JTM30 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (12 votes)
Marshall: JTM30

Price paid: € 320

Purchased from: Scotto musique

Sound — 8
I play a US Telecaster and US Gibson SG(both original pickups)and I play mainly rock blues and hard rock but almost no metal and they both sound very good the clean channel breaks up like you would expect it too in the preamp (12 oclock for the humbuckers and 3 oclock for the singles) however the master volume can get pushed a little further without breaking up so the clean sounds can be very convincing. The lead channel leaves a bit to be desired the distortion gets mushy after you take it past 2 o'clcock and the amps gets noisy when push it past 4 oclock(same with the master volume) the preamp volumes can be pushed without creating much unwanted noise (just one coming from the guitar). I am more of a plug and play type guy so I don't use much pedals appart from a crybaby wah from time to time. I can get a variety of convincing sounds out of it from my favourite rock idols from keith richards to AC/DC going through Jimi Hendrix, Page and Clapton and The Chilis I can get it all with the two guitars I play(sg and telecaster). The clean sounds a I get with the tele are also very convincing and definetely have a fendery vibe about them(not from the guitar, from the amp) overall I would definitely say this is a rock amp and metalheads should look elsewhere. People looking lots of headroom might also be disappointed.

Overall Impression — 9
I've benn playing for 6 yeras nowan been making guitars for 3 and for the type of music that I play this is a match made in heaven this amp sits in my workshop in a place of pride I also own an Ashdown 300watt bass amp which I just can't compare it with(transistors and guitars just sound weak in general through it). When buying it I hesitated with other models like the Peavey Classic 30 but in terms of tone they don't even come close. I really love the versatility I can get from it within my style of playing. The only thing I hate about it after haing lugged it around for awhile is the weight, the Peavey was so much lighter. I really am not disappointed with this amp and if it was lost or stolen I would definitely try and find another one altough they are getting hard to find. The only thing I wish it had is a better gain circuit making the increase in the distorton a bit smoother. Appart from that a good amp all round in my opinion.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would say this amp is dependable I've been lugging it around through university and I never had any problems with it what'soever I haven't even changed the tubes in the years I've owned it although I think I might stock up on some new tubes soon just in case. The tolex around the corners is peeling off but that is simply cosmetic. I would actually take this amp as a backup to a gig rather than use for the main gig, simply because it lacks the power but in terms of reliability I would use it without a backup if I had to.

Features — 8
Made in 1994 but bought in 2001 this 30 watt amp has 2 5881 tubes in the power section(like fenders)and 3 12AT7 in the preamp. It has a clean and a boost channel with a shared 3 band eq. It has a reverb unit which I never use because it doesn't suit my sound. Effects loop xlr out. Cool grey brown speaker cover and tolex over the main part of the amp. The speaker is a Celestion 12" G12. In the manual they say there is a matching cabinet with another 12" speaker but I've never even seen one although I'd love to try it out. I play mainly rock blues and hard rock. And this amp nails all those music types down to a tee. I mainly use this to go to practice sessions and it's perfect for that my guitar can clearly be heard over the drummer and the bassist, in home practice in the garage I can make the whole thing shake and rattle. I also use this to test new equipment it's a good ballpoint for me to compare the tones of different guitars as it doesn't color the tone too much. Only bad thing about is there isn't enough distortion on the distortion channel to go really heavy without any pedals. It also came with a footswitch for switching channels but that was from a modern Marshall and is not the original but it works fine. One last thing this amp weighs about 40 lbs which I think is rather heavy for a 30 watter. I don't think this amp is powerful enough to play in a gig bigger than a small pub.

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    Deth Rake
    is this amp any good for metal, i mainly play rock but sometimes drift to metal and was wondering if it would be ok for metal. if it's OD isn't gonna cut it then could i just use a distortion pedal???