MG100DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (234 votes)
Marshall: MG100DFX

Sound — 8
I use my Gibson Explorer with it. It is really good for classic rock and alternative (basically what I play). The amp gives no feedback at all but when you go to Orange or red mode in OD 1 or OD 2 this thing nearly blows up with feedback. I tried everything, even standing in other room but it still didn't help much. When performing I always have to turn the guitar volume down to zero because of feedback it gives, but sometimes I manipulate it like Tom Morello except I use a whammy pedal instead of tremolo bar. When you come close to it with the OD 2 on red channel it just bursts with all kinds of feedback and nearly explodes. Although there are 3 modes for clean channel, the real clean is first mode. It sounds nearly like acoustic. Other two channels sound more like natural crunch. Distortion channel is really versatile because you can make your amp sound like any classic rock song but it's not that distorted on OD channels. Just for experiment I tried to put my amp on OD2 red mode, cranked up gain and volume and still it is not as distorted as my DigiTech Grunge pedal and that's why I still use it with my amp. Overall I'm giving this 8 because it has really clean channel and distortion covers nearly everything from blues to crazy distortion but it gives LOADS OF feedback and that's bad.

Overall Impression — 10
I mainly play alternative like Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden but I also like classic rock (think AC/DC, Deep Purple) it's perfect for classic rock but you need more distortion if you are playing some heavy alternative stuff. I've been playing for 4 years and I always use my favorite Gibson Explorer but I also have bunch of other guitars. I use Whammy 4, DigiTech Grunge, Crybaby, DD-3 and MXR phase 90. Well to steal it you kinda need a SWAT squad because this baby aint going anywhere without at least 3 people to carry it and still it will be really slow. And I don't know how you loose this but anyways if something happens to it I'm going to buy exact same one! I love the two volume thing and how you can Switch between them when you feel you need a boost. I chose this amp because all the time I was gigging with my MG-30 which really sucks and my band couldnt hear me so I saved up for stack and I got this beast. It has loads of features and that's why this review is long:) I like this amp very much and I give it 10.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This amp is really dependable. It seems to be really heavy (well no duh) but tubes probably wont survive the fall from the van. The amp has never really broken on me, but once or twice right before the show when I was soundchecking it just wouldn't work, but that was explained by my pedalboard later. Read the precaution part of the manual because it gives lots of what not to do's. I'm giving it 9 because it's reliable but it's a tube amp and that means it's sort of more fragile than solid state.

Features — 10
This amp is like Marshall's newest model! It is really versatile with 4 channels (clean, crunch, overdrive 1, overdrive 2). in turn each channel has 3 modes (green, Orange, red) that manipulate the gain green being the lowest gain setting and red the highest one. It comes with awesome 6 way footswitch that is extremely easy to operate. You can program the footswitch so it just takes amp to the stored setting or program the separate bypass Switch as a knob on the amp, for example turn reverb on or off. It has effects loop that comes handy when you want to mix your dry signal with your pedalboard. The amp also has separate reverbs for each channel and two master volumes. I give it a ten because of all the features and easy operation but it is recomended that you take a glimpse at manual beforehand.

