MF350 review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (26 votes)
Marshall: MF350

Price paid: $ 1679.94

Purchased from: Bedrock Music, Crawley

Sound — 10
I'm currently using it waith a Jackson loaded with EMG's. The gigs we are plying at the moment are focused on the more mainstream stuff, and Amp1 handles these beautifully. If I got sick of playing simple riffs though the OD2 on Amp2 would easily give me all the heavy toneful distortion I would need for some downtuned monster riffs! You won't find your 'recto' sound on this amp, but the distortion is damn sweet and at a fraction of the cost, the mode four is a decent challenger to the Mesa/Boogie Rectifiers.

Overall Impression — 10
This is my first half stack and I'm very impressed with it. The mode four sounds great from being barely turned up in your bedroom, to trowing out a wall of sound at a gig for a extremely competitive price against its rivals. With this amp you'll never need to worry about headroom or not cutting through again. If there was more flexibily over tone controls in live situations this would be the perfect amp.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have only giged this amp one at the time of writing, but I encountered no problems, Although this amp was designed for use on the road and isnt as fragile as some of its close relatives. I would happily use this without a backup. Regsitering your Marshall amp online also gives you a three year extended warranty. I would give it a 5 but I have not owned it long enough.

Features — 8
Made in 2003 if I'm correct, this 4-channel, 350 watt solid state, tube preamp head was made in the UK. The band I'm currently in ( play a variety of styles from The Cure to Godsmack, Amp1 provides a warm classic clean tone and a fantastic crunch which could easily be confused with a JCM 800, Amp2 kicks out a brutal distortion, and a great tone for shredding. It is also equiped with a very useful solo control, and resonance and presence controls for the power amplifier. It's packed full of conveniences like a balanced XLR and lack output, a load protection system and a tuner mute. The range of tones this amp can forge is practically endless, however in a live situation flexibility is restricted by having the same EQ for the clean and crunch channels and the OD1 and OD2 channels, so the footswitch can't really take advantage of the M4's true potential. Also I think speakon cables would have been better at dealing with the high loads of the M4 than jack leads.

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    ZGS : Sirwinston89 wrote: isnt this a little loud? Dude! There is no such thing as too loud! Well, maybe if you live with grandma in a two bedroom flat; but seriously, the thing has a volume knob! I agree. I went to a show with a band that played with this amp. Good tone and amaxing power. Great deal from Marshall. Though im personally into the JVM, but this is probably the best solid state amp in existence.
    i have a problem, i have the head and im gonna b buying the cab next. but i cant work out which to get the full stack (250watts) or the half stack (400watts). i mean its 400 watts but a stack is a stack PLEASE reply
    make sure you know about ohms before you start matching heads with cabs. cheers.
    I'm getting mine on Thursday. I can't wait, my first half stack and my first Marshall. I've already played it and know I love it.
    Eta Vaga
    I'm picking up one of these in a few weeks for $630.00 USD, for the head and matching slant cab. It's an amazing amp. Love it.
    I have an oppertunity to get this amp (the head only) for 450 bucks. I play punk rock music should I go for it?
    Fuwbar new to these things...the most impressive amp ive ever owned is a spider III 30 watt...anyway, what does the footswitch do? does it switch channels or something? thanks
    What is the equivalent of this head amp if I was going to get an all valve marshall. For the same money aswell. Please reply.
    Jvm410 is the exact same setup without the limitations of t Mode Four, but way more monieys
    The benefit of having so much power isn't to be excessively loud (all though it's great when you can get a back massage as you play guitar lol), but to have the headroom for any channel to be extremely clear no matter the situation.
    I use the 400Watt Cabs with the 350 head live with a full stack and nothing can touch the tone, power, control, and reliability live like this amp does!
    Does anyone know what the head and 400watt cab would be in cdn funds?
    These things have a pretty aggressive OD1 + OD2. Very loud though. Overkill for most people regardless of what they say.
    Have had mine for about two and a half years now, gigged it twice, and the sound is amazing, especially for a solid state amp. I play in a Metallica-coverband and a 80's "party-rock/metal" band, and it covers all your desired distortion needs. It has a really nice clean sound as well. I've seen alot of complaints about the clarity in tone when using AMP2, but I've got a feeling that's because they use too much gain. It's a monster when it comes to distortion, so any more than half way on the gain knob could easily be too much distortion for thrash or speed metal.
    Sirwinston89 wrote: isnt this a little loud?
    Dude! There is no such thing as too loud! Well, maybe if you live with grandma in a two bedroom flat; but seriously, the thing has a volume knob!
    can this amp play clean music also stuff like led zepplin acdc and black sabbath and is it good for gigs
    ive had my mf350 for about a year& a half. ive dropped it, banged it up, had it bounce around in a trailer, and it still hasnt given up. i strongly reccomend this amp
    What cab would you use for something this powerful? would you have to get a mesa one?