MG100DFX review by Marshall

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.4 (234 votes)
Marshall: MG100DFX

Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: private seller

Sound — 6
I'm running my Ibanez Rg4 and 350MDX through a Boss OD-20, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr., Boss DD-20 for delay, and out to the amp (most of the time) and I play progressive metal/classical whatever. Dream Theater, Symphony X, Steve Vai, etc. With all of these effects i can get a pretty good tone out of it (I've heard nothing but compliments from fellow musicians) One problem I've had, however, is that when you use a setting other than Clean and you want to try to give it a "little more" on the crunch or heavy side with a pedal. FORGET ABOUT IT! The moment you press that button the most ungodly screech will come barreling out of your amplifier that's shrill enough to even hurt my mostly deafened ears. AWFUL. I was very disappointed in this. So... to solve this issue I leave my amp on Clean all the time and just use my pedals accordingly. The distortion on the amp is just plain weak. Anyone who says they can get a good chugging sound out of this is thinking about the wrong kinda sound lol. If you want that heavy guitar sound with some lows in there and highs that are not overbearing and completely unsaturated, you'll need some kind of external distortion or overdrive. By the way, the button on the far end that is supposed to mimic a tube amp is, in my opinion, a complete waste of space. You would probably never want to play this amp without that button pressed in because it sounds just pathetic without it. But also, in no way does it mimic a tube or valve state amp in sound. Volume wise... This thing can get loud. I've actually gigged this thing live (once in an auditorium) and it handled as well as it could. The cleans (when cranked) can get a little bit chimey (definitely not in a good way).

Overall Impression — 6
With my style of music, I would say this amp is a horrible match. The only way I get good tone out of it is to use a labyrinth of pedals and the clean channel on the amp which doesn't say much for it. I've been playing for several years and the only reason I haven't upgraded is because I don't have the $$$ right now. If it were stolen, (If they could carry it off... It weighs a ton) I would laugh my ass off and tell the person who stole it that it was their problem now. Compared to the Peavey 112 bandits that I play on every week... This thing is just sad.

Reliability & Durability — 4
This amp... Sadly enough. Is absolutely not dependable. I will never ever play live without a backup. (i usually run stereo so a backup is already there :P) I have done nothing but baby this amp so i don't want to hear someone complaining that this was from neglect because it wasn't. Plugged this baby up for practice one morning and much to my horrid disbelief the sound cut out on me. Not completely though... You could still hear what you were playing but at volumes beyond low (especially since I had the amp cranked to 5 which is very loud) I checked all of my pedals. They were fine. I ran my pedalboard to some headphones. All was well. Hooked the guitar directly to the amp and switched some cords... Same problem. Checked my electronics on my guitar. All was well in there. Switched guitars 3 times. Same problem. I HAD A SHOW THAT NIGHT! And I had no amp. So I made a call or two and lined up a Peavey 112 Bandit for the show. Well the amp started to work again slightly so I took it to play stereo anyways. Halfway through the show it kept cutting out and back in even though the Peavey still sounded fine. After a couple months it has stopped giving me fits but I still won't trust it after that. I've heard too many accounts of this happening for it to just be coincidence. On another note, the fan starting up in the back sounds like a jet airplane struggling to take off and is sure to get some laughs out of your friends. It's just plain hilarious.

Features — 8
This amp comes with 2 channels, Clean/Crunch, and OD1/OD2. The 2nd channel also sports a contour knob. Built in effects include Chorus, Delay, Chorus/Delay, and Flanger. Reverb is on a separate knob thank god. Effects loop in the back with Wet/Dry control up front. Also the little button that is supposed to make it sound more tubey-ish. The channels can be switched back and forth on a footswitch but you can't Switch between the settings in the channel such as switching between Clean and Crunch. Pretty standard features for an amp in this price range.

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    I've never played on MG but seems like guys buy this because of the Marshall logo on it. Dudes you should test the amps before you buy them!! I know that I had had that kind of feeling that my amp and guitar (Microcube and Epi LP) were the best in the world but when I had played with them for about a year I noticed that they aren't so good and I started to want a new amp and guitar. I mean that I like them but I would like to have better. But guys please don't post review just after that when you have bought the amp because you think it's the best in the world. Post the review after you know the good things and the bad things about the amp. And total-MG haters: You should compare MG to other amps in the same price range. I know that amp can suck pretty much because I have tried Line 6 spider and its distortion was only some noise. But all the reviews that are 10/10 or 1/10 suck. There has to be some good things and some bad things on the amp like the Line 6 had OK cleans and a nice chorus effect but its distortion and delay sucked. Reviews are helpful only when you don't absolutely love or hate the product.
    Now, this amp was my first real amplifier, so when I got it six years ago I was absolutely enthralled. Now that I've played with friends' equipment and invested in an all-tube combo for my recording purposes, I comprehend just how terrible this amp really is. NathanRobbins' review pretty much hit it on the mark, to speak specifics. This thing just has the most thin, lifeless sounding tone on the planet and you're ****ed if you try to use anything to boost those channels. I hated my Tube Screamer because of this thing, not realizing that the pedal wasn't the problem. This amp is just false promises covering horrid tone, a fan that sounds like a jet-engine, piles of feedback and terrible on-board effects.
    Even if my review did sound a little harsh, this amp deserved it. I know it sounds like I'm just hating on it, but I'm not. I can get some great tones... BUT it's because I'm running $300+ worth of pedals through it including OD/Dist., Delay, and EQ. Otherwise it's just shit
    Nothing at all wrong with this amp. You just have to know what your'e doing to dial in good tones (try using a sonic maximizer through the effects loop)
    =MetaL=FanatiC= wrote: Why do people even bother writing reviews if they just give 10/10, ****ing idiots. This amp is a beginner practice amp, for anything else it's a useless piece of crap, sound on all settings is flat and shallow, the effects suck chode and it produces abysmal amount of feedback without a noisegate. Stop trying to defend it fanboys, because you probably have no idea what a "good" amp sounds like.
    Bullcrap. Again, it's a decent amp for the money. As far as feedback, try playing a Peavey 6505 all tube (good metal amp right), the thing feedsback at bedroom volumes but it's because its a beast.