MG100DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (234 votes)
Marshall: MG100DFX

Purchased from: Kosmic Sound

Sound — 10
I'm running my cheap ESP through this amp, the EX-400 and well I didn't buy both for no reason. The sound is amazing. When you crank the volume the powerchords are like a slap in the face. Naturally I am using EMG 61/80 for my two humbuckin pickups and they are a dream to play. I have yet to figure out how to set my amp/gutiar to get that 80s thrash metal sound. I'm real keen on gettin it to sound like ...And Justice For All but having said that I am still more than happy with the sound atm. This could probably be because so far I only ever use the overdrive when it is set to: gain - 10, DD2, bass - 10, middle - 3, treble - 10, contour - 6. The beauty of the amp is it can acheive any level of loudness (or quietness) and you can use headphones ofcourse if that can be a problem but still, it goes really quiet. It is exactly as you would expect from Marshall, Brilliant if not perfect but again there are amps out there with a much better clean channel, but none beat Marshall distortion. The distotrion is as brutal as it gets

Overall Impression — 10
Considering that like 100% of the bands I like and the bands from the genre I play use Marshall I would say it is a good match and perfect for my style. This is the only amp of real quality that I own buti have still played some others and this is an awesome buy. They usualy give heaps of discount, I always hear ppl sayin that got it reduced from 1200 to 700 or from 1000 to 700 or 900 to 700 and one guy even got a great deal, 700 reduced from 1500! If this thing got stolen (which it can't be because it's so heavy) or if I lost it (realisticly youcant lose this beat) I would probably buy another Marshall, most probably an AV series or something of a little bit better quality mainly because I can hear a difference in quality since I bought the thing, but I also might consider some metal amp but who knows, I'd probably ask my mate Nish who knows more than anyone I've met. I wish it had more distortion.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The amp is a cat with nine lives, I've bumped into almost everything whilst carrying it and I can't picture it dying on me, hasn't faulted once. The hardware may be a slight bit fragile but I guess that can become immune if you avoid carelessness. The main problems come when you carry it and don't pay attention or give in to it's weight and let it lead you or make you lean to one side etc etc. When first buying it I would recomend to carry it with a bear hug. Grab the handle with ur right hand and wrap ur left around the bottom and lift it up to ur chest to keep it as close to you as possible and to control the weight better, carryin it like a perse can be a bitch at first. Definately use car transport to enhance durability. But yeah it definately is reliable.

Features — 9
This is my second amp. Considering I haven't had much to compare it to, it's still one of the best out there. It came with a foot swtitch which allows you to Switch between 3 channels but ultimately 4 with different combinations i.e. FX and clean, FX and Overdrive, No FX and clean, No FX and Overdrive. It has 4 inbuilt effects which is handy for me because I'm lazy as f--k to get out my pedal and has the sweetest distortion but I'm not the biggest fan of the clean channel. It would have been nice if the amp came with an auto-wah feature but meh if it doesn't have one.

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    danielrobbyshor wrote: considering this amp is bad-mouthed daily on UG, these reviews are singing its praises? i have this amp and i have to say i stand by it, if you take your time with it you can get a more than decent sound out of it.
    Yep, and then consider that nearly every review rating this amp, or any MG, highly is written by someone with such a high-level of 'n00bness' that it's even visible in the way they type...much like yourself to be honest.
    I dont know you so many people dont like this amp. the distortion is briliant, the clean channal is awsome and the effects are great. This amp is awsome for any type of music from heavy metal to some softer rock.
    The amp sucks, and if you think otherwise you need a music teacher fast.
    This amp is a VERY good buy, if you're a "tone freak" go and buy an EQ stomp box to get a better tone. my jackson kvx10 sounds bitching through it and so does my 75 strat copy lol. its as robust as anything and is a little sound blaster. I played at a festival a year ago and only needed the volume on 5 when mic'ed up to the PA. for only 200 is a bargain. END
    scottish nutter
    these mg amps are poor, they sound sterile, cleans are passable but the distortion is crap, the mg15 or even mg30 is passable for a practise amp but these bigger ones are a joke, people need to strop buying these and buy something good, if money is tight look at the vox amps or even roland cube and forget these overpriced marshall mgs
    I have to say that I disagree with the review I wrote as a n00b It's a good example of how you realise what a hunk of crap it is when you mature
    I got one and its fine some people cant spend 500+ on an amp this is quality fot 200 i paid for it
    I got one for 199 and it sounds great. One problem is that the distortion is not very heavy but it still works for hard rock/metal. Pity it don't work for heavy metal. One other problem the fist time I set it up it took my about an hour to get the tone i waanted but i havent changed it since.
    also my mate bought a VOX valve 50 watt amp and it just kept squeeling like a pig as soon as u turned the gain and volume up. no match to a Marshall
    brenzo wrote: I dont know you so many people dont like this amp. the distortion is briliant, the clean channal is awsome and the effects are great. This amp is awsome for any type of music from heavy metal to some softer rock.
    Because you and the two people commenting above you are beginners and haven't developed an ear for 'tone'. In other words, your n00bs. Deal with it. The amp sucks, and if you think otherwise you need a music teacher fast.