JVM410H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 3
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 9.1 (87 votes)
Marshall: JVM410H

Sound — 3
This is where I'm going to have to differ with everyone. In theory, this is a perfect amp for anyone, it has an amazing versatility. However, the tone was definitely... Not for me. I have used this amp with a customised strat, a Gibson SG, a Fender Jaguar, an Ibanez RG... It simply doesn't work for me. The clean sounds sterile and lifeless, no matter which mode you put it on (the red clean is starting to get crunchy, yet it still sounds cold). The red crunch still isn't crunchy, even when the gain is maxed, it still sounds pretty clean; to me, this should've been the green crunch. The overdrive channels, though, were too gainy for me. Perfect for leads (though it still sounds a bit cold), but when I play rhythm riffs, I definitely want a crunchy distortion tone. All in all, I was looking for exactly the tone this amp doesn't have: a warm clean channel and a crunchy distortion. The clean, however, is cold, and the distortion is either not crunchy enough or too saturated.

Overall Impression — 5
To me, this amp is definitely overpriced. For the price of the jvm410h, you can actually get some great amps: if you want cleans, get a Fender Twin and you still have money to spare. If you want to play metal, you can get an ENGL. This amp really disappointed me, I really wanted to like it, and I had high expectations, but in the end, it really doesn't do it for me. If I had bought one, I would definitely sell it or bring it back.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I did use it without a backup all the times I've used it, and this amp has never let me down in terms of durability. However, it was not MY amp, so I can't really rate this.

Features — 10
First of all, I'd like to make something clear: I do not own this amp. However, I have used it as a main amp for a few gigs, and I thought I would review this amplifier, because none of the reviews I see her is reflecting what I thought of it. This amp is extremely versatile. It has clean, crunch and overdrive channels, and every channel has 3 modes, each with a color: green for the lightest, orange, red for the hardest (speaking of gain there). The footswitch included has 6 buttons: 4 channels (1 clean, 1 crunch, 2 overdrive presets), 1 volume boost and 1 effects loop on/off. I have used this amp at a total of 7 gigs, and it is definitely powerful enough for any gig. This is a 100w tube amp, it's definitely loud.

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    why the **** are everybody bagging marshall amps bcoz of their name badge? i own one and it is a bloody workhorse of an amp - 9/10. to end the great marshall debate - 1. Too noisy on OD channels? Get a noise gate 2. Shitty FX loop? I adjusted it a notch before the 'wet' side and i got sweet balanced tone and nice volume. It still isn't the best FX loop tho. 3. Leave the clean on green mode, it will produce a bright tone which is almost perfect (not quite as good as AC30 tone) 4. Replace the stock tubes (they are shit) 5. I've tried out other amps, and they don't carry much difference for heavy metal tone, this is sweet since you can get a workload of tone out of this. Why would Marshall try and make a shit amp anyway? I play heavy metal and it can generate brilliant high gain leads when you fine-tune it, probably not the best for death metal tho, but a distortion pedal with subtle settings should fix that, other than that, this amp blew me away, it is almost as good as a dual rectifier i playd, but this was much better value for money.
    I have a JVM 410H with 1960B cab. Its my first tube amp although I have experience playing through Mesa, Krank, Framus, Bogner, Orange, and other Marshalls in a recording studio over the past couple years using different combination of cabinets and speakers. I really enjoy what the JVM has to offer. It sounds like Marshall. Loaded with features hard to find in its price range. I love it. Works for me. Try one and decide for yourself.
    getting mine tomorrow, cant wait. bit worried about reliability but time will tell
    Love this amp.... JVM awful and I took it back to the shop to pay extra for the TSL 100 thru 1960tv cabinet 25 wt celestions.... Beautiful sound from clean to dirty... ONLY problem - Marshall effects loop buzz and drop in volume. They did this mod because people were blowing them due to circuitry too and changed design.. Replacing board may minimise hum and rebuilding effects loop can work because it's a crappy effects loop... I may have to modify it.... Other than that major blunder that marshall users experience with the JCM2000 series, it's probably the best modern marshall to date in recent times since the 800/900 days... The JVM 210h/410h? Shitty amps, way way too much gain and fuzzy crap with a clean sound that is lifeless and useless. JVM are a woeful series of Marshalls' recent line... SOrry.
    I Love my JVM. It's 2 and a half years old now. It just has that beef. And SO many different sounds you can get out of it. The only thing I don't like are the crunch channels, but otherwise, its amazing, I love it. I love the fact it has midi ins and outs too, I have it hoked up to m Nova system so I can use my nova toswtch the chanels, very useful.