JMD-1 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (106 votes)
Marshall: JMD-1

Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 10
I use it with a cheap Squier Strat with single coil pickups. I barely ever use cleans. The amplifier is not noisy at all, and if your crank it, you can use the Noise Gate to cut the feedback. This amp can make a ridiculous amount of sounds, you can channel every band that has ever played a Marshall. The clean is decent, I have no problems with it. The crunch lets you channel the Plexi sound, and you can play some great blues-rock. The overdrive is extremely versatile, you can nail AC/DC as well as Megadeth. The leads are all absolutely beautiful.

Overall Impression — 9
My other gear is crap. If this was stolen, I would get another one, for 600 bucks it is a bargain and a half.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Built like a tank. I would definitely gig without backup. Never broken down yet, but you never know.

Features — 10
I bought this brand new, but I have no idea when it was made. This amp is crazy versatile. I play everything from Clapton to Zeppelin to Slayer to AC/DC, and this amp covers it all. There are 16 pre-amps, based on famous Marshall amps and pedals. Everything that I have heard about this amp indicates that it replicates these previous amplifiers close to perfectly. It has built-in effects and delay. Four preamps per channel, four channels: Clean, Crunch, Overdrive and Lead.

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    reg parsons
    this is a great amp...just dial it in properly...try this setting...16...gain 8..eq...set to middle add a bit more of treble..modulation on...about at 1(which is a touch of chorus)mod depth 12 oclock..use external noise gate and wont be disappointed
    I am blown away!!! I'm just a hobbyist, and not very good to boot, but I got a steal on this amp and cabinet so I couldn't pass it up. I've been playing on the MG100HDfx for several years, and currently run it through two MG412 cabinets (it's all the purple/gold special edition, and yes I did buy it for color, and of course the nice little 500 dollar price tag). That amp/cab combo has always been good to me, but I felt like I was ready to venture into the tube market (had a peavey classic 30 for gigging, but this is more of a home piece. I'm in love!!!! I don't feel like I'll ever need effects again, it switches seamlessly across the channels for everything I would play, no matter what guitar I have plugged into it, it sounds amazing. I know it's a bit of a "price point" amp, but I paid 425 for my set, which is the JMD-1 head and a 1960A slant cab, so I paid less than the cabinet itself retails for, let alone the head. I liked my cheap little MG stack, but it was always missing something, and I found it. The ripping leads, ultra sweet cleans, and fantastic sustain that can only come from the vicious powertubes this thing is packing. !!!
    I know I'm late to the game and these are no longer available, but I bought one used and needed to get my $.02 in. I own myriads of amps and preamps as I collect and like variety in my home studio and playing out. The list includes the Carvin X60B+412C bottom; 2 Carvin Legacy amps and 1 bottom; 2 Carvin Quad-X's(1st and 2nd versions, there IS a difference in tone) 4 ADA Mp-1' get the idea. I have the JMD 1, purchased used for $450 but as new combined with a 1960A cabinet. For those above claiming this puppy sounds thin's all in how the head is setup. I dialed in the preamp first to get a meaty classic rock sound. The key to this amp to get that full throttle thick and juicy Marshall tone is to run the power section wide open so the EL34s are cooking, anotherwards Master volume at 10. Use the preamp volume to dial in the room volume of the amp. On heavy settings I run the gain at 10....tone controls to personal taste. I guarantee running the JMD head like I've explained, even at moderate bedroom settings will put a smile on your face PS. I've seen a number of big names utilizing this amp in their touring rigs. MrIcee
    Just an addendum as I was in a rush when I posted the above earlier; The JMD is an extremely versatile amp with it's 16 preamps to choose from, and unlike some of the comments here state, this amp has got the goods and MORE. I use external FX through the loop(TC Nova system) and a wah in front. The Vai Legacy amp is great in doing the hot and nasty Plexi gig with a great clean channel, but I like this more in that I can dial in a clean channel with 3 progessively heavier hot and nasty channels. I don't use the presets and honestly the 4 channels I've dialed in are as good as it gets for Marshall tone. And thats the bottomline....this thing is great at a wide variety of Marshall tones. To compare to 5150's, Engl, Mesa etc etc is not a fair comparison. If you seek honest to God spot on Marshall tone and 16 varieties of it in one amp...this amp is the winner for not alot of $$.
    This would almost fit as a segment in SPINAL TAP!! it's not that his playing is that bad? it's just a example of pissing in the wind with absolutely no direction!btw i'm not out to pick on anyone!(as I've done this shit too!)maybe i'm just maturing as a musician??(ok in other words getting old lol!)Jim M.
    I own one of these amp heads. I must say it is pretty cool. great for live shows, especially if you dont want to have a giant pedal board full of delays, noise gate, solo boost etc..Its too bad they dont make it anymore, it was a good rock head. the only thing is that it doest quite hold as much lows as my jcm 2000, but it still rips. heres a video of me playing through mine doing a live solo at a gig last year.
    Pretty sure the 80s are well over...dude! lol...i mean impressive and all..but..why? who gives a rats about guitar solos anymore...the kind of people that do i dont want anywhere near one of my gigs...and i love rock and heavy rock as much as the next guy