MC412 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (4 votes)
Marshall: MC412

Price paid: $ 400

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Sound — 9
It's great for rock, metal, progressive, styles. I can't speak for blues or acoustic styles because I don't really have that type of gear, I don't think my Peavey 6505 has a great clean channel to begin with, I pretty well prefer it with the gain cranked up to at least 5. I'm using two guitars an Ibanez RG 320DX and a Dean Razorback V, both are outfitted with high power humbuckers (bridges with D Sonic and Dimebucker respectively.) Compared to the last set of Crate 2x12 speakers I was running my amp head through, the MC412 cab is a lot less sensitive to feedback even on high gain settings, although I do throttle it back to about 5-6 when playing at high volumes since the volume alone is enough cause the crunch/distortion needed for brutal tones. The upper end and harmonics scream out of this amp, but what's really impressive is the heavy crushing bottom end that shakes my neighbors house through the common wall.

Overall Impression — 9
Finally after 8 years of guitar, I've got my own Marshall half stack and I couldn't be happier. My tone has never sounded more brutal and sharp. This is an essential piece in my arsenal, although I have a half a dozen stomp boxes, and rack mount pieces I use Live, the amp head and this cabinet produce 80% of the tone I've been looking for all my life. It's comparable to the Marshal 1960, or a Mesa with a fraction of the cost. The only thing that sucks about a full size cabinet, is hauling it around, this thing is built like a tank! I suggests getting some wheels for it!

Reliability & Durability — 8
The toltex wrapped around this thing is better than any I've ever seen, it's not weak vinyl coating like some companies use, and the edges are finished with riveted plastic casters. I don't think blowing a speaker would be an issue with this amp, you would need a really high watt amp. It will handle a full 8 on the volume knob out of the 120watt 505 amp that I have without getting funny sounding. In most cases at a gig I only turn it up to 6 and mic it or run direct lines to the sound engineer in any case.

Features — 10
This is a Brand New model line from Marshall, a full size cab with 4 Celestion 50watt speakers. This thing pounds out some crunch! I'm running it with a Peavey 6505 amp head, and I've also plugged in a friends Marshall JCM800 reissue for a couple of hours and both amps sound great through this cab. It has all the full size features of a 1960 cab, 16/4 Ohm (mono) or 8 Ohm (stereo) channels selectable on the back of the cab. It packs that nice heavy bottom end sound you can't get out of anything but a Marshall 4x12. I have played 2 Live shows with this cab and I can really crank it at home when I want to rattle my brains out and it takes all 120watts of fury that my 505 can push out of it. It's an essential in shaping tone and getting the professional sound you've been craving.

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