JMP 2203 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 9.3 (26 votes)
Marshall: JMP 2203

Price paid: $ 1000

Purchased from: private seller

Sound — 10
I use a Fender Strat with this amp. Single coil pickups. Sounds great with humbuckers but it is a little darker than the singles in my opinion. I play classic rock/blues/anything Vintage. This amp totally nails what I play. This amp is NOT a high gain amplifier. Try out a Mesa Dual Rec if thats what you're looking for. With the pre-amp all the way up, this amp growls, perfect for early Black Sabbath. Lower the pre-amp, crank that master volume, and you start to hear the AC/DC in it. AC/DC did in fact use JMP 2203's in the late 70's. I'm also not sure, but on the Let There Be Rock album, you can swear they're using JMP mv's. Plug this puppy into a cab with greenbacks, G12H30's, or even V30's and you will definitely hear "the" tone that is heard in the classic rock albums. If you plug into the clean input, and really crank teh volume (which is almost impossible to do with this amp) you also get a pretty nice tone.

Overall Impression — 8
I've been playing 5 years and I doubt I will ever need a new amp again. If it were lost, I would have definitely buy it again. I would get a non-master volume amp, but its really hard to get the tone I'm looking for without an attenuator or having modifications done (I'm not a big fan of mods). I wish that the guy who originally had this amp hadn't put an effects loop and then have it taken out. He also added a half power switch. On full power it is a stock amp, but mods like that just take value away from the amp. I also wish I had come upon and earlier model (1976 to be exact) instead of a 1980. But other than that, its perfect for me. The one thing I love about this amp is just the overall look and feel that it has. The head shell is awesome. The simplicity of it is awesome. Guitar -> Amp -> Cab. The classic rock setup. The power and standby switches are pretty cool too. Hope this has helped!

Reliability & Durability — 5
I only rated this a 5 because I haven't had this amp for too long. I haven't gigged with it yet. Obviously if you don't take caer of it, it wron't function properly. If you do buy one, DO NOT neglect it. They are not only awesome amps, but a piece of rock 'n' roll history. I believe that in 30 years or so, guitar players everywhere will be seeking for this tone. It can really only appreciate in value too with good care. The older things are, the more valuable they become.

Features — 4
My JMP was made in 1980 according to the serial number. I, as a guitar player, do not look for much variety. I doubt you would either if you're reading this review. For the classic sound, effects and features aren't needed. I gave this a 4 because it does have 2 inputs, high and low (would've given a 1 if it only had 1). High input is for more high gain and trebly stuff. Low input is more bassy and clean. Even with the pre-amp all the way, this input is still incredibly clean. Being 100 watts, this thing is LOUD. I would even venture to say that its the loudest amp Marshall has ever made. The master volume does allow for more versatility than a non-master volume amp.

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    Its because people are Nazi's for OMGLOLWTF A NINE!? people are afriad to truelly rate anymore
    Pencil Man
    You gave it a 4 & a 5 for stupid reasons like, there isn't much but inputs and knobs, or that you've not had it long. Give this amp a good rating, man.
    High input is NOT for high output pickups, I think the reviewer knows what he's on about. Low input is an attenuated input, so higher output pickups don't get muddy or over gainy. And I don't see why giving it 4 for features is unfair...It's a very expensive amp, without many features! That doesn't make the amp any worse, just read the review, which is excellent, we need more like this. Also, JMP = pr0n
    how could you give such an awesome amp such a bad rating. Surely a vintage JMP is worth more than a 6.8?
    scores dont matter if you actually care to read reviews, but in this case both are completely discreditable when you read the review. for the features section his reasoning suggests that if there was an added built in clock he'd knock it it up a point becuase theres another feature present.
    Tyler Durden
    why is it when reviewers give all 10's people jump on them....and when a reviewer scores low they jump on them....geez, whats the point
    Jake Arewood
    I just got a little confused when he said the pre-amp was really clean then turned around and said it gives a Sabbath tone
    Wow your terrible, this amp is great i don't know what your doing giving a Marshall a 6.8 needs moar 8.6
    to anyone who said this is a bad review, you're dumb. this is the ideal review. he didn't over rate things he didn't know about, and on an amp with only a few knobs, it can't get above a 4 or 5 for features, because there are other amps with more knobs/switches/jacks than you can count
    Good call on AC/DC using JMPs. Angus used JMPs on all of their albums up to The Razor's Edge. I believe he used non-master volumes on High Voltage and Dirty Deeds and then used MVs on Let There Be Rock after AC/DC was sponsored by marshall and was given brand new 1977 amps (obviously MVs). I know way too much about AC/DC for my own good .
    thanks to the people who said it was a good review. to the others, you cant just rate everything a 10. thats not how it works. i couldnt give a good rating on features cause there really are no features. for reliability, im sure its perfectly reliable but i havent had it for long enough to tell. reviews that are superficial like you guys are asking for dont help the reader at all
    i understand all the ratings, except for reliability. if uve had it too long to tell... i suggest not making a review or at least make a guess, not just 5 it. at least its not superficial true, but why cant we ever get just normal good review? :/
    Originally, the idea was for the high input to be for low output pickups, and the low input to be for high output guitars. But most people just always plug into the high input.
    DUDE. HIGH INPUT IS FOR HIGH OUTPUT PICKUPS (Humbuckers). LOW INPUT IS FOR LOW OUTPUT PICKUPS (Single Coils). Pretty sure the high input just has some added noise reduction/compression.