JVM410H review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (87 votes)
Marshall: JVM410H

Price paid: $ 1999.99

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 8
Good amp, plays great for leads and or rhythm, it cuts through pretty good and is fair to make it where you can decide whether to go further or not with it, this sound has too many good options, I really admire this amp it is very good even at low/high volumes, great and the sound I have no complaint with this amp, anyone who does, just put a pedal to it and make sure its what is comparable the best way to you with the JVM. This is An FX LOOP Level, you can put it 0% all the way up to 100% in the mix, so its all on your choice. Plays variety of music styles with no problem.

Overall Impression — 10
Marshall I always feel the same for you, I'm paying for the name, but obviously your a good deal and got one of the most best re-sale values ever with people knowing no history on their books that they still would know Marshall across the border. Great amplifier, pricey though if you think about it but if you keep going with it this amp will be good and stay for days to come, if you want an amp with lots of things going on get this cause it will help you choose an easier expression on your sound, The JVM I have to say is Comparable to JCM I have tried the TSL and DSL JCM many times, even owned a DSL and I have to say this is comparable, I don't know what you guys talk about this giving more or less whatever, but this JVM is delivering the goods for Marshall and still keeping it up, the new/fresh amp of this (2010 december) when I got it, it is quite pleasing, JVM all the way, this isn't about the quantity or quality, this is now the choosing of your taste; this is one of the best you get, don't complain on amps like these or you never will be satisfied with barely any amp, do you have that much money? Then go ahead and get an extra 1k to get what you will get for life, but think about it? For life? There is many options along that road, I hope this review helped and rock on JVM!

Reliability & Durability — 7
Construction is fair, normal and good, back up? No need this amp can do it just fine, if it acts up the channels will give you too much to offer and my only thing i gotta say is MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING WITH THIS AMP, Meaning that if you got certain buttons on it, make sure you know whats on and off, cause it can mess you up and accidently have it at a low volume with its "2 Way Master Volume" Sense and other ways around that, tricky, but strong amplifier.

Features — 10
Great amp and is good for versatility, it can do a lot, it features overdrive 1 and 2 and good cleans and crunch too many options, many results, different blends, possible changes and making it the sametime your own thing, this thing offers a lot of potential, people say this is standard but you need to dial it and take time. Each button features a green, Orange and red, light to mid to extreme. It has its own reverb and everything else for its own channel, it is very incredible.

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    I used to own this amp, had it and gigged it for a year. The only reason I got rid of it was because I wanted a single channel amp and use a feck load of pedals. The JVM410H Is a monster amp. It can do ANYTHING. The Midi ins and outs are VERY useful as well. I had a TC Electronics Nova System hooked up to it so I could change effects and channels simultaneously using one button. Little thngs like that make it an amazing amp. BUT YOU DO NEED A NOISE GATE/SUPRESSOR USING THE RED AND ORANGE OD CHANNELS. I don't know why people bitch about this amp. It's the dogs. I regret selling mine sometimes
    Sounds like a great amp, I have a Marshall G100RCD (Which isn't the greatest) playing through a Peavy windsor. I play my Distortion Factory through it and i get this good crunch. I would love to hear what this amp has to offer
    dementiacaptain wrote: pretty much. lets not mention mg, they are the disowned drinker of the family. the only thing they are good for is to amplify an effects processor. lets focus on the back breaking midrange that comes out of a proper marshall
    I used to think the MG30DFX was livable if I played it through my guitar processor, but then I got my JVM410H and a 1960A cab. I disconnected the MG's speaker from the amp and soldered up a jack to the speaker. Now I use that as a cab for the 410h at small venues when there isn't the room for the 4x12. I always have gain and volume on 10, but never had either master volume above 2.5. Even playing through the MG as a cab, I haven't needed the 410's MV above 2, even to play over loud accoustic drums. I get any tone I want out of this thing connected to my GNX4. Got mine used for a fraction of the new cost and never had a regret.
    There is a way to get mesa tone on these brilliant amps people - OD2, put the CHANNEL VOLUME ON 1-2, then the MASTER on 9-10, it boosts the preamp. BEST AMP I'VE TRIED BY FAR!!!
    this post is kinda late, but.... i tried this amp, and a dsl at my local music store, and the dsl kicks it's ass. this jvm was waaay to...mushy sounding(sorry for my lack of words lol) the dsl could balance the mushiness, but if the gain was past lead 1, its shit. i even asked professionals, random people walking by, and family what sounded better. they all said the dsl50. btw, i was using a gibson vos 1959 les paul and a celestion greenback 1960 marshall cab.