JCM800 4104 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (4 votes)

Price paid: $ 1300

Purchased from: Music Swap Shop

Sound — 10
I go through Yammaha Pacifica, Cry Baby Wah, TS-9, Jackhammer (don't ask why I bought that), RC-2 ect, JCM800, I play Hendrix, Tool, Floyd and this amp can do these sound perfectly, I'm quite surprised in it's versatility. Clean channel leave something to be desired, but you know Marshall clean isn't what they are known for. This amp sounds so smooth it's natural distortion is beautiful, you can go from some awesome blues sound ala Hendrix to some nice metal Crunch, the addition of a distortion pedal has come in some use to for a little extra oomf a little more sustain ect. I can't say I'd recommend this as a practice amp as it's too loud for bedroom use, well let me re-phrase it, to get the full potential out of this amp it need to be up there at about 12 o'clock. If you are so inclined to by a 4x10 speaker box it sounds amazing, I used a mates Marshall and I couldn't belive the sound, it was soo ballsy but had a really nice top end that was given out by the four, ten inch speakers and of course bottom end catered for by the two 12's. If you could afford it do it.

Overall Impression — 10
This is my soul mate, ok I'm sounding a little weird but anyone who has had this amp can tell you they are a real catch. If it were stolen I would chase the bastard down and steal it back. I can't say I hate anything about the amp, maybe that the nobs are a little loose now but that's just me. when I first bought the amp I was in a second hand "swap shop" real cruisy place, I was playing a few different amps and then I played the 800 and was like wow this is a little different, I had a music student come up to me saying if he had enough money he was going to buy it, he didn't get the chance, haha if you see one around go check it out, you wont be disappointed (great first amp).

Reliability & Durability — 10
Can you depend on this amp? You could through this amp off a three story building pick it up bring it back up stairs and plug it in and start shredding away, no joke these are built fucking tuff, as i mentioned earlier its a simple head, not much is going to go wrong with it, and anyone you get to fix it will know this amps inside out. I got mine second hand, its beaten up and i love it that way. Never broken down (touches wood).

Features — 9
Ok so you have basically a 50 Watt (tube) 2204 head stuck into a neat little 2x12 combo, think loud, think big fat warm '80s Marshall. This thing is basic, single channel pre-amp, master vol, treb, mid, low, presence, two inputs high and low. Now I basically use this thing only in high cranking the Pre-amp then moving the master up until my ears and the base players and drummers ears bleed at about 5. Now some people think because it's a single channel it sucks, let me tell you all those effects you get on amps these days aren't worth shit, if you want reverb go and by a stomp box, if you want it on an amp it will come in a pedal. Think of it this way, one less thing to break down on your amp. This is more power than you need, I play in many different places, large halls what ever it will handle it, any bigger than that and your amp is mic'ed and you will hear it through your folds. say good by to carrying around that f--king speaker box and head. Let me digress onto sound but I will come back to the speaker box in a sec.

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    I disagree with saying that marshalls aren't known for cleans. Some of their cleans are killer.
    agreed. i don't want to pay an extra $200 for some shitty effect that i will never use. you can turn pedals off easier too.