JVM410C review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (102 votes)
Marshall: JVM410C

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 8
Brown tone, Satch and Vai leads, thrash metal. You have it, except for that nu metal sound. I put a Boss GE-7 through the loop, good enough to satisfy the metal heads out there. Also, that clean GREEN channel tone is amazing, I fell in love with it. So crisp and clear. I mainly use a Fender 50th Anniversary American Strat for blues and clean tone and a Prestige Ibanez RG2550E for those soaring leads and chug, chug sound. A few issues. It's a little noisy using the RED channels (high gain). I've eliminated most of the noise by using good cables, yet a noise gate is the ultimate solution. It's a high gain amp. What do you expect from it.

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing for 15 years and I just wanted to upgrade. I was reading the comments so I decided to add this. I own a MG100DFX. The amp is great for what it is, but it isn't a tube amp. Marshall or not. Harmonics, tapping, sustains, etc. are easier to achieve on great amps. You will sound and play better on great tube amps. I looked at Mesa's Dual Rects, Peavey 6505 and Soldano. My friend owns the Mesa Dual Rectifirer, so I am fully aware of what it can do. That thing is a beast, heavy and dark. Like what I said. Every amp is different. We all have different tastes. I chose the JVM for it's versatility and price. I don't have the money to spend on 4 amps to dial in all the tones out there. The JVM gave me the clean tone that I've been looking for and gain to play my leads. I hope my review helps.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had it almost 2 months now. No major issues so far. I did find 2 pots that were scratchy. I used some electronic cleaner to fix the problem. As far as the Marshall Brand, no problems throughout the years. Tubes are tubes. They will have to replaced down the road.

Features — 10
Here we go. It's made in 07. I've had this amp for 2 months now. I actually own the head (JVM-410H) paired up to a 1960A (4x12). 4 main channels, with 3 gain settings on each, plus 2 volume controls on each channel. Add them up, 24 channels. The foot pedal is programmable to control each volume, reverb, effects through the loop for each of the main 4 channels. You can also hook up a midi and program the foot pedal to control your rack mount effects through the loop. Great feature, even thought I don't own rack effects. For the versatility and price, you can't beat it.

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    DaBlackE wrote: Why not have review on the head instead of the combo?
    Because the person who wrote the review owns the combo version..?
    guitarist41 wrote: God, I would suck a lot of cock for one of these.
    Really...Whereabouts do you live?
    Fik0n wrote: These reviewes suck ass. Everyone gives averything 10/10 on everything. The scale starts at 9 here. 9.1 Is absolut ****ing crap and 10 is pretty average. UG, remove this crap.
    It's giddy retards that are so excited they got a shiny new (sometimes expensive) amp/guitar/whatever that they have to write a review on UG and praise it until it sparkles. If they reviewed the damn thing after 3 months of using it, they'd actually note the flaws. If you're lucky.
    Looks great, i would buy it but it's pretty expensive, cheapest i can find is about 850
    iv played in a band with marshall combos all my days...iv had my jvm over two weeks now.. my views are its ****ing heavy as **** for lugging around..apart from that everything just fitting into place... the sound iv been looking for all my days. the easy to use and control volume boosts n dips clean channel is somthing else... best i ever heard . not really sused the modes out yet i just been usein the clean green mode to the crunch red mode with the master vol 2 for boosting lead lines etc..so far so ****ing good..clean mega.. distortion mega..what more ya want ? a must for any guitarist ! i love fender twins...but now theres no need for one cuz i got better now....hail hail for big jim ..he's cracked the whole packege clean and the beast yaasssss Ringo oh cost me 950
    I own the 410h{head}, for 3mos. now, and I gotta tell ya I'm just as "giddy" as I was when I finally decided to purchase it. And, I'm glad I did....! Tried a few others first: Mesa, Engl, Peavey JSX; just to make mention. For the record: "there's a reason I've played marshall's for 30 years...." And this 410 is the culmination of all their experience producing top quality amplification. So, if you can, do it; you will not regret the investment.... Tonal range is phenomenal. In my experience, Marshall's have been quite reliable, just remember it is a valve amp; and down the road will need some replacing. If it is about the MUSIC and TONE, Marshall's will definitely get you there!
    marshalls are great amps dude they have so much old school tone compared to mesas marshalls are all about tone at least the good tube amps are which is what there best known for sure mesas are good high gan recto amps that would satisfy any metal head right next the randalls or the peavy 6505 but marshall has been around and making all the old school guitar gods sound great like jeff beck, angus young, jimmy page, zakk wylde, malsteen, lynch hell even trivium used them and metallica did at one point to bad they switched to mesa but hey not everyone can be satisfied with a marshall tone but all in all if you want a great tone then go with marshall i think everyone should have a marshall some where in there rig backing them up
    this amp seriously owns. i played it the other day at my local shop and it was so versatile and just so wonderful. but, i'm biased. IMO, you've gotta try it to understand how wonderful it is. but, to each his own.
    hmmmm. I don't know....I own one. I like it so far. Gets me as much Marshall rawk as i could ever want out of one tube amp.
    that amp sucks hardcore, I tried it, within the first 15 minutes i played with it i was starting to hate it, then i tried pushing the tubes with an od pedal, you couldn't even hear a difference, not a note came out punchy and I would definitely compare it to a MG on steroid, I'm sticking with JCM's thats for sure!
    Goin' Mobile
    It's a good amp, but for only $500 more you can get the JVM head. At this price, the combo is a waste.
    Guitaralmond wrote: Imperial wrote: they need to make a review for the Mode Four. i wonder how that thing sounds, its 350 watts all tube The mode 4 has no tubes btw, its solid state. no valves. Anyways to add to the discussion ive been lent a JVM by the music shop while my TSL122 is being fixed and I much prefer the TSL, it sounds so much better for big ass rock solo's eg Paul Gilbert etc...
    The Mode Four is not totally solid-state. It uses preamp tubes like the valvestates. The power section is solid-state
    I was checking out the Marshall DVD about the JVMs, they seemed nice. Just the whole 3 channels per channel kinda put me off a bit. I'm not sure why, it just got me a bit.
    I have an Aster LK - 630 and it sounds pretty with my KORG AX3G. Quite good for metallica. Cheers