to the valves and 'wolverines'. It has all your settings like gain, treble, middle, bass, volume. Unfortunatly there is'nt a headphone jack (for safety reasons jks) and the crunch and lead have to share dials, so same settings for both channels. It also has presence, FX mix, Clean reverb, overdrive reverb (crunch/lead) and a master volume. Not that many features, but enough. If you want more buy a pedal. // 6

Sound: I use a Ibanez axe with EMG Zakk Wylde set installed (81 bridge, 85 neck). The amp use to sound pretty nice with the stock Ibanez humbuckers, but after I had the active EMG's installed, the Marshall showed it's true colours. It wont really matter what you play with, it will still sound pretty darn good. Just playing basic riffs sounds superb, never mind brain melting solos. No matter what style of music you play it will do wonders for you. However I am still trying to find the right sound settings for the clean channel that suites my playing style. This amp will play anything from Blues, country, rock and all types of metal. Any genre and this amp will perfom. It has a crazy ammount of distortion, and enough grunt 2 impress any metal head. Bass is great, good reverb, the only negative I can think of with sound quality is when playing heavy gain and distortion, it sounds a mess you can't hear the minor notes over the major, but I think most amps are like that anyway. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp made Chuck Norris wet his pants, it's that dominating. You could definatly depend on it, it's very solid. Just don't go throwing it out of hotel windows because it probably wont survive that, but anything else and it's a tank. I haven't had it that long so I'm not sure about valve lifespans etc, but I'm sure if you treat it well and let it warm up they should last awhile. You could definatly gig with it, it has plenty of volume and crowd pleasing tone. If wanted to gig properly you could buy a cab for extra volume and rep. // 7

Overall Impression: Considering this is only my second amp ever, and my first was a crappy solid state Ibanez 14w practice amp, it's a big upgrade. It's hard to compare it to other amps with similiar abilities, because I've never played them. But the instant I plugged it in I was in love. The wolverine speakers raw and the valves glow with each chord. You'll be impressed with the abilities that this valve amp is capable of. The craftsmanship is magnificant, it's such an attractive amp and allot of detail is evident. It's quite large so it's bound to attract attention, and great to gig with. Enough volume to fill a large venue, or at least to cause permanent ear damage when playing in ure room. Enough volume also to piss your parents and neighbours off lol, and this thing rattles windows and shakes walls so there's no problem in the volume department. My only negative is because it's a valve amp it needs time to warm up, so you need to be patient and wait a few minutes on standby before you can rock out. If some prick decided to pilfer my pride and joy, first I'd cry for a week lol, then I'd have to hunt the person down and kill them by dropping the amp on their head (Hey! it weighs a tonne, and is solid enough not to break, the only thing that would break is their skull hahaha). Then go back to playing beautiful music through a beautiful Marshall valve amp. I'm pumped with the amp, and it goes splendid with the active EMG's. Great tone, suites my playing styles and it's a Marshall so it's bound to please. Pretty pricy, but your paying for the logo lets face it. Overall: great amp, Marshall delivers again. // 9

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overall: 8.8
JCM2000 TSL602 Combo Reviewed by: frikko666, on june 09, 2009
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Price paid: $ 958

Purchased from: Rín

Features: This amp is a tube amp with three channels (clean/crunch/lead). It has reverb both for the clean and distortion channels and a fx mix. It comes with a 3 channel footswitch with reverb and fx mix as well. This amp is really heavy and is a bit problem to transport between places. I use this amp for practices and gigs, but occasionally at home. The amp seems to have some power although i have only played one gig with it in a big room which reverbed alot so the guitar sort of got buried in the massive drum sound. // 8

Sound: I'm using a Esp/Ltd Viper-50 with stock ESP LH-150 pickups in both bridge and neck. The crunch channel is perfect for hard rock like Guns N' Roses and AC/DC and the clean channel is very smooth and really good for blues and jazz. The amp sounds a bit muffy so I keep the treble mostly all the way up. The clean channel has a gain knob which sort of acts as a volume knob but if you put it really high it gets really distorted. The amp doesn't have a lot of distortion so it isn't really good for really heavy stuff. // 9

Reliability & Durability: It isn't really long since I've bought this amp and I have only used it on one gig but I would probably depend on this amp Live. I bought this amp a month ago. It has fallen few times but it has never broken down. I say that this amp is probably really strong since I bought it used. // 9

Overall Impression: I play almost anything although I mostly play punk, rock, metal and occasionally blues. This amp is really good for jazz, blues and rock. I've been playing for 3 years now. Other gear I have is a Esp/Ltd F-10 beginner's guitar and a ESP-10 beginner's amp. If this amp would be stolen or lost I would probably try some other amps or buy another one of these. I love the cleans and the sweet, crunchy distortion but it really lacks distortion. I tried few amps (about 4) before I tried this one and this one was the only one I liked. I chose this one because of the tone and probably the only thing it's really lacking is distortion. So if you want a good, loud amp (although it's a bit pricey) then I recommend this one. // 9

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