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    Predator 182
    I just played through this amp tonight and I loved it. I loved the cleans, but the only thing I will say is the overdrive didn't sound so nice at higher volumes. But the sustain was brilliant, and I prefered this amp over my Vox AD30 and my mates AD60(something I thought I never say).
    scottish nutter wrote: these mg amps are poor, they sound sterile, cleans are passable but the distortion is crap, the mg15 or even mg30 is passable for a practise amp but these bigger ones are a joke, people need to strop buying these and buy something good, if money is tight look at the vox amps or even roland cube and forget these overpriced marshall mgs
    no doubt, roland cubes are ballin. The new peavey modeling practice amps are pretty good too. Peavey sent me one for free when they first came out and I love it. Fits on my desk perfectly and if I ever need to record anything while im writing I can get tons of different tones out of it.
    In all fairness, everyone is slagging off this amp, but I have one and it's an excellent amp. I've been playing for near enough 10 years, and my Uncle, who has been playing for 40, and is an excellent guitarist, having had a number of gold sales in America, thinks it's a brilliant amp.
    man, I love this amp. Tone/$ I couldn't beat it. I play primarily metal, and this amp has the sound that I've been questing after for years. The 'contour' knob creates completely different tones, from AC/DC to old Metallica, to Slayer, to Pantera. If you have an ear, you can really notice the difference that a few adjustments make. The clean channel is really lacking though, I would only recommend this to hard rock/metal players. Cheers
    Man, with proper setup This amp is a fantastic purchase, I don't believe that you can beat the tone/$ factor here. This amp has some serious balls for it's size, try turning the 'contour' knob while you're playing. As for dissing this amp when it comes to metal, that's bullshit. It is the shit, try tuning your ear to sound. The clean option really does suck ass though.
    i wouldnt piss on this amp. If this amp only has a clean channel, it might be okay. Unfortunately, it has too much crushing overdrive.
    SG-Jack wrote: this amp sucks, this guy i used to be in a band with had one and my Marshall G50RCD ripped it to shreds. i mean, 1 speaker, 100watts? You need 2 speakers man! To finish this piece of dirt off the speaker in my Marshall G50RCD is the same size as the one in this amp!
    you need 4 not 2
    just made a 4x12 speaker cab with 65 watt celestions and using this amplifier for a head. sounds the DOGS! theres such a transition between the 1x12 inside to the 4x12 cab.
    last_biscuit wrote: brenzo wrote: I dont know you so many people dont like this amp. the distortion is briliant, the clean channal is awsome and the effects are great. This amp is awsome for any type of music from heavy metal to some softer rock. Because you and the two people commenting above you are beginners and haven't developed an ear for 'tone'. In other words, your n00bs. Deal with it. The amp sucks, and if you think otherwise you need a music teacher fast.
    I,ve been playing a good few years and i like it but if you hav more cash go for a PROPER vox not some crappy valvetronix.
    I got 1 2day nd was really surprised becaus i wasnt expecting THAT much. Really good amp.
    All this thing is good fr is practice, and it pretty much fails at that. Terrible tone. If you play a tube amp (any tube amp) live then you will not be able to practice with this thing. It responds completely different than a tube amp of any kind. Please take my advice and just save your money and get a used JCM 900 combo. Stay away from solid state all together.
    I just got this amp about two weeks ago,and i must say it,s tone and overall design makes it a fine statement from Marshall.I love it clssic sound albeit that it,s not a valve,it,s features still surprize me.I would recomend this amp,to anybdy that needs a settup that wont cost you a arm and leg.Bang for the buck diff.ken
    This amp is somewhat better than the $30 Fender practice amp I had back in high school (15 years ago). I also had a crappy entry level Charvel back then, which probably didn't help matters much. At high volumes, this thing sounds pretty terrible (I'm using a Taylor T5 now). I've got a Vintage Modern on the way to replace the MG.
    ive been playing a year, and i upgraded to this amp from a fender G-dec junior. its great for an upgrade, but the distortion can be pretty weak unless you set it up right. loads of people are saying experienced players know what real tone is, and that this amp is s***, but for a beginner, or upgrade from a practice amp, its fine. maybe even better than fine
    thethrupnybits wrote: also my mate bought a VOX valve 50 watt amp and it just kept squeeling like a pig as soon as u turned the gain and volume up. no match to a Marshall
    hey. does anyone know where i can order a new pedal for this amp online? i live in switzerland so i cant go to the store where i bought it and ask for one...
    I don't understand that guy who says the sound cuts out. I've had mine around 2 years and it's perfect condition. Maybe take better care of it?
    I bought the Marshall Mg50dfx a year ago for 200. At the time i bought it purely for the name and for the first 3 months i loved it as it was a big step up from my practice amp. However After the first 3 months i found that the sound just never satisfied my needs. I'm now looking for something in a similar price range. I'd quite like to here Last_Biscuits views on what to buy and anyone else with ideas. My music taste can vary between classic rock such as Thin Lizzy and Post hardcore progressive stuff like fall of troy...Help please?
    hey to that guy that says it buzzes, I dont know if anyones answered you because I cant be bothered reading but they sometimes do that because the fan is warming up
    i bought one despite of all the negative comments simply because i thought its a marshall it cant be that bad...and its cheap. but seriously its shocking, the cleans ok but the distortions nasty. Especially with humbuckers, it prefers single coil for some reason. It has a few good attributes but compared to what else is out there, theres just no reason to buy it lol.
    this amp's pretty decent, im gonna get it in like 2 weeks. i would have chosen a krank since they have more massive distortion, but it sucks cuz they dont make any solid state amps
    I have the MG50DFX but practically the same. I'd give a 4 for clean tone, thats too kind. 8 for Drive, its missing lots of gain, i shove a metal muff through for abit more growl. for the price, and the name, i give this amp a 8/10, very cheap for a starter amp. 50 watts is plenty, dont waste money on a higher watt, if your in need of watt be prepared to fork out abit more money, as this is not the amp to get for gigging. Peavey valve king is cheap, i recommend that for gigging. but still the clean doesnt sound that great on their.
    strange how the only people who like this amp are the people who have bought it, and newbies who are graduating off of a 10watt starter amp. And the people who give positive reviews invariably say something along the lines of "its a marshall so teh tone is the gnarl - i use a metal zone with it" this amp is alright - its certainly better than a complete beginner amp, but you can get better for the money. i own a cube 60, and jam with a mate who has an mg50, and the mg just doesn't stand up to the cube; it doesn't have the versatility, and what it does do (modernish distortion) it doesn't do very well. The only amp imo i would buy if my cube was stolen or w/e (in the same price range) would be a Vox Ad 50 or 30 (which i think is better than my cube)