JCM900 Review

manufacturer: Marshall date: 10/01/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Marshall: JCM900
This amp is an all tube 100/50 watt head with a 4x12 1960 marshall cab. It is very similar to the JCM 800 except that the preamp is capable of much more gain.
 Sound: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 7.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 7.3
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overall: 9
JCM900 Reviewed by: riffmasterjosh, on april 06, 2007
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: auction

Features: This was made during the '90s. The amp is versatile enough for my styles of music. I play classic rock and hard rock and the distortion on this amp is just amazing! This amp has two channels but only one eq for the channels. It also has an effect loop. I mainly use this amp for gigging. It definately has enough power with the 50 what head and half stack with 4 12" celestons. This is a tube amp 50 whatt with dual reverb. // 9

Sound: I use my Gibson Les Paul Studio with it and it's just amazing. The amp is a perfect match for the les paul. It is perfect for that ac/dc hard rock sound. The amp is not very noisy and if cranked up the distortion just sounds amazing. The amp doesn't really have that much variety except clean distorted and some reverb but it does allow for an effects loop. The clean channel is not distorted at high volumes. The distortion is just killer. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I can depend on this amp. I haven't had one problem since it was serviced when I first bought it. I would use it without a backup but make sure to have an extra pair of tubes. When I first purchased this amp it wasn't currently working. I took the head in to get serviced and new tubes but the amp still didn't' work. There was a loose solder on one of the wires for the speakers but it was a quick fix. This was probally do to not being serviced and wear from being so old. // 8

Overall Impression: This amp makes a perfect match for the hard rocker or classic rock fan. It easily gives a great sound for ac/dc angus young riffs. I've been playing for about two years and I also currently own a Marshall MG30DFX and this amp kicks that one's ass! If it were stolen or lost I would be searching ebay right away for a new one or if I had the money a jcm 800. I just love the distortion. There isn't anything that I hate. I just got it cause it was cheap and ended up loving it. I wish it had a seperate eq for each channel. // 9

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overall: 6
JCM900 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 28, 2004
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Price paid: $ 1200

Purchased from: band-aid music supply

Features: This amp pushes out 100 tube watts thru two 12" celestions. It has two channels, clean and lead, with spring reverb. The thing is, the 3-band equalization accounts for both channels so what may sound hella good for one could sound really bad on the other! It's got an effects loop out and in with two 3/4" output jacks in the back if say you wanna run with a cab. // 6

Sound: I use any of my 3 guitars I have with this amp and quite honestly the tone bites for me. The distortion is weak and the sustain is like not even there. I have to run all my pedals and use my rack setup 31-band equalizer, rack mounted tuner, and gainiac to get a good sound out of it. Now the clean channel sounds really nice though. It doesn't distort too much on the clean channel but it will if you turn the gain up really high. What I do for gigs is I use my Crate stack for the crunch part of the songs as well as the leads, and then I run an A-Y direct box from that to the Marshall for clean on account of my Marshall has a very nice clean sound to it. And I just set them up side by side and mic them both to get an even sound as though I had only one amp. That's the only thing I use it for. Basically I'm not a big fan of the tone at all! // 4

Reliability & Durability: The JCM 900 is a very sturdy little amp/speaker combo! I've gigged with it for a while now and it hasn't failed yet. I've never replaced the tubes or had to repair it at all. A guy could go a long time without having to worry about any of those things! // 8

Overall Impression: So this is the only time Marshall has let me down. I mean, for me personally, this amp is crap. But if youre into blues and softer rock than I am heck it may be perfect! I really wish I would have tried it out more before buying it though. I mean when I saw it and played it I wasnt even paying attention to the sound, or the features it has and lacks. All I was paying attention to was the big white Marshall logo on the grill cloth! Don't make my mistake test it test it and test it again, the name is nothing! But I really love the nice, sparkling clean tones that I get out of channel A, amazing sound there. overall, if youre looking into buying this puppy try it out! The features arent that great but heck, it's a decent little amp for the price! // 6

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overall: 8
JCM900 Reviewed by: Adrian89, on october 01, 2009
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Features: This little bastard, JCM 900 SL-X version, was done somewhere between 990-1993. A hot rodded Marshall JCM 800 with one channel with tipical EQ (bass middle and treble) and a presence knob, Master volume and a special gain knobs: 1 preamp volume 1-10 1 sensitivity knob that goes from 10 to 20! Plus a channel A volume and Channel B what works as a volume boost with a P801 footswitch. It does have an ouput selector for 50w-100watts, effects loop,... Pretty simple but efective, lacks a really tweakable boost. // 7

Sound: I run this head thru differents guitars so they sound a little bit different, but being very sensitive lowering the volume knob on the guitar, giving the "clean" sound: a) Washburn Slimebolt with 59' and dimebucker: plenty of power and thrashy sound, needs a OD for Th3 BrOoOtAlZzZ but the main feature of this amp is the DEFINITION, plenty in every stage of gain, very effective with the Dimebucker and warm with 59'. A real thrash machine b) Fame the paul gothic with Alnico's II: arguably better than a Gibson les paul, the alnico's adds more classic bite to this amp. Great zeppellin tones and Hard rock, and surprisingly Great clean lowering the gain or the volume on the guitar. // 9

Reliability & Durability: the amp was traded for my Spider valve 100 hd, and have annual revisions and valve changes, so it was cared. Marshall is very reliable so I'm confindent, they sent me the pedal for free (P801). It does not need back up if you care it but a clean amp can be usefull for adding versatility // 8

Overall Impression: Since I'm a Thrash player, this amp is a dream for me, clarity and power in one head, emphasizing the fact that this head was traded for my Spider valve. I match it with a Crate cab with celestions so the sound is pretty close to awsomeness for my style but this amp is not suitable for everyone due to the lack of channels and reverb, so investing in stompboxes is an option for the versatile player. Overall I'm very happy with it and recomend it for everyone Who wants aggresitivy and a responding amp for nuances of guitar playing, or combining it with a clean amp for more sound options // 8

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